Dear God – a letter to god.

Posted on November 9, 2005. Filed under: Teen life |

Dear God,
How are you? What a stupid question to ask! but you had yourself defined that every informal letter written in English has to begin with that particular question. I was just obeying one of your zillions of laws. I’m not fine here. Although I donot wish to come to you so soon , I would appreciate it if you did something to make my life better. To start with you could get me good grades in History.My history sucks , God. You could make me bit richer and you could give me a pretty girlfriend . You can even make me GOD for a day. But why do I fell that every time I try to reach you , my hand is mercilessly pushed aside. Why don’t you listen to my prayers in sunshine while you do whatever I ask you to when I’m in grave trouble ? Why do you whisper in my ears to try again , when I fail, whereas you could help me do them? Why have you made every man for his fate ? Why not change mine a bit? What… say it again?
Man is free – you whisper in my ears. He chooses what he wants to be and his methods of being himself – you say. You talk of fate and destiny and yet you say that man is responsible for his fate………… Please God , explain to me your various and mysterious ways – I pray. But you remain silent. I ask you to help me show the way but you leave it to me. I write well and I program well , but I can’t decide what to be. A writer or a programmer or , indeed, both. There are many ways in which you can help me God , but at the moments please give my blog a lot of hits and let the readers leave tons of feedback so I can improve my writing. Oh , I almost forgot , I had an accident today and I broke my leg , my bicycle broke , my books were destroyed , I was grounded for a week and there an earthquake hit Peshawar and hurricane Wilma raged in USA. I must admit that you created women with a vengeance. Each tries to outdo the other. Jealousy is in their chromosomes. Look at Wilma , she was determined to destroy more than her cousins Rita and Katrina and she actually did.
Everything else is fine in this little world of yours.

Yours truly,
The Believer.


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4 Responses to “Dear God – a letter to god.”

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Man, It is man, who has coined the word FATE.
So just carryon with ur work and I will tell a small secret which is well known

Expect the UNexpected

And if u Expect things to happen, They dont happen. So don’t expect and the UNEXPECTED WOULD HAPPEN

So Enjoy ur life

Man you are so encouraging. I love your living guts.

I love this letter,its sincere and even though it potrays th way i feel so wel.. You write wit emotion,i felt what you feel.. My questions? Dear God,do i bekum a lawyer or engineer.. Please heal my broken heart and while You are at it, mind sending me a boyfriend who il later marry,one who will be true.. I dont want to just date guys. Please hurry, im awfully lonely. If thats too much to ask,send me my own best friend, im the only one around here with out one. Love Estrela.. P.S. Please fix my parents marriage,i just want them to be happy. Oh and if you could help out wit my exams,id greatly apprieciate passing

hi Estrela i really wanna meet you. I read your prayer and request to god is like the same to my prayer.^^,

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