Pimples and Zits

Posted on November 15, 2005. Filed under: Teen life |

One stupid guy ( a very good friend of mine) told me that a pimple was also called a ‘ zit ‘. What an idiot !A zit is a temporarily raised surface on the skin .Surprisingly he calls himself ‘zits’.Well, according to the definition , a pimple can be called as a zit. This little piece of wisdom was first introduced by my friend’s , friend’s ,cousin and this cousin got to know it from his friend. I tree to make a zit out of a pimple and after a few minutes of tension and banging my head against the monitor , I finally did it. Here’s how you get a zit from a pimple.

1. Pimple


3.Sip ( 3 letters removed)

4.Zip / Sit

5.Zit / Zit.

Nice and easy does the trick. As I mentioned earlier , this friend of mine calls himself zits and I have a very good theory as to why…. He’s a really huge zit that’s growing on the backside of each of his friends and which is making settling down a real pain in the butt. Yo , Zits if you are reading this then don’t take it to heart , beacuse it’s a joke. But that doesn’t make you anything above an idiot. Yes , you are an idiot who is called an idiot by the world’s greatest idiots , namely , myself,Amlan,Siva and Thita. Oh no ,not Anil , he’s smart.Really smart.


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man u suck
& thanx 4 not publically announcing my pasward
se ya

nice thing to write welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

i hear that toos!

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