Why I hate History ( the reasons and their reasons).

Posted on November 8, 2005. Filed under: Teen life |

I know that none of you want to listen to adoloscent agonising but I’m really stressed and depressed. No matter how hard I study , I always screw up my History , Civics and Geography. I am the Emperor of English , the Master of Maths and the Superboy of Science but Social Studies is way beyond my comprehension. It SUCKS man. I don’t know why we are taught stuff that we are never going to use in our life. Maths , is of universal use and so is Science and English is the language of communication. Even Geography , Civics and Economics are of use . But History…………………………. Come on man stop kiddin’ me ; it’s of no practical use to anyone on the planet.(Other than historians). The stupidest man on Earth must have invented the most useless subject on Earth.(History). If there would have been an oppurtinity to show my intelligence through history then I would have been the Hero of History , but no such luck. It is one of the most unintelligent subjects in the whole Universe , not to forget dull.

The history of man’s evolution , the creation of the Universe , stars , the Solar System etc. is interesting. Yes it is very interesting to me , a person who hath despised History from the day he hath first opened that accursed book. It is political history that I talk about. How can we benefit our present life by reading pages pages pages on long forgetten European kings and Japanese samurais.(read dictators). Through the overall dullness of History a few events shine brighter than diamonds in daylight. Take the two World Wars for example. It is one of the most interesting and heart rendering phases of History. History is purely a test of your memory. Cram the whole textbook a night before the test and vomit the same during the test. It is a cause of immense stress to students. Stress which has pushed many students beyond the brink of existence. So I raise a hand for removing History from school cirriculum. What say??? Oh yeah I almost forgot. There are some lunatics who want to take up History as a career. No problem. They can study all the History they want in College. So if you are one like me,(profound History hater) then tap out a comment saying that you are with me. So long for now.

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250 Responses to “Why I hate History ( the reasons and their reasons).”

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Come on people. I’m sure that dozens of people hate history.

There is no boring subject if there is no boring teacher don’t forget that

History, in brief, is an analysis of the past in order that we may understand the present and guide our conduct into the future.
Sidney E. Mead

History will die if not irritated. The only service I can do to my profession is to serve as a flea.
Henry Adams

History is medicine to sick mind

Read This and you must love history













CAN U SEE IT???? ……..a mess……….






















History is kind of boring but bobrath, just imagine that History means HIS STORY and just go reading. History is still a sucker but look at the brighter side, it teaches u to be a kind of a person who can really find faults with the ancestors and their raw techniques. So it is up to us to build the future and in the process we too can br HISTORY

The same issues will continue to reoccur. I’m surprised the human race hasn’t given up yet due to the amount of unsolvable issues that are existent in the world today.. I live in the US, Im in 8th Grade, I go to Jarrett Middle school and my history teacher is the BIGGEST DOUCHE EVER. Sometimes I know why teens end up choosing suicide…. Just saying.

Yeah but it is the schooling aspect of history that iwas talking of

History is noyt confined to the school academics aspects, but even the very life of a beggar is that of a HISTORY.
SO try to love the subject for GOD’S SAKE

LOL, I know where you’re coming from. When I was in school I hated regurgitating mindless text that I had learned off. History had a lot of text to learn. But history is important because without the ‘then’ we can’t make the ‘now’ better.

Look at it in this simple way; all that is current will be history in a few years. Why were people so concerned about Saddam Hussein’s regime in the Middle East? Because people remember Hitler and Mao. Why all the growing concern about Avian Flu? Because people remember smallpox and tuberculosis. Why did the Wright brothers believe they could fly? Because they knew all about Leonardo Da Vinci, centuries earlier.

Without history, you can’t have change. Or knowledge. Or power. You can make it interesting for yourself, or you can just regurgitate a text book in high school. Find something in it that you like – the great thing about history is that it’s not one subject, it’s every subject. It just happens to be the past. If you like writing, read the ancient works of Homer and Catullus and see what tragedy, comedy and romance were like back in the ancient world. Or read The Diary of Samuel Pepys and find out what the thoughts of an average guy living in Medieval London were.

Sorry for the long lecture, lol! I’m an archaeology student, so I have to defend what I love!

I’ve grown out of it. I realise the importance of History.

I made the mistake of enrolling in a PhD in History because I was a Lit major and thought I’d love history. Truth is, I loathe it. It is a really conservative discipline and it is rooted in a Judeo-Christian-Islamic arrogance that assumes that this is all building to something and has a pattern. That somehow a past that only historians are privy to, explains the present. Hm, well people have their own ways of explaining why they’re in the shape they are and they have often not relied on academic to tell them that. let’s see – when did academic history catch up with what black people have always known about their past? After Martin Luther King. Oops. Looks like academic history is a little SLOW – slower than the blues!!

Kids – keep up your attack on the shitload of nonsense that is school history and academic history. People on the street know the real deal.

hi, i am a student in the graduating class (i hope :P) in Oradea, a medium sized town in Romania.. yeah i think the guy is sooo right.. history is the worst class ever… ok lets try to compare some things so i we can get a better view of what history is in our day :)… lets say history is a software and our body is a PC… ok now what does history require? A FREAKING 10Mhz processor but 10GB RAM and a 200Tb HDD tower!!! thats like.. having the most STUPID computer in the world with a ton of stored data on it… and trust me u just can’t make such a system 😛 the mainboard wouldn’t allow it 🙂 => the ecuations result is null.. => history is part of a null ecuation.. hmm i wonder why? 😛 now lets say that computer WOULD exist.. and lets install “history” as a game.. now what game could possibly be played with such a sistem?.. hmm.. surely not a chess game cuz u need a pretty “smart” processor to be fast and accurate.. u get a lame` narcotic MMORPG.. which needs a TON of RAM and HDD but not a good processor… ok.. now that we got an idea of about how ill-minded are the guys that put in history as a school subject. History is not really important.. yes we DO learn from the mistakes.. but come on lets be serious and ask yourselves this question: “when the hell have I ever learned from the mistakes made by others?” gah.. give me a brake.. its not about whatever happened.. or what our parents are.. its about what we do and what we become.. life is going on and on and on.. we can’t live in the past.. its like braking up with your first girlfriend and then suffering the rest of your life for it… now THAT doesn’t seem really attractive to me 😛 life goes on… well ok… i think i made my point.. i hate history and i’ll do everything possible to remove it for the sake of my children and grandchildren 😛 (if i’ll ever have any) i hope the guys who put in history as a subject at school will suffer the greatest pains hell can offer them just as they made us suffer but make it 10x just 4 the fun :P.. ok.. time to go back to study >_

sorry for the grammar mistakes but i’m studying history for like 8 hours now and i feel like i don’t know nothing 😦 and i’m really tired and bored

I perfectly know what you feel. h.i.s.t.o.r.y. s.u.c.k.s. there’s no other way one can explain it. it is the most useless subject on earth. who cares about the past. listen you want to study history, fine, just study it in college, don’t bug us

dale scerri, i agree with you. history sucks and who cares about the past. it IS the most useless subject. its really boring.

I was actually just doing my history homework online and I got so frusterated. For some reason, when I start reading about the past, my mind wanders into things that are acutally worth thinking about. It may be a little rude, not giving credit to all the great ones who’ve put us where we are today, but come on, we can’t bow down to them forever. If you like history, go ahead, major in it. But why teach it to everyone?! I can admit though, it’s not useless. We do need to know history in order for us to become better. (maybe??) But damn! I’ve never searched on the internet for someone who’s agreeing with me that they hate a subject before. Haha, i’m pathetic. But this is true.





I fuckin’ agree with you. I’m 14 and I’m in 8th grade and I would rather learn how a toilet works than who the fuck made it. I try so hard and I still fail this shit.

So agree. In year 13 doing A levels and for some stupid reason I took history.. synoptic essays are the most ridiculous things in the world. No matter how much effort I put in, and no matter how many times I re-do essays all the time and change things that teachers suggest, but it’s never good enough!!!!!
Rant over.
That felt good…

history sucks. i think Dale Scerri has the best explanation of history so far. if chuck norris were here, he’d kill history.

History.. sounds glorious, doesn’t it? just look at these letters, and the overall shape -the majestic shape- the draw in ur mind.. HISTORY… well, WAKE UP!!! and COME ON!!! just COME ON!!! even my cat knows and perfectly realizes that History is the most ambiguous.. mind-torturing.. freaking detailed.. and very detailed.. so detailed PAIN that a human being ever came up with. NO WAIT!! no human mind could ever come up with sth like this and call it a ” Subject 🙂 ” NOWAY!!! History is.. is.. like trying to study anything, everything, it’s like a freaking ocean full of endless drops that are not defined but linked in a thousand way, and guess what? WE ARE TO KNOW ABOUT THESE STUPID USELESS DROPS AND KNOW HOW THEY EFFECTED THE FLOW AND CREATED WAVES.. lots of.. tones of waves.. why?.. I mean WHY!! what’s the purpose? History sounds so freaking gloomy.. complicated.. it’s like.. like.. peeking through a very deep and old grave digged thousands of years ago in a desolate area.. just imagine that you are alone in an abandoned village-like place.. that’s been actually abandoned some 200 years ago.. and you are all alone.. in the middle of nowhere… darkness hugs you from every corner.. while you’re peeking into the deepest grave of an unknown dead.. there you are.. calling what you do a subject.. and spending your life by a dark and very old hole and gloomy hole. OK I GOT it! just image that someone got a very very big copy book the day he was bron, and this guy, started writing in it what he does every single day, important and silly details, everything.. whom he met, what he did, what he saw, leaves he touched, ideas he had, EVERYTHING! and then he gave this biggest-ever book to his grandchild, who did the same thing, and wrote his giant book full of all.. generations came and gone.. and thousands, millions, endless number of sky-like, ocean-like, desert-like.. imagination-like number of books were gathered, but then u got someone who decided for you, for me, for all of us to go and pick up and start from the very first book and start reading.. reading.. reading AND reading.. “hush.. we’re doing History :)”…
[would have continued endlessly.. by no point.. since u might have had an idea how, someone in this world regards History..]

-a Moroccan man,

I have taken history as a GCSE and I really regret it. The exam is a memory test and if you forget the dates you’re screwed. I like history as a subject but I don’t like the way it is taught.

I HATE history…period.

yeah, im not a big fan of history too..i love math! memorizing formulas and equations is easier than memorizing names of mostly dead people…lol..that’s why i took up engineering…

yeah I totally agree, I get like straight A’s for all of my subjects but for history the best is like a B-. I totally hate it. Especially the freaken syllabus they make us study, the American stuff, I mean. Honestly, it’s not even useful!!!!!!! What we ever gonna do with this stuff in our lives, I mean come on!! iT’S PAST!!!! Geesh. They should just make it a extra subject and if anyone wants to take it they can.

No one is going to base their life off of history. No one is is going to think to themselves while their in the store. Oh no, maybe I shouldn’t buy that because it might start an economic crisis like the crash of ’29. People live their lives in the here and the now, therefore history is pointless. If it is your cup of tea to read, then read it, but it should not be taught in schools to stress people out, let alone be someone’s favourite subject! I agree that math, english, science, and all be used, but history, as part of a curriculum is pointless. The only history that MIGHT be okay knowing about is the history of each person’s home country…but just the fricken basics, not the memorization of 60053040 names and dates

There’s a mistype is the above paragraph. It should read:

No one is going to base their life off of history. No one is is going to think to themselves while their in the store: Oh no, maybe I shouldn’t buy that because it might start an economic crisis like the crash of ‘29! People live their lives in the here and the now, therefore history is pointless. If it is your cup of tea to read, then read it, but it should not be taught in schools to stress people out, let alone be someone’s favourite subject! I agree that math, english, science, and all be used, but history, as part of a curriculum is pointless. The only history that MIGHT be okay knowing about is the history of each person’s home country…but just the fricken basics, not the memorization of 60053040 names and dates

If that doesn’t give reasons to hate history, then I don’t know what will!

Exactly, you have no reason for hating history in what you wrote. Really, if you do not know history then seriously you do not know where things come from, where ideas came from and how your society came to be. I agree memorization of names and dates is not fun or that important but that’s how the earlier school system is set up. Once I took grade 12 history and university level history dates were important but not for exams or anything. It became about CONCEPTS and ideas and about how things changed in the world. So it went from being boring to interesting ebcause we talked about how the progression of the world. You would be amazed to learn how much came from seemingly odd places. Canned food? Used for them military initially and thats why no can opener was invented until 50 years later, they just used bayonets to open it? WHen did current neo-liberal economic trends begin to ane xtent? Post WW2. Why was Great Britain so powerful, how did the US rise up to be powerful, and sooo many other things that can explain much of today’s issues and circumstances. Perhaps my examples were not the best but I think you understand my point. If I didn’t take history I might still be ignorantly floating through this world thinking things are JUST the way they are. I might not understand anything about society and be a real dumbass lkike 99% of the population. Of course, I study more than just history but that is apart of it and opened up my interest to a degree.

Regardless of what one might say to support history,you’re not gonna be able to make money, or do ANYTHING ELSE for that matter, knowing that the french failed at all wars. Or anything else they teach you in History. Hence it’s absolutely fucking useless towards everything.

I agree with Morrocan man. History is not a single subject.
My own dislike of history has to do with the fact that i’ve read so much of it, and have come to the conclusion that a lot of it isn’t true.

I would only recommend reading ‘histories’ of things you’re actually interested in. Many historians claim rights to tell us what to believe and what to think.
Which is why i think we cannot learn from it.

I think the very word itself is the wrong name to call it.
I look at it as existential literature, and people will read the kind of it that reflects what they already think any way.

Lots of people who study history make the same mistakes so learning history does not help us avoid repeating mistakes.

Most of it is political, to justify what a government wishes to do.

I figure that your own family heritage, traditions, customs are worth knowing about.

Most history is written to make us hate one another, which is what usually comes of it.

A lot of it isn’t knowable for me, since i wasn’t there at the time. I don’t really care how old the planet is. I care what happens to it and the people in it.

Develop respect for life, and critical thinking and language skills, and you’re just as intelligent as any historian if not moreso.

History is prologue. The universe is cyclical and predicatable if you study enough history. If you want to respect life then you have to understand what life is in a universal context, not your own narrow point of view.

The worst tragedies in human history developed because the dominant party ignored history, like the Chinese cultural revolution under Mao Zedong. Of course you wouldn’t know anything about that because you choose to isolate yourself from reality and live in a fantasy world where everything you see exists in a vaccuum

If our leaders thought like you, teen, our society would crumble into a brutal series of redundant mistakes.

Also, teen, you are hardly what I would call the “Emperor of English.”

Maybe you should start studying.

Hmm… I’m writing a term paper on why students shouldn’t be forced to take history class. Stumbled across your blog. hahaha.
I’m quoting you in my paper

i see why you think it’s boring. BUT, HISTORY IS very very VERY important to learn. What would we do without history?? the events we learn about are the reason for our lives today. And the mistakes which were made are important to know, so we don’t repeat them. HISTORY IS AMAZING!

im with you!!!
I am also a hater of history especially american history ugggg boring . I just cant seem to find the interest in it no matter how hard i try. I sometimes even pinch myself in my history class to stay awake.
I think it should be optional!!

me again
Im currently doing a project on the civil war
ugggggg its unverable. im gettin distracted like every single minute thats how bored im am !!! HISTORY SUCKS!!!

History sucks! I’m totally with you. Tomorrow I have a history exam. Sucks, sucks, sucks. Just a waste of time.

The creation of the universe (for believers of the big bang theory) is science and so are stars those are both science. Also most students are catholic or are of a religion that believes God or another holy being did create the universe and same with evolution. That’s why thhis subject is normally the most hated.

Math has never helped me in my life. it is a waste of my childhood. Should be illegal

so what if we need the “then” to make “now” better. why is it a requirement in school? why does everybody have to learn about it? why can’t it be an optional elective class or something for the people that are interested? “we”- as in the most people that hate history- are tired of it. i hate my history teacher, i hate my history scores on my quizes, i hate anything that has to do with yesterday.

Down with History. History should die.

i agree, history makes me want to kill myself.

You Speak every word of how i feel, think see History…
WW2 = Intersting
anything before that = dull and boring with some exceptions, and my problem is i cant write continuously…wich you have to do for history…I am on he verge of breaking, my parents are disapointed beond belif because i suck at this 1 subject….they think im going to fail school because of this one subject

OMFG i totally agree 😛
i like the way you wrote it; intellectual but at the same time i can complain with you without falling asleep.
Oooo another reason why i hate history

DUDE I totally agree with you. I think how man came to be and the solar system is very interesting, but that sorta leans over to science, dontcha think? I really hate how we have to learn about old dictators and rulers, cuz it ends up being a bad story. Like alexander the great… kinda interesting and I only liked it because of what it did to Greece. But Rome is a real snore. We are gonna learn about Christianity soon (no duh), and we already learned about the Jews, Egyptians, and Mesopotamians. Learning about their wins and fails is very boring and useless. Ban History please!!!

OH HELL YESSS!!!!!!!!!
friggin hell man you should see me at school!!! everyone in my class knows i HATE the subject
its boring, useless and the teacher is a an idiotic loser
who gives a rats ass about what happened in the past WE LIVE IN THE PRESENT and we have to work for the future
HISTORY IS STUPID!!! thanks for letting me know that I’m not the only one with a passion for hating history

i can’t stand history. it is important for some to know about, but should be condensed to a very basic overview for those who don’t care about it. i and many others have to take two of these courses to get their undergraduates degree and are taken close to the point of suicide of depression to get through it.

i have a great appreciation for the historians out there and i hope they are keeping tabs/guiding the population on the future path. i just want to design things based off physical ideas that don’t require mass memory but intuition and discussion.

history get away from me

yeah same here
everyone i know knows history is to me as mojo jojo is to the powerpuff girls

i am a definete history hater! I go to college and I freakin HATE history! I made a 59 on my mid term exam but my idiot teacher has gived us so many opportunities to earn bonus points that it shoved my 59 up to an 80. I am really putting no effort in something I hate. I will just earn the heck out of those bonus points and watch her stupid movies and take a cheasy freakin map quiz. But the exam? A 59? Haaaaaaaaaaa! I HATE history!

my teacher just gave us another bloody essay to write! i have little under two weeks – but i wont be home for the weekend, so that cuts out two days and then i have a bloody maths test the day before, so that’s abother night of study down the drain, so that gives me . . . let me see
they expect to write 4 pages in an hour, without rambling on about any old crap – and it’s just frickin impossible!
why did i ever pick this stupid subject!!!????
history should die in a hole, then go to hell and back again!

you get to choose if you want history or not?
some people just get ALL the bloody luck.

just a thought:
Benito Mussolini was a history teacher, but he was also one of Adolf Hitler’s greatest influences, who in turn fascinated Joseph Stalin . . .

Yourr a Faggott!

haha I totally agree! I also dislike history. For some reason, I just cannot score high for history, geography is easy for me but history is totally beyond me! Even today, I forgot an essay and had to rush it out in less than half an hour and I probably would fail that essay… sad…

I HATE HISTORY. with a passion. my brain and history just don’t. get. along.
see why:
i had a test today, open-notes and everything
and i wrote and wrote until my hands and arms felt like cheese
i turned the test in two minutes before the bell rang
finished every question, wrote right stories for each essay (of which there were only two)
and when i checked my grade today, i had an…


that’s enough to make me want to go drink some hemlock.

I hate history!! I’m sittingin my college history class there is no way I can stay awake and listen to this stuff!! It’s nothing but propaganda trying to endoctrinate us to how great our country is!! Soldiers that died for our freedoms are barely mentioned, yet we must memorize all our country’s past enemies?! I have made all A’s in this class, but I can honestly say I have hated every minute of it, I would not have taken it if was not required!!

3 words: I HATE HISTORY!!

As much as i hate history, and think it is a worthless class, I do believe that we should know SOME of it.. I think that such as in senior year you take 1 history course. You learn all the stuff you need to learn, and then your done. I honestly will never remember half the stuff i just learned, because it’s useless. We just had a test today with like 50 explorers going to the new world in the span of 25 year. All i need to know is that Christopher Columbus discovered USA.. There, I’m done with that part of the chapter, lets move on.

I HATE HISTORY. it has zero use other than to be 1. a historian or 2. a history teacher. it is so utterly useless and boring and i struggle with it every day. I get all As in other classes, that means As in Spanish, English, Science, Math, drama, and PE. only history is the class that screws with my gpa. im still looking for a way out of it

I had a really funny argument today with someone who said that History was vastly more important than Chemistry. I had a good laugh at that.

i liked history, nw im takin it for gcse i hate it!! 😎

You are a complete idiot…

History is idiotic


I doubt that learning about the Muslim Ottoman Sultans who controlled the world, owned three continents and scared the world with their millitary songs is boring. It shows us that Muslims are not savages, as they once controlled the world, and gives us hope. History is indeed important. One of my favourite things in this life.

Guess what? I’m in 8th grade, and I was just assigned a 10 page paper in history class. I WOULD RATHER WRITE A FREAKIN’ 30 PAGE PAPER FOR SCIENCE ABOUT TOILETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bottom line: History Sucks.

History keeps the legacy and adventures of our ancestors alive. That is it’s importance. For the children to know the mistakes, and accomplishments of past leaders to help people make their decisions and what not in life. There is a purpose for history, a very good one. As annoying as it may be. Personally, I don’t like history, and I was working on a history project when someone pulled this up on the computer to piss the teacher off, but history is something worth learning. imo.

I HATE HISTORY!!!!! And i hate waisting so much time studying it. I have to study five hours a day just to memorize some small boring piece of text and a couple of numbers. I forget it all in a week or two anyways……………..

i’m with u writer…

In response to your rant 🙂 I’m taking History as a GCSE option in my school, I really didn’t think through what I wanted to do. I could’ve chose the ever so graceful subject of Media Studies (I’m a film fanatic btw) but I didn’t because I was at the time indecisive.

History is just so drawn out and dull!! With all due respect to those saying that it does have a great purpose on our current history, but I just morally detest the subject. I cannot bear it anymore!!! Hopefully, I will get to change my opts to media and be ridden of this tiresome, odious claptrap once and for all!!

ooommmg i hate history too. i’ve nevaa seen the point of it… i mean talkin’ about stuff that frickin’ happened over 500 years agooo… um does it look like i care what happened then… but yeah i just have too get used it you know like in highschool there has too be one subject that you don’t like, and unfotunately life ain’t fair and we don’t have all choises in life. I know what you meann loL!

I really like history, it’s my favorite subject. What I think people hate about it is how you have to memorize all sorts of dates and names. But what I enjoy about history is analyzing WHY things happen.

But maybe I’m just weird 😛

I don’t like history but I try to get something out of it so I won’t fall into boredom. The reason you don’t remember is probably because your sub-conscious rights the information of as useless due to your attitude towards it. If you try to find some use for it you’ll probably remember better. One of the reasons we don’t remember things at school is because we don’t try to learn them we try to get done with them.

I’m sad because I have to be doing history instead of programing right now :^(

this is pure poetry man!!!

Hi there!
Well I went through your article about Hating History and I am really sorry to say this to you! But I Love History!!

So many people out there think just like you! History is boring, dull, useless, etc. To be honest, it kinda hurts me that people think of a pretty intresting subject that way.

Have you ever wondered what is History? It is as simple as HIS Story! Yeas! And as for as I know people dont memorise stories!

What i am trying to say is, instead of seeing it as THE HISTORY….try to look at it as HIS Story. It really helps man!

I dont know where you are from or what your curriculm includes in history. But let me tell you how I study my history! I’m from India and one of my most fav. topic in INdian History is the struggle for Independence. The events in it(or any other Historical topic) are all just like a series of actions and reactions. I never memorised anything, but I read it like a story plot. (This happened after this…etc)

Now dont ask me how am I suposed to remeber it! I bet that if you can remember the sequence of scenes in ur fav movie, so must you be able to remember this! The only difference is that you find the movie intresting and History ‘Dull’.

And I guess you can understand my point very well because you actually don’t seem to hate history as a whole. How is that you like a part of it and not the rest of it?!

Itz simple. Itz only because you have the wrong attitude towards it! So all those people who think History suckz! Please change your attiude and stop blaming such an intresting subject. Blame yourself for not being intrested in it.

And about the “History is useless part”, this is what I have got to say. If you say history is useless, then I say you are useless. Coz your today is your future’s history. We learn from our past mistakes so that we don’t make the same. You may have hundreds reasons to ignore history(which ofcourse is your mistake and not the fault of the subject) but if you wana hate it, I would simply state that you are ignorant. Yeas! I would call you ignorant because you dont want to know how the world and humans work. History tells you what it means to be a human.(When you read about Hitler, don’t you think you dont want to be like him?)
According to a research, A man knows what he can do by knowing what he did. And thats exactly what History tells you!

And now addressing the History as an unitelligent subject. I wana ask you How come English helps you show your intelligence?!(Really, I have nothing against english….)So if a subject is to be judged only on the basis of whether it helps you show your intelligence or not…you must be hating english too….but you say you’re the empreor of english, dont you?!

And finally…The whole point of History is not to make you burdened with the past, but to give you a knowledge of the past to make you think for a better future.

And if you agree with me that knowledge leads to intelligence, then history is one of the most intelligent subjects of mankind!

If you still want to hate history and blame it, Sorry but according to me, you are not proud of who you are or your cultures, lifestyles, values, etc. In simple words…you are just ignorant!

I really despise myself for choosing to do history at GCSE.

I f*cking hate the teacher. She’s a complete bitch! Ever hated someone so much you spend hours in their lessons trying not to physically hurt them? She’s so ridiculously arrogant. She’s my head of year and she spent all of “expectations evening” (which in itself was a waste of my time) talking about her love of history. How is it even possible to spend two hours preaching to 150 teenagers and their parents about something so dull?

I don’t like the subject either. It’s the same stuff over and over and over again. I’m sick and tired of the World Wars and the british royal family. They aren’t even British. They’re more German than anything else.

The main reason I hate history is because I’m average at it. I’m really good at maths and science and English (please excuse my arrogance) but I just can’t get my head around history no matter how hard I try. I think I understand everything and I write so much in exams but I still only get about a B. WHAT DO THE EXAMINERS WANT FFS?!! If I knew I’d write it down. It’s just so frustrating.

Sorry for the insanely long rant but I really really hate history. With a passion, with a vengance, whatever the hell makes hate stronger!


wow I like your point maybe it can heal those who have wounds on their minds to know the importance of History before its too late for them to know themselves,,,,,,,of course ‘History is a tool for subversion’ that’s what my lecturer used to say!,,,,,,blessed are those who uderstand

history is the most retarded subject ever along with all social studies. Period. I especially hate it because I had to take a fricken year of American history which I hated beyond reason. You say history is important because it studies our ancestors. The Americans are not my ancestors (I’m Chinese) and I had to take a year learning about their stupid lame retarded history and pretended like I’m interested in it. I say fuck American and fuck their history. Fuck history

I am so with you.
History is stupid, we really shouldn’t have to take it.!

i fking hate history ,no fking use at all.

soooooo fucking truuue. there is no point of studying history. its the most stupidest and the most boring subject in the world.

Oh God. History sucks. I hate it. Wish I didn’t choose it.. I really do regret choosing to study History as one of my GCSEs.

I disagree with this article.
Look, as a 17-year-old student, I can see where you’re coming from. And yes, the history department’s obsession with having us memorize important events and dates is nothing short of stupid.

But what you fail to see is that this isn’t what history’s about- it’s about culture. We need to understand the big events and movements that shape a population of people to understand that population. So I think in this way, history does relate directly to communication.

This is why I probably will hate history more than anyone here. I do not belong to this culture, my parents are from another country and completely different culture and yet I was forced to study American history as if it were my own. I will never forgive being forced to remember this information as if it were important to me. Fuck American history and fuck America.

i agree
who cares about king charles? when is it ever going to help me in my life? learning about stuff that has no use to us!

The way we can benefit from history and “political history”is to NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES AS THEY DID. People like you despise history, therefore learn nothing from it and commit the same mistakes as their forefathers. That is how we can benefit from “forgetten European kings and Japanese samurais”. You should get rid of your attitude towards history, because it is one of the most beneficial things on earth to mankind. By the way, I am one of the ‘lunatics’which considered taking up HISTORY as a career. A historian

Kind regards

Science is the only way to knowledge, If we want to learn from our mistakes we have political and economic sociology. Their they have actual theories, data, models, and predictions. That kind of knowledge is much more reliable in shaping society. History is just a romantic sonnet to the past. It is not science, it’s a social studies, and it’s retarded

There*. I used the wrong word.

You’re clearly an idiot. Should we all just forget everyone and everything that’s happened in the past? What would be the point of anyone doing anything if no-one in the future remembered it.

You can remember it if you have to don’t make everyone else have to learn it. As far as I’m concerned history is largely a record of human stupidity and the study of it is extremely stupid. Besides tons of things happened in the past are we supposed to learn all of it? Hardly, that would be a bunch of lame knowledge. People only study history relevant to them, like their own country, or the past of their family, or the past of a political conflict relevant to them. It’s all personal reasons to study history, no scientific ones

i am with you!!! history sucks!

I effing hate history with a passion. I have a very good reason to but that’s another blog entirely. I hear your battle cry and I say FUCK HISTORY!

I’m the opposite. I hate math as I can’t understand a thing no matter how much I study, but I could remember historical events and names perfectly. History is a great subject, without it our species would have never evolved and would’ve made constant mistakes without a preceding source of information. History jobs are also very important, they keep peace and make tough decisions, do civil work in helping poor villages, and protect the country among thousands of other things.

math is awesome and mentally stimulating far beyond anything history could accomplish. Math helps us to analyze and study the entirety of the natural world. History lectures to about the boring stupid droll of human doings throughout the aeons as if it’s some great wisdom.

why shouldn’t we learn about history? Because I. don’t. care.

It teach you lessons 😀

history sucks!!!! i usually don t have a problem with school, but every single history lesson i wish i were somewhere else! ANYwhere else! instead of a history lesson i d even go to hell for an hour!

You like any other subjects e.g. Math, Science, English, etc.. over History!?
What made you decide to like Those subjects is the history of that particular subject. Shall we say ‘Math’, it’s HISTORICALLY, used in trade/commerce, unit of measurement used on Pyramids, medieval architectures.
You began to love Science because historically it teaches us to test the validity of our theories/effectiveness of technology through experiments.
What made your parent decide to send you to “primary/secodary/tertiary Education” is historically based on belief that human through education would make him a better member of the society or at least teach you learn on how to read and write.

Regardless of what you say HISTORY HATERS! -you unconsciously like history by choosing Math, English, Science, etc…

that logic is retarded. I hate history period. I love science, history is not science, it’s narcissism.

Many people think History is a waste of time for learning. History is surely really annoying, at first, i really told myself “Why do we need to care about the past? It is the past? Who care?”. But then, one day my teacher told me that History doesn’t involve anything in future career but it help you one thing. It helps you a better person. When you learning about the past, you realize how lucky you are to be born in this world without war, slave, or anything that put you in hardship. I used to Fail in History but now I found my answer. You don’t have to be an expert at History, you just have to understand the meaning behind and what lesson they trying to tell you.

Exactly how is it the most unintelligent subject in the world? If that’s the case, why are you doing poorly in it. I happen to love history and learning about different cultures/traditions. It is not a useless subject, it teaches you human patterns that are prevalent to world problems today.

You like any other subjects e.g. Math, Science, English, etc.. over History!?
What made you decide to like Those subjects is the history of that particular subject. Shall we say ‘Math’, it’s HISTORICALLY, used in trade/commerce, unit of measurement used on Pyramids, medieval architectures.
You began to love Science because historically it teaches us to test the validity of our theories/effectiveness of technology through experiments.
What made your parent decide to send you to “primary/secodary/tertiary Education” is historically based on belief that human through education would make him a better member of the society or at least teach you learn on how to read and write.

Regardless of what you say HISTORY HATERS! -you unconsciously like history by choosing Math, English, Science, etc…

There is actully nooo use of studing historyy!!! i mean there is but in a limit..why we neeed to know each and evry dates ..and who killed whoo ..why ??? We shud know the general knowlege of history..that much is inough in our daily life.. as it’s not going to help in the future for your career…yes if you want to become something relatd to that then its ok but otherewise we should only know the general knowlege of HISTORY!

Well, this article and all the 93 comments will one day be scrutinzed by future historians who study “people’s attitudes towards history in the early years of 21st century.”

You can like, hate or ignore history, but you cannot escape from being one day the subject matter of history itself.

So, it is not the triumph of math chemistry or science over time, but the triumph of time over all of them….Historia Magistra Vitae Est!!!

you all sucks… HISTORY haters!!!
f u didnt know history, u didnt know anything … u wer a leaf dat didnt know it was part of the tree…. tsktsk

Political history is painfully dull, most of the time. But, it you don’t know political the wars would have no meaning. Plus, you can spot ideas that have been tried, and failed epically quiet easily.

I actually like history, the stories of how nations are conquered and the people who are remembered over thousands of years are usually pretty interesting…

HOWEVER, I dislike History with a passion. I hate the way we gloss over everything and make it the dullest subject in school. Oh sure there were bloody wars but who knows what an acropolis is?

History isn’t boring — the way they TEACH it is boring.

American history is an adventure tale. When Washington was evacuating New York he left a bunch of fires burning as a distraction and STILL wouldn’t have made it out except for an unseasonable fog that settled over the area and bought him extra hours.

American soldiers of the Revolution had constipation treated by swallowing a pill made of antimony, a heavy metal, which “poisoned” them enough for the body to flush it, whereupon they took it back to the doctor for the next patient.

There were REASONS why the Americans adopted more of a guerrilla war approach to fighting, the American Rifled Musket took 10-15 MINUTES to load vs. 30 seconds for the British smoothbore, but the rifle was accurate to 200 yards vs. 50 for the British.

When America bought the Louisiana Territory it borrowed the money — from Britain — to give to the French so they could fight a war against… BRITAIN.

These are BASIC things, but largely untaught, because the focus is on EVENTS but not causes or PEOPLE.

I totally fucking agree, history is fucking useless. Why did mankind even fucking invent history. I mean, okay I understand that it is made so that so we don’t have to repeat the mistakes of the past, but who the fuck would to do those shit again. Who the fuck would want to start another civil war or world war. I mean U.S. can just fucking blow them up or we can just blow the people up if they don’t agree. History is so fucking stupid and if it was a person, I’ll fucking kill him.

I am so so tired and exhausting. I am so tired my bones are aching, and as a walk my left foot shoots pain up my entire leg, leading to my consequent limp. This is all for Rasputin, the provesional government and Russia. What do i get in return I ask you? Nothing, but broken promises. I GET NOTHING. Im so tired, i am ruined history has ruined me. It seems my future now seems futile. Im sure I will look back on this event one day, and laugh or either this will be the day which lead to my defeat.

Thanks guys, thanks for the support, my hope now doesnt seem so bleak knowing I am not alone in my hatred for history.

love tal.

I love history. For me – it’s the most interesting (how can you not love listening about hitler or antiquity?!?) and important (you have to know the past to know the present and of course the future) subject. Every person, who is known for us from the past and taught in schools, knew the HISTORY.

p.s. if I done some mistakes, sorry for that. English is a foreign language for me.


The HISTORY of man’s evolution

The history of man’s evolution , the creation of the Universe , stars , the Solar System etc. is interesting. Yes it is very interesting to me

I hate history also it is ******* bad I mean I would never use it.

Matthew age:11

i hate history, because of its lack of application in the real world. You’re right! When the hell are we going to use it? Did Steve Jobs know the history of Asia, to determine whether his inventions would be successful? Did Bill Gates need to know the personal lives of US presidents to make Microsoft? Hell no. History is a subject that has been taught for generations and generations. and now, even though it is the 21st century, people just freakin’ don’t get that history is NOT needed in the school curriculum. nobody is going to use it, so why do teachers bother making students shove the entire textbook in the students’ brains. one day, history is gonna be out…. and then people’ll realize how much time we wasted learning this useless, and putrid subject. fuck history… just fuck it.

I have to agree with you on this one! History is on the bottom of my to-do list, and i cannot believe I took up the task of writing a 4000 word research paper on it. I mean who cares about what Louis XIIIIII did? I can’t even remember who is who because everyone had the same name. There is no way that one can apply history to real life. Sure, we might integrate ourselves better in another culture, but i’m pretty sure that i’ll stay in Canada for the rest of my life.

i really hate history too

No one likes history except neuropath, I hate history sooo much because lots of reading material makes me lost interest

omg ur soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gay i mean awesome, and ur so brave too

~love ya

omg ik i hate history and its a day before the test and as a joke i look up y do all kids hate history?? lol cnt belive u acually mad e a thing but awsome and thx


I love history and I hate Maths and Science,especially Calculus,Physics and Biology…..Damn BORING!

that;s because you’re stupid and can’t handle complicated subjects with actual conceptual complexity to them.

His story– history. who the fuck cares about his story when we have our own stories to take care off. why in the world do we need to know about the past.family values dont exist for around 500 to 600 yrs and anyway what can we basically do knowing them since we dont really follow it. if i could eliminate something from school courses, it would be history.

Fuck history

Seriously, like i’m planning to be a vet, and nowhere in my carrer path do I have to know antthing about history! I’m not even going to talk about hom insanly boring it is I just hate it too.

Wow, so many of you are just ignorant. No wonder why so many teens are pathetically hopeless. From history, we learn from our faults. Perhaps if we never learned from our mistakes, we could of suffered an atomic holocaust long ago. Think about it. You could be living in a barren wasteland, struggling to survive, being one of the few survivors of humanity, compared to living your soiled rotten lives, with all your cell phones,American Eagle clothes, and computers and such. History also lets us understand how people of the past lived and how our very species came about and evolved into what we are today. Don’t ever say you won’t need history, because you will. As teens, most of you are mentally incompetently lazy. If our world thought like you, our nations would fall into war and economic despair, without the help of protection of the United Nations. And if you happen to be wondering what the United Nations is, well then that’s apart of history. Many of things we have today came from the past, and if you ever wonder about how it came to be, well then you learn some history right there. But I hope as you get older and mature, you will see things your teen ego blinds you now. Just think, centuries into the future, our decedents will learn how you lived and most likely think of you as some primitive dead person, just as you think of people of the past.

we are all primitive, that’s why history is so retarded. It’s studying boring, stupid doings of human beings as if they were significant and meaningful. Also I hate American history because I’m Chinese ethnicity and I had to learn about this lame country’s history for a whole year of high school as if it was relevant to me. Fuck America

okay first of all, you are really annoying and i dont think ANBODY GIVES A SHIT A BOUT HOW YOU SUCK AT SCHOOL SO STFU

Yeah I HATE history too. I mean what is the point?? AND it bores you to death!

I can’t agree more. History was my most hated subject and I don’t find logic behind keeping this subject in the curriculum. Maths and science are my all time favourites.

This is my report card
English A
Math A
Science A
Tech A
Drawing/art A
French A
Civics A
History … B

That a good reason to hate history? Fuck yeah

I completely agree, and I’m only just ending my first year of high school.

I am incredibly frustrated with the class and myself because no matter how much I try to read the dang textbook none of the information sticks in my head. Plus I get bored easily when it comes to this subject. The only section I found remotely interesting was the Holocaust.

Now here I am sitting in front of a computer trying to find all the study guides I can (which is totally useless since I’m bad at finding shit and the stuff I’ve already found is useless) and finals are next week and I just have no hope for myself at all.


i kno right
besides y do we have to learn about dead people????????
r people going to learn about us when we die?????????

It’s fine to say that you dislike history because it’s boring or difficult to learn (not everyone likes or is skilled in memorizing an entire list of dates, names, and locations).I’m sorry to hear that most of your history teachers are idiots. However, to say that it is useless is utter shit. Don’t deem something useful and useless according to how good of a grade you get in that class, it’s childish. History isn’t only a study of the past, it’s also the study of the present and the future. Do you think that the democratic country you live in and everything we have today came for free? How ungrateful. If you can’t, or don’t want to appreciate history that’s fine, most of you are just students who have only experienced history through some book and an idiotic teacher, I don’t blame you. Just don’t diss it and call it useless because our government, our country, and even the way you live right now was built around. Read a little bit more and study history some more the right way if you want to have a say against it before you post up some immature shit.
*To whoever that wrote this post: political history teaches us that absolute monarchy and communism is bad, is it still useless to you?
And also, why is it that you cram the entire textbook into your head the night before? don’t blame history for your lack of diligence.

ok, i strongly disagree with u. lol, sorry. i actually LOVE social studies except when its geography or political stuff like that. history is my favorite. i hate science and math but im still good at them. i love english too and am rlly good at it too. so back to social studies, history is actually rlly interesting. like think of everything. EVERYTHING in the whole world has its roots and its whys and hows.
like, for example, a wheel. we use it for cars, skateboards, bikes, etc. and the wheel’s u kno movement and all that is dated back all the way to ancient times. also, there is 9/11. it wasnt just about some crazy guy who decided to kill tons of people. it had a history to it and it dates back a long way because of religous beliefs.
and here is one more question for u. what is time? time is anything. but now think about a time line. its horizontal, right? ok, so WHY is it horizontal? why cant it be vertical? why not diagonal? it could be anything we want it to be really but the well known way is horizontal.
and what about clocks? like the time change in it? u see 7:00 on the clock but its really supposed to be 8:00. think about it some more.
now, someone could actually be saying that they decided that from now on, a week is really a day. time can be right or not right. the ancient people who came up with time could be right or not right.
EVERYTHING i typed here ALL relates to social studies. they are all what the people of the PAST came up with and we still revolve around it.
ok, i think i might sound confusing but just think. the future that u imagine with flying cars, mind reading machines, time machines etc. ALL need social studies to help develop.
so basically, social studies is teaching us about the past and how we can learn from the pasts mistakes and develop for history right now.
and think about this, wouldnt YOU want people in the future to remember u for something? they wont be able to if it werent for history.
so just think deep from now on. im not forcing u or anything. and sorry if this is a LONG comment lol.
p.s. i agree with roxie 100%!!!!!!!
p.s.s. if we didnt have history, we wot have english, science, or anything at ALL! we wont know how to do ANYTHING! lol, again, think about it!!!!!! 😛

you’re deluding yourself. We honestly don’t need history for any of those things. You can just study them because you think it’s interesting and may relate to you in a social/personal sense. But we don’t actually need to know any of that stuff to do science, english, life. The only reasons to study history ultimately are all personal. Without a personal reason there is no utilitarian reason to study history and I have no personal reason to study history especially western history as I am eastern. Even eastern history is boring. History is the record of stupid doings of human beings, the study of it, as if it were significant and great. We don’t need history to learn from our mistakes. We have political/economic sociology for that and social psychology. Everything we need to know can come from the sciences. History is only important for personal reasons because it gives people some sense of identity or something. There is no true reason to know history in general.


I agree with 100%!! HISTORY SUCKS!!!

I AM WITH YOU 100%. writing a history essay right now and am crying my eyes out of this stupid stupid topic.

shit fuck damn

That’s funny. I happen to love history! As a matter of fact, I enjoy reading historical non fiction and plan to major in history (with minor in medieval studies). I however, can completely comprehend you point of view. It’s a subject that you either hate or love. I love it because it’s reminiscent to one , big story. I dislike creationism and the evolutionary processes of humans, but I find Chinese and European history so interesting!

I think History is interesting on its own, but disagree with how it’s taught. I’ve always failed those classes.

What a bunch of pretentious and ignorant brats! hahah, look at all of you flaunting your vast superiority in mathematics, you’ll be working at McDonald’s when you graduate, judging by the knowledge exhibited in your posts! 🙂 Cheers!

Soooooo true… right now I’m studying for a history exam tomorrow and I honestly cannot be bothered. It is so dull beyond comprehension and I don’t understand how memorising dates just so we can chuck one of them in a question or essay is of ANY USE LATER IN LIFE. What I don’t understand is why is it that it is compulsory over here in Australia even in Year 10 at my school? This is actually the only subject that don’t enjoy at any stage during the curriculum. However, it is not actually that bad itself when you find out a fact or two or learn about some period of time by yourself but when you are forced to learn so much information in so much detail because you are unsure of what little shifty question that they might pull on you in the exam about some pointless date or useless and minor detail, study just becomes unbearable. It is so boring (as I have said before haha) and I fell like once I finish studying that I can’t remember anything that I learnt at the start due to the sheer amount dates and detail. Anyway enough ranting. Lets get back to history study. Yay

History is important, and since there are posts already explaining why, I won’t bother (definitely not lazy). Despite this, history classes suck. I convince myself everyday that attending American History Since 1865 is making me an all around better person, that it’s contributing SOMETHING to my brain. But ya know what, I never hesitate to use my F-This coupon, which I rarely use.
I can read history related articles online, talk about it with someone, or watch it on the telly, but those classes…
Also, it’s terrible to have an enthusiastic His. teacher, yet students still could give a rip about the subject. Now if you’d excuse me, I have to read this paragraph in my history text for the third time 😛

I’m with you! I hate history so much! It’s the most useless subject in school ever. Greetings from Czech republic =)

I would rather keep myself possessed in making pastries at home and eating them as Christmas isn’t too far than brainwashing myself with head-sucking history books.
Don’t try this at home…be safe.
History fails…Pastry prevails…!!

Agree times a billion.

I hated it too. Today one of my friend asked me to help her on a thesis related to “Why students loose interest in History Subject?” So i thought about finding out what the web says about this……..here i am totally stunned to know that a lot of pupil actually hated it more than any thing in the world.

Yeah it sucks,it’s boring,not keeping track of your liking,im in the 12 year (last year in Portugal),and im getting by HARDLY,i mean im passing the discipline by the lowest positive imaginable (9.5 on a scale of 1-20,20 being the highest),and im studying with ALL the psycological power my brain has,and im just getting by.

But you know what? It’s in your fucking course,you have to terminate it if you want to go to college(At least that is how it is in Portugal),so yeah,deal with it.


There is no boring subject if there is no boring teacher don’t forget that

History, in brief, is an analysis of the past in order that we may understand the present and guide our conduct into the future.
Sidney E. Mead

History will die if not irritated. The only service I can do to my profession is to serve as a flea.
Henry Adams

History is medicine to sick mind

Read This and you must love history

History is public memory. Anytime you have analyzed someone’s behaviour and based it on their past actions you are proving that history is crucial. You just have to apply this on a large scale- why does England behave the way it does, because of its history has established its pattern of behaviour. Also, the only reason why there wasn’t a World War III is because people recognized their actions following WWI were a major factor in WWII developing. Therefore if people did not study history and learn from these mistakes then Germany would have been forced into vicious economic disparity AGAIN, had their population yearn for leadership which always comes in the form of dictatorship when you create this environment, and finally arms building and a scope set back on revenge. Instead they immediately created organizations that forced Germany and France to be in partnership through coal mining and other collaborative measures.

Perhaps your teachers in school taught history like a consumption of facts but that is not how it’s meant to be taught. If you truly love English then history should cater to your sense of analysis of information and questioning of human behaviour. If you truly love science, then history should cater to your love for analyzing data and creating hypothesis.

I have been studying History for the last ten minutes, and I’m already thinking about how my unfortunate death would occur….maybe if I choke on the book…or maybe not.

hello my name is “History S. Ucks” and i’m glad u guys hate me so much :))
why spending time swallowing His story while u can create ur own story 😕
why spending time remembering the dead while forgetting ur parents and friends 😕

I don’t believe that history should be absolutely banned from school, just moved to an elective. I believe that we should be required to learn all the history up to geography, and finish required Social Studies with Geography. Its important that we know and recognize some historical events, just so when we are growing up, we can have the chance to like history and learn what a dictator is and why not to like them. If in 7th or 8th grade you never touched up on the morals of dictatorship, what’s keeping you from voting for one? I believe that it would be ideal to limit each subject, except English in the US. Math can be stopped at algebra 2, science at physics, and history at geography. This way we’ve experienced all the basic math needed for anything, a glimpse of all the basic sciences, and learned the historical morals and where places are in the world. I personally am only taking the deadly History AP classes to boost my GPA. I could care less for the test, all my time goes into reading the book 3 times over and answering 100 questions every week.

Same here. I don’t see the application of History AT ALL! And historians always think they are smart in making analysis of events happened thousands of years ago. I mean come on….who give a fuck what happened thousands years ago…get over it and spend your time on some practical stuff that are actually contributing to the society.

Although i agree on the basis of this article i have to say i disagree with the fact that history does not contribute toward society as historians had to find out exactly why Hitler had done what he had done and medical uses in medieval times, this has led doctors and physiologists and a number of people to help toward this modern society and medicine.
But you could say the education system does altogether give a false interpretation on whether history has done any good to society.

i love history, i read historical novels of the Victorian age, read novels of Charles dickens, watch history documentaries but i foolishly took it as a GCSE and i hate it! i love learning about the two world wars and the great depression, but no… my school chose a different syllabus which meant we had to read about the CAUSES of the world wars, i don’t give a fucking damn about politics and Manchuria, i know we should already know it as a basis to the whole story on the war but we have to actually do endless worksheets on techniques i really don’t give a toss about, i was even seriously considering to take it as an A level but alas the crappy education system is rotting my brain and i think i would consider history more of a hobby and personal interest rather than an academic skill….

Good Post! (If 7 years old now.) Good reasons. Here’s why we all need to know our history: American history! it’s simple: because everyone of us in this hyper competitive world will get our asses kicked if we don’t understand enough of our past to plan for our future.

Look at the world today, how it’s changing, how important it is for nations to act in the interests of their own people (class warfare is now the issue in America in 2012) and in the interest of the survival of humanity itself (environmental, military and economic issues here).

The study of history should begin with YOU: with your city and state, with your social class, with your own employment prospects and with those of people in your school. Start there and history begins to get interesting.

I will leave it at that. Resist boredom!

I’m an English teacher but my own sense of current history is at: http://chicagocivicmedia.blogspot.com/.

History, in brief, is an analysis of the past in order that we may understand the present and guide our conduct into the future.
Sidney E. Mead

History will die if not irritated. The only service I can do to my profession is to serve as a flea.
Henry Adams

History is medicine to sick mind

Read This and you must love history

are u mentally insane?

HA HA Thats soo fuunny thats i i feel to i HATE HISTORY AND I am doing a stupid massive assignment right now that is due tomorrow and i have done none OMG i am doomed anyway so that’s y i typed into Google I HATE HISTORY and this came up and i am just trying to avoid my impossible assignment right now so yeah.

I am TOTALLY with you bro! I hate that class it’s so freakin boring.

Lets not write anything down anymore……………………..yeh right! Buncha morons!

I used to love history, but not anymore. Because the more you read and study social sciences, the more narrower and foolish your persoanilty becomes in life. All historians and philisophers are selfish.

History is important. In centuries past this statement would have seemed self-evident. Ancient cultures devoted much time and effort to teaching their children family history. It was thought that the past helps a child understand who he is. Modern society, however, has turned its back on the past. We live in a time of rapid change, a time of progress. We prefer to define ourselves in terms of where we are going, not where we come from. Our ancestors hold no importance for us. They lived in times so different from our own that they are incapable of shedding light on our experience. Man is so much smarter now than he was even ten years ago that anything from the past is outdated and irrelevant to us. Therefore the past, even the relatively recent past, is, in the minds of most of us, enshrouded by mists and only very vaguely perceived. Our ignorance of the past is not the result of a lack of information, but of indifference. We do not believe that history matters.
But history does matter. It has been said that he who controls the past controls the future. Our view of history shapes the way we view the present, and therefore it dictates what answers we offer for existing problems. Let me offer a few examples to indicate how this might be true.
One of my children comes running up to me, “Papa, Stefan hit me!” Another child comes close on the heels of the first, “I did not. You hit me!” As a parent I have to determine what happened. Usually I have to sort through conflicting testimony to get to the truth of the matter. Part of my information is my knowledge of human beings in general; part of my information is the knowledge I have assembled over the lifetimes of these particular children. All of this is essentially history. It is knowledge about the past. I must have a good understanding of the past in order to know how to deal wisely with these children in the present. Any punishment or chastisement will depend on my reconstruction of what actually happened. The children realize this, and thus they present very selective histories of the event in an attempt to dictate my response. In these kinds of situations, children very clearly understand that history matters.
When you go into a doctor’s office for the first time, you invariably have to fill out an information sheet that asks about your medical history. Some of these forms are very detailed, asking questions that require information from rarely accessed memory banks. Why does a doctor ask these questions? The doctor is trying to construct an accurate picture of your state of health. Your health is heavily influenced by the past. Your heredity, past behaviors, past experiences are all important determinants and clues to your present condition. Whenever you return to the doctor, he or she pulls out a file which contains all the notes from past visits. This file is a history of your health. Doctors understand very clearly that the past matters.
Some of you might be thinking that these examples are not very compelling because they both deal with the very recent past—they are not what we think of when we think of history. Let me give one final example that is more to the point. In 1917 the Communists took control of Russia. They began to exercise control over how the history of their country ought to be told. They depicted the tsar as oppressive and cruel. The leaders of the revolution, on the other hand, were portrayed in a very positive light. The Communist government insisted that these leaders, and in particular Lenin, understood more clearly than any one else what Russia needed and what course of action the government ought to follow. According to the official history, Lenin made no mistakes and he passed his virtually infallible understanding on to the other leaders of the party. The official history presented Lenin and Stalin as kind, compassionate, wise, nearly divine leaders. Consequently, difficulties that people in the Soviet Union experienced were all attributable to capitalism. The nation’s economic backwardness, the need for a massive military and tight security, and domestic crime were all ultimately tied to the influence of capitalistic countries. This is the perspective of history that was taught to Soviet children for half a century.
In the seventies and eighties, several things happened to shake people’s confidence in this view of history. One was the publication of Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago. This work was the product of years of historical research by the author. He interviewed scores of prisoners and did extensive research to chronicle the genesis and development of the chain of labor camps that dotted the Soviet Union. His book described the cruelty and injustice of the system in great detail; but most important of all, he was able to show that Lenin and Stalin were active and knowing participants in the formation of this brutal institution.
Solzhenitsyn’s depiction of these leaders was incompatible with the official history. And if the official history was wrong, the legitimacy and justification for Soviet rule was all brought into question. In 1979, a Soviet emigre, after having read Gulag Archipelago, told me, “The impact of this book will be far more devastating to Soviet power than an atomic bomb.” I am convinced that one of the reasons the Soviet Union disintegrated is because people began to doubt the official history. Ask Gorbachev if history matters.
So history matters, but what is history? My advisor in graduate school had a simple definition that I have grown to appreciate: “History is a story about the past that is significant and true.” This simple definition contains two words packed with meaning which must be understood in order to understand history.
A. Significance
The first word is “significant.” No one could record everything that is true about an event in the past: temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, soil type, molecules bouncing around, hearts beating, lungs inflating and deflating, and so forth—there is no end to what could be listed. History is the process of simplifying. Of all that could be said about an event, what is most important or most significant? The goal of history is to tell a story about the past which captures the essence of an event while omitting superfluous details.
Significance is determined by the historian. The historian sorts through the evidence and presents only that which, given his particular world view, is significant. What a historian finds significant is not entirely a personal choice; it is largely shaped by his training and his colleagues. In order for a historian to have his works published, he has to receive the approval of his fellow historians. Therefore, the community of historians has a large say in deciding what about the past is significant. But historians are just as much a part of society as anyone else, and we are all greatly influenced by those around us. As a result, the community of historians tends to share the same notion of significance as is held by society as a whole. Therefore, historians tend to tell stories which reflect the dominant values of the society in which they live.
This leads to a curious feature of historical narrative: the past is fixed—no one can change what happened—but as the values of society change, the historians’ depiction of the past changes also. It has been argued that history tells us more about the time in which it is written than the time about which it is written. I recently did some reading about the history of homosexuality. For a couple of decades in the middle of the nineteenth century, historians viewed homosexuality as an immoral act and consequently looked at the prevalence of homosexuality in ancient Greece as a sign of its moral decadence and a precursor to the collapse of Greek civilization. Historians then applied this same analysis to Roman society. In the latter part of the nineteenth century, however, society began to question the existence of moral absolutes. As a result, historians ceased to give credence to any connection between moral behavior and the health of a civilization. Therefore, the search for a connection between moral decline and the fall of empire ceased to hold any interest and was abandoned. Instead, historians, interested in telling the story of the growth and development of liberty, saw the open practice of homosexuality as a good thing, in that it demonstrated greater social tolerance and, therefore, increased personal liberty. Notice that the first view (based on moral absolutes) was not disproved; it was simply abandoned due to a change in the values of society. This, in turn, produced a change in the way historians depicted the past. The past does not change, but history changes with every generation.
B. Truth
I said that history is a story about the past that is significant and true. I have talked about the word “significant”; now I want to talk about the word “true.” What does it mean to say that a historical account is true? Most modern historians would claim there is no absolute truth. This would imply there is no basis for saying that one historical account is true and another one false. I know of no historian, however, who actually operates this way in practice. Most historians use the word “true” to mean any perspective well supported by facts.
The tricky thing is that every historian uses facts to build his case. Rarely does an historian consciously distort the facts; and although minor factual errors are common, they seldom undermine the overall presentation. But even though most histories are built on facts, the histories can be very different, even contradictory, because falsehoods can be constructed solely with facts.
My parents once put in a new front lawn. Soon after it was planted, my mother discovered bicycle tracks running across the yard. She had a pretty good idea who had done it, so she asked this boy if he knew anything about the tracks. He said, “Yes, I do. My sister’s bike did it.” This is a wonderfully crafted statement. It is built on facts, but it is designed to create a false impression. We often refer to such statements as “half-truths.” For history to be true, it must not only be based on facts, it must present those facts in a balanced, well proportioned manner. Too often histories are half-truths.
I need to point out quickly that most historians do not intentionally distort history to serve their purposes, as this boy did. The process is much less malicious, yet far more insidious. Historians interpret evidence through the eyes of their own world view. This is natural; we could not expect anything else. This has far reaching consequences, however. Take, for example, a historian studying the story of Jonathan and David. If all of the historian’s close same-sex relationships have been sexual, he will be unable to conceive of Jonathan and David’s relationship as being anything else. Thus he will conclude that David and Jonathan were homosexuals. Given his experience, he can not imagine any other interpretation of the evidence. Therefore, the accuracy of an historian’s version of past events depends greatly on the soundness of his world view.
I suspect this is contrary to most people’s image of history. People generally think of history as a very objective discipline. This perspective dominated the field about a century ago, and most of us were led to believe this in the course of our education. We were taught that objective historians began to piece together a picture of the past, and every new generation of historians discovers new facts which alter our understanding of the past. With each generation, therefore, we get closer to the truth of history, but these refinements do not significantly alter the assured findings of science.
This perspective would find few adherents today. It has become painfully obvious that no researcher is a blank slate. We all start with some preconceived notions about what is true and what is not. It should not and can not be otherwise. All history is, in this sense, biased.
For the reasons I have listed, history is a value-laden discipline. Howard Zinn, the author of a book to which we will return in a minute, makes the following statement:
It is not that the historian can avoid emphasis of some facts and not of others. This is as natural to him as to the mapmaker, who, in order to produce a usable drawing for practical purposes, must first flatten and distort the shape of the earth, then choose out of the bewildering mass of geographic information those things needed for the purpose of this or that particular map.
My argument cannot be against selection, simplification, emphasis, which are inevitable for both cartographers and historians. But the mapmaker’s distortion is a technical necessity for a common purpose shared by all people who need maps. The historian’s distortion is more than technical, it is ideological; it is released into a world of contending interests, where any chosen emphasis supports (whether the historian means to or not) some kind of interest, whether economic or political or racial or national or sexual.” (Note 1)
History, by its very nature, does more than tell us about the past; it argues for an ideology a world view.
1992 gave us an excellent opportunity to see a struggle between different groups each trying to claim history in support of their cause. It was the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s landing on American soil. Columbus, who had long enjoyed the status of hero, came under heavy criticism. This historical event and the versions of history it generated are a very good example of what I have been talking about. I would like to look at two descriptions of this event and show how ideology infuses both accounts. One account is found in The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall and David Manuel. (Note 2) The other is from A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn.
Both of these books were written at the end of the 1970s. For a quarter of a century prior to this time, the most noted historian of the life of Columbus was Samuel Eliot Morison. He wrote several books about Columbus, but the most widely read was Christopher Columbus, Mariner. (Note 3) Until the late seventies, Morison’s depiction of Columbus was considered the most authoritative. Since both Marshall’s and Zinn’s books were written to correct Morison’s presentation, let me first describe Morison’s perspective.
A. Morison: Columbus, the mariner
Morison was a naval officer (so I have heard) turned historian. His love of the sea and appreciation for good seamanship is obvious in his history. Morison has enormous respect and admiration for Columbus as a sailor and navigator. This and this alone was Columbus’s greatness. At a time when all of Europe was trying to find economical routes to Asia, Columbus was convinced that Asia could easily be reached by sailing west across the Atlantic. Most scholars of the time believed that the world was round and that Asia could be reached by sailing west, but they thought it was too far. Columbus argued that the scholarly opinion greatly overestimated the distance and that Asia was only about a three week voyage. As it turned out, the scholars were right; Asia was too far away, but fortunately for Columbus, America was just about where he thought Asia would be.
Columbus undertook the trip to prove that he was right. His superior sailing skills enabled the expedition to reach America. Columbus thought he had landed in Asia, and he spent the rest of his life trying to prove he was correct. This drove him to be in constant search for gold and more geographical knowledge: since Asia was known to be rich in gold, a vast amount of gold would suggest that the land was, in fact, Asia; and since Marco Polo had written about the geography of Asia, Columbus felt further exploration would demonstrate that he had found the land Marco Polo described. Columbus’s constant exploration and search for gold led him to make some poor decisions regarding the administration of the lands he discovered; his negligence resulted in brutal treatment of the native population. Although Morison does not excuse Columbus’s negligence, he does not want this flaw to detract from our appreciation for Columbus’s skills as a seaman.
B. Peter Marshall: Columbus, the tool of God
Peter Marshall has a very different perspective. He sees Columbus as a key figure in God’s grand plan to establish a very special country, unique in the history of the world. Just as God selected Israel to be a special nation which He promised to bless as long as the people were obedient to His commandments, God singled out the United States for a similar purpose:
Could it be that we Americans, as a people, were meant to be a “light to lighten the Gentiles” (Luke 2:23)—a demonstration to the world of how God intended His children to live together under the Lordship of Christ? Was our vast divergence from this blueprint, after such a promising beginning, the reason why we now seem to be heading into a new dark age? (p. 19)
Marshall’s book, therefore, chronicles the indications of God’s special guidance of key individuals in the history of the United States.
Columbus is one of those individuals. Marshall sees the hand of God behind Columbus’s voyage from its very inception. He quotes from one of Columbus’s writings:
It was the Lord who put into my mind I could feel his hand upon me) the fact that it would be possible to sail from here to the Indies. All who heard of my project rejected it with laughter, ridiculing me. There is no question that the inspiration was from the Holy Spirit, because He comforted me with rays of marvelous inspiration from the Holy Scripture…. (p. 17)
Marshall is very sensitive to indications of God’s divine guidance and protection for Columbus’s venture and Columbus’s personal relationship with God.
Marshall begins by pointing out that Columbus’s first name is Christopher, which means “Christ-bearer.” He sees this as significant because one of the main reasons Columbus gave for wanting to find Asia was to evangelize its inhabitants. Columbus’s name was, therefore, prophetic.
Marshall describes the difficulty Columbus had in finding a sponsor for his expedition. He tried but failed to get the king of Portugal to finance his trip. He got nowhere with the king of England. He approached the king and queen of Spain, but they kept putting him off. Having given up on the Spanish monarchs and at a point of desperation, he was about to leave for France to ask the French king to finance his expedition when the queen of Spain had a change of heart. Marshall points out that the queen’s confessor, who was the head of the monastery where Columbus was staying, was instrumental in convincing the queen of the value of the enterprise. Marshall imagines what might have transpired between the monk and Columbus while Columbus was in despair over his inability to find a sponsor.:
But in the cool stone cloister of the monastery, we can almost hear Father Perez as he might have reminded Christopher that all of the things which had tormented him—the elusive recognition, wealth and position which he wanted so desperately and which always seemed just out of reach—these were the world’s inducements, not the things that concerned the Lord Jesus. (p. 34)
[Let me take this opportunity to make a short digression. I do not think Marshall’s book is accepted as a serious work of history. One of the reasons is because the author occasionally inserts these imaginary scenes for which he has absolutely no evidence. I would like to point out, however, that this criticism is a little unfair. The mind of any historian is constantly at work trying to imagine the event under investigation. The evidence is always less than complete, and the historian tries to fill in the missing pieces, by drawing on his knowledge of reality and general human experience to extrapolate what must have happened. So whereas Marshall has actually recorded his imaginings, and serious historians do not, we must nevertheless acknowledge that all historians use their imaginations to fill out the picture, and this affects the way they tell the story.]
Marshall describes Columbus’s first crossing as a major test of Columbus’s faith in God. Early on, the voyage went extremely well, but as the time went on with no land in sight, the crew became very fearful. On October 9th, there was almost a mutiny, but Columbus reached an agreement to sail west three more days before turning back. For the next three days, the sailing conditions improved dramatically, and on the third day, at the end of the day, they finally sighted land. Marshall’s description of this voyage puts less emphasis on Columbus’s skills as a seaman and great emphasis on the indications of providential guidance. From Marshall’s perspective, Columbus’s skill was just one more instance of God’s blessing on the venture. Of infinitely more importance to Marshall is how Columbus responded to this test of his faith, for the success or failure of the mission hinged on this.
Marshall concluded that Columbus responded well to the test of his faith while at sea, but after Columbus reached America he made two serious errors. The first mistake was establishing a precedent for mistreatment of the Indians. While Columbus generally treated the Indians fairly well, he did them one very serious injustice—he forcibly took several Indians back to Spain with him to become interpreters. This set a very bad precedent for the treatment of Indians, which became much more brutal with later explorers. Marshall holds Columbus partially responsible for this. The other error Columbus committed was to embark on a search for gold. From Marshall’s perspective, Columbus became preoccupied with a thirst for gold and this corrupted him:
Gold—one can see the hand of the Devil here. Unable to overcome the faith of the Christ-bearer by sowing fear and dissension in the hearts of his men or by paralyzing him with despair, Satan had failed to keep the Light of Christ from establishing a beachhead in practically the only part of the world in which he still reigned unchallenged. So he now moved to destroy the army of holy invaders from within their ranks. And he chose the one instrument which almost never failed: the love of money. (p. 42)
Behind the scenes, Marshall sees a grand conflict between God and the godly and Satan and his forces. Gold is the tool Satan used to distract Columbus from his divinely appointed mission.
Columbus’s thirst for gold and his rejection of God’s mission for him caused God to afflict Columbus with a series of tragedies. While Columbus went to Spain to report his find, he left a small number of Spaniards in the New World. He returned to America only to discover that these men had been massacred by the Indians who were exasperated by the Spaniards’ cruel, greed-motivated treatment. The men he brought with him on the second trip were even more consumed with a desire for gold; they not only fought with Indians for gold, they fought with each other. When word of the chaos and maladministration reached the king and queen, they sent a new governor and had Columbus returned from his second trip in chains. The king and queen freed him from his chains, but he was nevertheless humiliated. Later, he was afflicted with grandiose illusions of being called by God to lead a crusade against the infidels in the Holy Land. After several years, Columbus returned to America, but now he, too, was obsessed with desire for gold. He finally found a major deposit of gold, but by this time Columbus was almost out of touch with reality. Marshall writes: “It is doubtful that he who does what he will in the world is going to be used to bring many souls to Paradise.” This particular narrative goes on to reveal just how far off-center Columbus’s thinking had wandered: “For by the same sort of weird, convoluted reasoning that earmarks Gnosticism and so much of occult metaphysics, Columbus arrived at a monumental conclusion: he was convinced that he had found King Solomon’s mines!” (p. 65) This dementia was divine punishment for Columbus’s refusal to look constantly to God for deliverance from his difficulties.
Finding a major source of gold opened a Pandora’s box of problems. It brought the conquistadors to America. These men inflicted countless atrocities on the native population, further proof of divine judgment on Columbus and his enterprise.
According to Marshall, God had a glorious role for Columbus to play in the history of mankind, but Columbus was distracted by gold and nearly driven mad because he refused to trust God. Marshall speculates, however, that Columbus, on his death bed, was reconciled to God:
The old man brushed away the tears at the corners of his eyes, and perhaps he spoke to God again then, for the first time in a long while.
“Father, it is over now, isn’t it?”
Yes, son, he might have heard in his heart.
“Father, I’m afraid I have not done well in carrying the Light of Your Son to the West. I’m sorry. I pray that others will carry the light further.”
They will. You are forgiven.
“It’s time now, isn’t it?” Yes.
(p. 65-66)
C. Howard Zinn: Columbus, the oppressor
Howard Zinn’s portrayal of Columbus could scarcely be more different from Marshall’s. His presentation is rooted in a very different understanding of the essence and value of history. Zinn is outraged by the traditional practice of telling the history of a nation as though all members of that nation shared the same interests. This illusion of cohesion within a nation hides the reality that every society includes oppressors and the oppressed. Zinn thinks history should tell the story of this all important struggle, regardless of national divisions. He hopes we might learn from such a history how to help the oppressed successfully rise up against their oppressors.
From this perspective, Columbus is the quintessential oppressor. From the outset of the expedition Columbus was intent on extracting wealth from the native. Zinn demonstrates Columbus’s malevolent motives by quoting Columbus’s words from the log on the day he first saw the Indians:
They. . . brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks’ bells. They willingly traded everything they owned . . . They were well built, with good bodies and handsome features . . . They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword; they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane . . . . They would make fine servants . . . With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want. (p. 1)
Zinn sees this as evidence that from the very beginning Columbus was eager to assess the exploitability of the native inhabitants.
Columbus began to gather information from the natives. He took some of the natives by force for this purpose. The object of his investigation was very focused: “The information that Columbus wanted most was: Where is the gold?” (p. 1). Having this as his primary goal, Columbus had no compunction about treating the Indians cruelly. All the Indians of San Salvador were required to collect a certain amount of gold every three months. Those who failed to do so had their hands cut off. When even these extreme methods failed to squeeze enough gold out of the land, Columbus tried another approach: “When it became clear that there was no gold left, the Indians were taken as slave labor on huge estates, known later as encomiendas.” (p. 4). Zinn portrays Columbus as one who would go to any length to extract wealth from the new-found land.
Zinn magnifies our sense of outrage by describing the innocence and nobility of the natives who were so senselessly brutalized. He proves that the Indian culture treated its women well, using the following quotation from a Spanish priest who accompanied Columbus:
Marriage laws are non-existent: men and women alike choose their mates and leave them as they please, without offense, jealousy or anger. They multiply in great abundance; pregnant women work to the last minute and give birth almost painlessly; up the next day, they bathe in the river and are as clean and healthy as before giving birth. If they tire of their men, they give themselves abortions with herbs that force stillbirths, covering their shameful parts with leaves or cotton cloth; although on the whole, Indian men and women look upon total nakedness with as much casualness as we look upon a man’s head or at his hands. (p. 5).
Zinn also notes the communal and non-capitalistic nature of Indian society:
They live in large communal bell-shaped buildings, housing up to 600 people at one time. . . . They lack all manner of commerce, neither buying nor selling, and rely exclusively on their natural environment for maintenance. They are extremely generous with their possessions and by the same token covet the possessions of their friends and expect the same degree of liberality. (p. 5)
From Zinn’s perspective, these qualities of Indian society made it superior to European society; and yet the Europeans brutalized and, in some cases, exterminated whole tribes in the name of Christianity, civilization, and progress. Columbus was but the first of many such oppressors.
Very briefly I have outlined two different stories of Columbus. You are probably asking yourself, “How can the accounts be so different? Didn’t they read the same evidence?” I am certain they both read many of the same sources. Two people can read the same document, however, and interpret it very differently. One very obvious example of this is the way the two historians handled Columbus’s religious motivations. When Columbus talked about his desire to evangelize the natives, Marshall took him very seriously; Marshall can identify with such desires and is willing to take Columbus at face value at this point. Zinn, on the other hand, does not take these same statements at face value; he dismisses them by saying, “He was full of religious talk. . . ” (p. 3), implying that Columbus was not sincere. Although Zinn seems to be skeptical that anyone could be sincerely religiously motivated, he does not trust Columbus because, more importantly, Columbus was a scoundrel. So, although both authors look at the same words penned by Columbus, one believes him and the other does not. And neither can prove that his judgment on this matter is correct. When the two historians look at document after document through their different perspectives, the end result is two entirely different pictures of Columbus.
I hope you can see from these two versions of Columbus’s discovery of America that history is much more subjective than we generally realize. Every historian tells a different story, each one largely reflecting the historian’s own world view. This raises the awkward question, “Can we learn from history?” If every historian reads his own world view into the past, can the past ever break through and speak to us?
The answer is “yes.” The past speaks in a voice audible to those who want to hear and to listen attentively. Establishing what really happened at a given point in history is much like establishing the guilt or innocence of an accused criminal in a courtroom trial. Evidence is presented and witnesses testify. Taken as a whole, the evidence is full of inconsistencies and inexplicable gaps, and so a sorting process begins. Some witnesses are suspected of being liars; their testimony is handled with suspicion. Some apparent contradictions are found to be resolvable. The gaps are filled with plausible conjecture. As this sorting process continues, a coherent picture begins to emerge. That emerging picture, however, will be one of two very different kinds. If in the course of this sorting procedure we have held tightly to our preconceived notions, the final picture will be a reaffirmation of those prejudices. If, however, we have been willing to jettison beliefs that did not seem to have adequate factual support, we may have our initial suspicions rejected.
Can we learn from history? The short answer is yes—if we are willing to. But if we do not sincerely seek to learn from the past, we will learn nothing. This is true of professional historians as well as students.
History is important because it helps us to understand the present. If we will listen to what history has to say, we can come to a sound understanding of the past that will tell us much about the problems we now face. If we refuse to listen to history, we will find ourselves fabricating a past that reinforces our understanding of current problems.
People tend to underestimate the power of history. If I want to convince you that capitalism is evil, I could simply tell you that capitalism is evil, but this is likely to have little effect on the skeptical. This frontal attack is too crude. If, however, I disinterestedly tell you the history of capitalism, nonchalantly listing all the atrocities attributable to it, I am much more likely to achieve my goal. I can leave a lasting impression that will evoke revulsion at the mere mention of the word.
History teaches values. If it is true history, it teaches true values; if it is pseudo-history, it teaches false values. The history taught to our children is playing a role in shaping their values and beliefs—a much greater role than we may suspect.

way too long I’m not going to read all of that.

im with you..thats all i have to say

“I think the Battle of the Somme tragedy is the Generals fault for many reasons; British soldiers were told to walk over to the German trenches in straight lines, General Haig thought that the tank was overrated and only used them in small numbers, only 2 machine guns were issued to 800 men and even once the battle was over there were more than 420,000 casualties and only 5km of ground was gained, but I think that the main reason that this is a tragedy is the fact that even after around 57,500 casualties on the first day of the attack General Haig still kept sending British soldiers over the top.

When the battle begun on July 1st at 7:30 loads of British troops were sent over the top but instead of running in scattered groups (this would have minimalized casualties) they were ordered by the generals to walk in a straight line. This made it easy for the German machine gunners who could just fire directly in to the line. Had the generals not given these orders there would have been far fewer casualties

General Haig thought that the tank was an overrated weapon and hardly ever used them and the times when he did they were in numbers so small they hardly ever made a difference. Haig did not use one of Britain’s best weapons properly and because of this, the battle went on longer than it could have been.

General Haig only issued 2 machine guns per 800 men.”

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DAMN! I hate history too…. I am supposed to be reading my history text book for a test tomorrow. Instead I am browsing the internet reading why people hate history.

You sir, are utterly ignorant.

History is important because the human brain and function never changes. and humans make history.

A study of history is more accurately a study of human behavior that will must certainly help you deduce what to do in future situations, which is why history is useful (in general).

PS: To the people that say war is stupid and pointless, you are more ignorant than a frog at the bottom of a well.

Yep…………I had to do a project on ancient Egypt and it has 17 questions………That’s only part of this assignment and I’m in YEAR 7!!

i agree. Who cares about what happened in 1582 or 1776 or 1787? Math and Science are needed, English is used for communication, but who cares about history. I took AP US History and I cant even remember half the things they thought in that class, and I certainly did not need to remember the useless notes I took. GET A LIFE YOU TEACHERS WHO TEACH HISTORY! REALIZE THAT KIDS ARE ONLY TAKING YOUR CLASS BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR CRAP TO GO TO COLLEGE AND GET DEGREES IN SUBJECTS THAT CAN IMPROVE THE WORLD!!

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History isn’t for everyone, it certainly doesn’t suck. Very high profile people have history degrees. History teaches you how to be analytical, it has many transferable skills which employers love. History Helps Us Understand People and Societies. History Helps Us Understand Change and How the Society We Live in Came to Be. History should be studied because it is essential to individuals and to society, and because it harbors beauty.

Skills gained:
The Ability to Assess Evidence.
The Ability to Assess Conflicting Interpretations.
Experience in Assessing Past Examples of Change.

Historical study, in sum, is crucial to the promotion of that elusive creature, the well-informed citizen. It provides basic factual information about the background of our political institutions and about the values and problems that affect our social well-being. It also contributes to our capacity to use evidence, assess interpretations, and analyze change and continuities. No one can ever quite deal with the present as the historian deals with the past—we lack the perspective for this feat; but we can move in this direction by applying historical habits of mind, and we will function as better citizens in the process.

About 7 years too late, but im with you! 😀 HATE HISTORY with a passion at this moment in time.

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history is interesting and important you wouldn’t know half the things you know now i mean how would you know half the words from the english dictionary without knowing about shakespeare (who made majority of the english dictionary). Also history doesn’t have to be past it can be future as well. (i say history is interesting because i am a teen girl who wants to be either a history and drama teacher or a historian)

with you bro
I even liked Romans and gladiators and all that,world wars too,but other things are so dull
on top of that i have problem with my teacher,for 2 years now
example I will see what you know on the next class.I study very hard but i screw up dates and I get C,next thing we do
we start to study new stuff,I ask her why don’t you see what other good students know. Her response: You are the only one that doesn’t know this perfectly,all my friends are giggling,because they didn’t study anything,They know it’ll be me. 2 years in the row!!! I’m just unlucky i guess. sorry for spelling 🙂

I’m with you. Ancient history is fascinating (evolution, prehistoric age, early human culture, seven wonders of the world, ect) as are things like inventions and discoveries. But as for political history? Who gives a shit? It’s either boring or depressing. Political history
should be optional.

I hear you man. I hate it probably more than you do. Why do we care about things that happened so long ago? It happened already it’s not like we can do anything about it now. Not even learn from it because things are so much different now and society is always changing. And who knows if it even really happened? “Adam Smith believed in laizzes faire” Yea? Did he? How do you know? Did you have a conversation with him? Haha but anyway, I know it’s so pointless we have to know it. But unfortunatley we have to learn to encode it. Sometimes what I do is try to read it in a different voice and then it kind of lightens up the mood and adjusts your focus for the better. Those are the kind of things you have to do to engage yourself. Let me know if this works, or if you think of anything else . Hope I helped!:)

i like your explanation…

So this is how people view history… actually its not true that its useless. Far from it, think about it. If you wanted to learn more math and more science, there must be an understanding of previous foundations of math and science that has built up through the ages. You really cannot examine any subject without looking at its history and its evolution. Same goes for your life, where do you think publicly funded schools come from? It wasn’t always that way and how is it that we understand now that the world is round and that the earth revolves around the sun? Wait aminute….the only way to find out is to learn the history of who discovered it..why and how it happens. Abandoning history would be the stupidest move ever and calling history useless is the most flawed logic possible. Besides learning about the Kings and samurais are extremely important to understanding modern society, understanding how things came to be. Imagine if I didn’t get taught any history, I might think the US was always a nation or that Canada was not a colonial country and I wouldn’t even begin to understand my own country, society or politics. You think cramming for history is bad? Well it is like every other subject to be honest.I understand you do not like it and I can say thats fine but your hatred and calling it useless is REALLY nonesensical in every way whatsoever.

Sure just go on not caring about the amazing stories of our nation. Not to give a shit about the struggles of our previous generations and the wars that shaped the world. You believe that we have had tv and the Internet forever you idiot. Our world as almost been destroyed by nuclear weapons on many occasions. Shut your inconsiderate face you son of a bitch. Your life is so easy only having to read about the Second World War nonetheless being a child whose father died in some rice patty in Japan.

YOUR nation. I’m not from this nation and I had to learn for a whole year about the history of this admittedly STUPID nation as if it were my own. If that history is important to you FINE. Don’t make the rest of us have to learn it. Also, this country is lame

Sounds like a personal problem

I so agree with you, it is the most pointless and stupid subject ever, as well as P.E. I can’t think of anytime when I will need to know who the hell Oliver Cromwell was or what he did, I don’t give a damn! Whatever happened to Take That’s Look Back, but Don’t Stare (at your bloody textbook)

I HATE america and americans ,they believe they are the World Police which in no way it is and they only interfere where there is profit in it for them ie. Oil and we Australians crawl up the arses of them as we believe that if we get into trouble the yanks will help us and believe me , they WON’T as we have enough oil and Gas to supply ourselves and we export our Gas .
I HATE america because of what it is doing to my Country with their stupid way of talking and pronouncing a lot of words and thereby loosing our own way of talking and believing in a lot of what is going on in the rest of the World , and my greatest wish is that ALL americans living here as we have MUCH more freedom and a much higher standard of living get out of here ie. ” YANKEE’S GO HOME ” w don’t want you and I believe that the yanks in some way are worse than all of the radical Muslims and that the NON radical Muslims are a lot better than any Yank , so again I say “YANKEES GET OUT “

I HATE america and americans ,they believe they are the World Police which in no way it is and they only interfere where there is profit in it for them IE. Oil and we Australians crawl up the arses of them as we believe that if we get into trouble the yanks will help us and believe me , they WON’T as we have enough oil and Gas to supply ourselves and we export our Gas .
I HATE america because of what it is doing to my Country with their stupid way of talking and pronouncing a lot of words and thereby loosing our own way of talking and believing in a lot of what is going on in the rest of the World , and my greatest wish is that ALL americans living here as we have MUCH more freedom and a much higher standard of living get out of here ie. ” YANKEE’S GO HOME ” we don’t want you and I believe that the yanks in some way are worse than all of the radical Muslims and that the NON radical Muslims are a lot better than any Yank , so again I say “YANKEES GET OUT “

This is eight years later but I want to say I totally agree. I probably hate it more than you. Not only do I find the subject boring in general but I’m still smarting from having to take a year of American history when I do not consider myself American. Sure I was born and raised in America but my true blood resides from another country and for a whole year of high school I had to learn about stupid American history as if it was relevant to me. America is a lame ass stupid country with an even more pathetic history and I hated having to learn it as if it was significant, great, or pertinent to me. Honestly I do not think I can express with words how much i hate this subject and having history nerds parade it around me and in front of me in class. The next time I see a history nerd I will honestly explode at them with my hatred, especially if they are an American history nerd. The hatred is still so strong and will always be. The only reasons to study history are personal, contrary to popular belief, history does not provide our collective society with any useful information. the domain of useful information falls to the sciences. If we want to avoid our past mistakes we look at sociology, economics, politics and history may be used to inform those but that is not the true purpose of history. History is about forming one’s identity by identifying with people groups in the past and what they did and yada yada. It’s all about personal reasons and ultimately and useful information get’s more relegated to sciences. Anyway, I hate history and you history nerds have no idea

You’re actually an idiot mate. The only reason you hate history is because you suck at it. You may be a great student for all your other subjects, but because you aren’t as great at History, you shit – can it. Get over it and try harder.

I am an avid hater of the way American history has been presented! Therefore I can adamantly profess my disdain for the robbery of my ancestors due credit. I’m an African-American female, born and bread in America with disgust! As luck would have it. my ancestors, taken from their comfort-country built this mutha……. Still a mutha…..gets no credit, but a mutha… takes all the blame!!! No matter the ethnicity, minority has yet to be major! The bible says “He who exhaults himself, shall be humbled! And he who humbles himself, shall be exhaulted! It does no justice to begin the telling of “American ” history with the exploitation and humiliation of people owed. (my people) Please do yourself a favor and try to redirect that wrong! We African-americans built this mutha…., and its bout time you mutha…..tell it! Tell the truth that is! America ain;t shit! They wanna make all these laws banning every minority from most advantages. but had it not been for us, they,d have been lost their confidence. These bitches watched us persevere with grace and joy; then dressed up 10/31! Hallowed is a term of endearment yet now it’s a day of accepted evil. Halloween, humph. More like HELLoween! Them bitches is savages and always will be, and I thank God that they all gonna burn in hell! Dig that “MuthaFuckin America!” http://www.IFUCKEDYAMAMA.org

Yes. I do think history is just useless. Just past events. When are we going to use the past during our life lifetimes? I don’t really think that I can use the Nazis toward any part of my life.

God I’ve always hated history I’m barely passing this fucking class it doesn’t matter How much I try I will always Suck at it.

History is annoying, and my teacher is cockblower

Come on guys, I know some of you don’t like history, but why denigrate it, everybody has some sort of love with a subject and some of us tend to be history lovers that is all.

My issue is I don’t think one can break down what “History lover” is without revealing that one actually loves a collection of other things, and I think those other things would be more beneficial to study than “History” in general. For example, if one simply likes “knowing what happened” then spend time really figuring out exactly what happened instead of repeating a broad over view of what someone told someone else what the victor said happened.

It’s sickening to see how many people hate history. It’s important to know the past. History is not about memorizing facts and dates. People who study history are less ignorant and have a better understanding of the world around them. History also teaches you to analyze, write effectively, and think to critically. I think the subject is ruined by high school teachers who do not know enough of the information to teach it. This causes them to whitewash everything and to twist things around. It is completely different in college or at leafs at my college. My professors want us to actually understand what was happening. They want us to think deeply about the information and not just memorize it. How can you move on without knowing about the past? This subject is not useless. I used to know a very religious Christian who would go to church evey Sunday, but hated history. One day I asked him you like studying the bible? He then replied with yes, so I said you’re studying the past about your religion. He said replied with yes. What I’m trying to say is history can found anywhere fact or fiction (religion ). I do not believe that history should be abolished from the school curriculum. This would cause so many ignorant people around the world.

History is super important because you can use it to learn from your mistakes, and anyway, if there was no history there would be no science mats english etc

I think you’re confusing history as a subject with the occurrence of past events. If everyone spent more time studying non-history subjects then collectively we could generate a much better “history” for the human race moving forward then people seem to have done up to this point. From looking at history, it seems like people weren’t that smart and that’s what lead to their mistakes. So, in that case, we should probably strive to get smarter than they were instead of just reading their stories and deciding that we would not have made the same mistake. Do you agree?

This is so true:

The past is dead, let’s focus on tomorrow instead – Bad Religion

I agree. Focus on tomorrow and today. I think it’s much more important to learn how things work today then how they worked at some point in the past. If we get stuck on a problem, perhaps the answer can be found in the history books.

Well, I just want to say that they’re not going to remove history just because of one hater’s rant. I personally hate math; does that mean it should be banished from school? I’d be really embarrassed if I were an adult, and didn’t know who Julius Caesar was.

If it weren’t for history, we wouldn’t have many things in our modern lives. If it weren’t for history, none of us would even be here, we wouldn’t even exist.

Man you are right, I too have a visceral hatred for higher maths but I don’t write or even think about it being of lower value,quite honestly I even like people who can do maths but History for me is just a godly subject.I love it to death and get irritated when someone denigrates it.

I’m and adult and don’t really know who Julius Caesar was, but I would be interested to know if his understanding of history helped him out at all in life. Did you learn in history class the importance that math had to the development of society?

I’m with you.

”We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.” George Bernard Shaw

I’m guessing by now you are an adult, and my question to you is; do you still hate history? and if you do have you found out why? I remember being just like you when I was kid. I hated history, and as I got older I realized that I like most people who hate history hated it because it was all wrapped in politics and religion. The two kings of bullshitting. Meaning there are a lot of un-truths in our so called history and the only way to spot them is by 1st knowing your history (I know, Ironic) and 2nd knowing how science happens. Was Columbus really the first person in america? Answer – History: yes Science: No. Is the world 10,000 years old? Answer – History: yes. Science: No. Inconsistencies such us these in what is considered common knowledge in today’s world make even the most uninformed of minds doubtful. and once you realize who we humans really are then it’s obvious.

Desertion, extortion, manipulation, broken treaties, hero worship, mysticism, and the list goes on and on. yep! Animals, that’s who we humans are, but thanks to science and technology we may be able to change that. It’s as Arthur C. Clarke put it; “Trying to predict the future is a discouraging and hazardous occupation. If by some miracle a prophet could describe the future exactly as it was going to take place, his predictions would sound so absurd that people everyone would laugh him to scorn. The only thing we can be sure of about the future is that it will be absolutely fantastic.” So now, I try to read everything. Steering clear of BS of course. It’s tedious but I get to find real solutions to real problems, and that has changed who I am in a way I could never have Imagined.

P.S. What’s your major?

I completely agree… I’m 17 and I’ve hated this subject since 2nd grade. My teacher is the worst teacher of all – not only is he a complete idiot but he also expects everyone to treat him like a king. History tests nothing but your memory. And still I see absolutely no point in cramming the whole textbook even if you need a good grade.. You won’t remember anything in a week. And there’s no point in knowing what some French king did 1000 years ago. How does that test intelligence?

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Math has evolved to prove and predict much more than history has ever done in its 3000 year span

history sucks. listen to this song:

History is made by stupid people, by Arrogant Worms. It talks about how history is stupid.

When i was 6 I watched my first historical movie(oh what a lovely war) now I absolutely love history I studied history compulsively 6-15 then I decided to own a pet shop cause I like pets but anyway HISTORY IS FREAKING AMAZING AND ENTERTAINIG LIKE SERIOUSLY HOW TF CAN YOU NOT BE EXCITED BY HISTORY(now if its being taught to you by a teacher that’s a diff story if its a free willed study its awesome)

now i know.. why u keep fail on this subject even u try so hard… history is not just memorize everything… if u do that and u got A.. actually u still fail!.. keep in mind dude!

I hate history and i’m in it right now

I completel agree. (I’m 14 y.o btw)I’m taking Pre-AP Algebra 2, Pre-AP Biology, Pre-AP English, and Pre-AP World Studies, and I couldn’t hate social studies more. Geography can be used, cause I will be going to europe to do a musical tour next summer, and frankly, during a time when we were supposed to be taking notes to review the other day, I simply was able to passionately write an essay on why history should be sropped as a subject. On how all it is is an easy A for kids with photographic memory, and all it does for me is cause me misery and an instant bad grade. I have all A’s and B’s EXCEPT for in Social Studies, and because I don’t I might not be able to do ANYTHING through the rest of the school year, and the whole summer! I’m in several choirs, and in a musical, so I have a fairly easy time memorizing things, but History you have to memorize SO MUCH MORE not to mention it’s not even interesting! You and I, my friend, need to colaberate and start a petition to just have history be an OPTIONAL class, for those dusty people who love to sit and read about things that have already happened. “Oh but it’s useful! How will we know not to repeat history if not by learning every peice there is to know about it?” By using common logic. Don’t mass murder. Take action. COMMON SENSE/LOGIC. Besides, not everyone in the world is planning on being a historian! I plan on being either a musician or a robotic engineer, which requires NO history! Let’s start a petition to remove history from required classes.


OMG I totally I agree with you. I hate History. I want to work in the Medical Field but I don’t think studying about Alexander the Great, War between Spartans and Persians or The Coliseum of Rome would help me with my work. I also think that History class should only be for people who love History and think that “without knowing events in the past, you wouldn’t know how to deal with the future”.

[…] It was so boring and useless. I was glad when I didn’t have to take that again.” There are blogs on the Internet devoted to a loathing of what most people perceive as “history” – the […]

It is kinda weird that I used the info u posted in my History project?

I hate history too. I have to write my history exam tomorrow and here I am reading how people hate history as much as I do.

so true

with you

yeah with you
, here is a tip to make it eas;
1) take it as yor comic book and image the charec as cartoons.
2)make funny key words or keywords so that from them whole points can be derived
make ky wrds for all lessons and mug thm up continuosly bfor mont of exam (PeriodicallY=btwen stdy of other subs). and tell them without seeing, lets say 10 dys or ggap dys btwen two papers

(3) see which lessons has howmuch % in exm paper and what mark solutions(ans). place huge english words and make single statement into 2 points or 3 or—- … fill exm sheet
(4) in exm hall 1st (ans shet) given thn exm sheet. Cpy paste list of ky wrds to bk pg of ans sheet whn its gven and plce the list out of hall

(ex: – king dwell wells for water in 2345 G.C =
1)king XYZ is of VBC dyntsy who ruld form 2340 -2389 G.C
2) XYZ many devlp works he created water ways in the cites for pepl and dwell many well fr popl ect) concord = treaty

ex :- here are 4 key words MNOP- (2765-99), OPQR (68-69)
1)MNOP rul frm 2765-99
2)MNOP concord-1 OPQR 68 .treaty:- 1)bla bla…..
2) bla bla
3))MNOP trety-2 OPQR 68 .treaty:- 1)bla bla…..
2) bla bla
4) cnclusn bla bla….
above 4 ponts exapnd to 5 6 or— ponts

Oh it’s like I’ve found me in you. Thank god I am not alone! I thought no one curse history as I do. In 6 days I have my history board exam and I am so fucked up right now :/ everybody suggest read the text make it in form of story it’ll be easier but how do I fucking start now when whole year I’ve been repenting for taking history. I would accept low grade on my certificate but cannot tolerate this subject which holds no value and interest for me. Geography, pol science is way interesting and better, atleast they are contemporary but history no matter how hard I try I can’t just comprehend it man!! My competitor and so called topper loves history and planning to pursue history honours in future. She finds it so interesting and scoffs at me for finding history difficult. Bleh! I scoff at her for loving such a useless subject. History should definitely be rooted out from this world of education.

And obsolete once you get older cause what you was taught was incorrect data later on you find out so I think it’s not accurate to tech something that changes all the time…

I for one love history. It is interesting to learn about those long forgotten kings/emperors and wars. I like to learn about the mistakes they made our how something small way back in the day influenced something close to today. There are so many things to learn from it. It helps you think as a person, and politically. It helps you see how one mistake can lead to another, or one innovation can change the world.
I feel most of algebra is useless and will never be used in life. But maybe we just like what we’re really good at and find interesting.

Have you studied the history of algebra?

I totally agree. Any of the lessons history teaches can be better learned through philosophy, statistics, and critical thinking. I think that 90% of the history that’s taught is just filler because theres no such thing as a 10 min class. However, there are several 10 min, or less, youtube videos on history topics which cover everything that’s important. The only interesting history topics are as follows: history of computing, history of science, and history of math. Everything else is just as boring and time wasting as today’s main stream media (just death and fear mongering). Almost everyone knows about the world wars, but this seemingly is doing nothing to prevent future conflicts, let’s try educating people with critical thinking skills, statistics, and moral philosophy. I have not heard an argument for history or met a “well rounded” historian that I have not looked down upon for their short-sightedness and obsession with obscure, irrelevant, and useless details.

I also completely agree! amurrican schools devote the same amount of time towards history as they do to actually useful subjects like science, math, or languages. I honestly think american schools should make history classes other than world history optional. amurrican history is a waste of people’s time and intelligence.

Don’t worry man, I’m with you about this. I also hate studying History, like the Roman Empire, The Greeks, European History, Chinese Emperors, ancient battles between kingdoms and all the dates that you have to memorize. ( b.c and a.c ) Why?
It was because I hate reading pages and books about EVENTS THAT HAPPENED THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO. I love studying Biology, Science and Technology, Chemistry, Astrology. But when it comes to History, I really can’t stand listening to a teacher babbling out all of those dates and what happened in that time.


History is fckin SHITstory… These stupid social sciences make me wanna literally kill myself even though I’m cool with ALL other subjects! How the actual flying fuck can a person memorize a whole text book?
(PS- I have to study 7 chapters of SHITstory tonight and I’m writing this comment bcuz im bored af )

Dude, i am 14, and i know exactly your feeling. And it happens right now for fuck sake.

Greetings from India
I totally agree with you brother. It is indeed the dullest and dumbest subject. For all the people saying that it is actually interesting, I would like to tell them in short about our education system. We don’t get marks in our exams if we know about what is written in our books and understand it. We only get marks when we cram the whole chapters. Chapters written on topics such as housing for poor in London in 18th century, novels in the west during 17th century, etc. We literally have to memorize all the pages on the night before the exam and vomit it on the next day. So I would love to join you in raising my hand in removing it from school curriculum. And before anyone starts judging me, I would like to tell them that I am not one of those losers who dont study and crib about everything. As a matter of fact, I have been getting the highest grade in history as well. But I just Hate the subject and the way it is taught in oir school.

oh boo hoo,stop complaining and count yourself lucky to be at least be good at core subjects.Id like to see you experience a day being bad at every subject apart from english because that’s what i have to deal with. I mean you don’t get one subject,poor you ,get over it and instead focus on the ones you’re good and be thankful that you are gifted in them.

Every event in history in a nutshell:
-Someone messed up/was evil/went mad with power
-Someone else tried to fix it, it kinda worked
-Repeat until humanity’s extinction

In summary, people suck and those who don’t suck are usually too busy cleaning up the messes of those who do suck to actually move the world forwards. Except in science, math and English because, while civilization can fluctuate and political work can be undone, solid invention and innovation of irrefutable concepts and products is permanent.

I used to be a huge history buff right from Middle School (I’m 35 now). Part of it had something to do with both my parents being well-read, professor types who instilled in me a love for history. For great ancient civilizations like Greece, Rome and Medieval lores like the Crusades, Renaissance, the Age of Exploration. I practically know all historical dates because I used to frequently participate in Quiz shows.

No doubt, having a passion for history will make you a more learned person. More articulate and suave.

Except now as I’m finding out, there is a downside to consuming too much history. It can DEPRESS you big time. The truth about history is that it glorifies long dead people who have no impact in your daily lives. I have made the conscious decision not to watch any historical movies or documentaries anymore. I have a lot of other things to worry about rather than some distant war in which I see absolutely connection for me today.

Lots of horrible things did happen in the past. Stupid wars, slavery, famines and epidemics, objectification of women, abuse of children. Some of those horrors still happen today but at least, they’re no longer the norm.

I saw Dunkirk yesterday, and that has really depressed me. This is absolutely the last time I saw any movies based on the period around the second world war.

The only history I care about is from the 1980s. That was the age of pop stars like Madonna and Michael Jackson – the earliest period I will care about . Yes, there were a few ugly wars like Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, Rwanda and 9/11 terrorist attacks. But, I can skip those dates and events from my future memory.

2017 is the best time to be living on this Earth. Let’s enjoy our lives and try to avoid negativity, a lot of which comes to us from historical events. Let bygones be bygones.

The gist of the story is simple: History is crap

I totally agree with you

At least history is better than civics , which I need to be studying right now.
Why the fucking hell, do I need to know, about Modi’s and the cabinet’s, power and functions.
And you people should not be ranting, because I study in an Indian school, and our education system needs some serious fixing.
Like we have copy-paste these huge paragraphs from the book. Then I have got this horrible history teacher, who cant even pronounce Renaissance or the Treaty of Versailles.
I hate her + I hate my school + i hate my textbook + i hate my board
ICSE sucks.


That was good I’m gonna write that to my teachers they would remove history thanks so much

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