A world of browsers…

Posted on November 8, 2005. Filed under: tech talk, Teen life |

Flock is a new browser and is still under alpha testing. It’s got some pretty flashy feature like the Star feature and it’s insta blog link to Blogger.com and WordPress.com. It focusses on the creative side of the web and is entirely based on Mozilla Firefox to the extent that sites detect the browser as Mozilla Firefox. I am myself using Flock. You can get it at www.flock.com . It’s an alpha version so it’s prone to crashes and many other errors. Not to mention it’s a little slower than Firefox and takes quite some time to load a substantial web page.

Still then that doesn’t stop it from being cool. It is the latest innovation on the Information Superhighway and it definitely rocks. It has got themes , extensions and god knows what else. I’ve not explored it fully yet so I have a lot to discover. All the upcoming browsers like Firefox , Flock and ,the newly re-innovated, Opera 8.5 are making Internet Explorer look like a lolly sucking kid. Opera is the fastest of the lot and this line comes from someone who has eight browsers on his system , so believe it.It’s security features match those of Firefox and are perhaps better.It definitely has a better popup blocker. As for the security features of Flock……As it’s engine is a clone of Firefox , you know what to expect. Flock has potential to out do Firefox but Opera still remains the Emperor. If anyone has anything to say then please post a few comments, by the way I just discovered a bug in the built in Blog publishing tool in Flock , which I happen to be using at the moment.

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