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Stormy Dusk

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Stormy Dusk
Originally uploaded by Pixelsior.

I posted this pic in my flickr page and got about 10 comments and 16 people have made it a favourite so far.I would like to know what the bloggers think about this.

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In loving memory of…..

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There’s a glitch. In whose (!) loving memory do I put this down…? Yes. This year has been a black year for our family. There have been three deaths in the family spanned evenly throughout the year. First it was my uncle. (Father’s sister’s husband) He died of blood cancer leaving a wife and a daughter of 9 and odd years. When I visited their place in February 2005, my cousin came running towards us and said that her father had left them forever. She actually said that her mother (my aunt) told her that her father had left them and would never be coming back. This little scene frightened me. I tried to remember if I knew what death meant at the tender age of 9.And I shocked my self by realizing that I had understood what death was then and today I understand it even better. I was always ahead of my age. I have always displayed a maturity beyond the number of summers that I have lived. So I understood what death meant then. But it shocked me even more when I learnt that this little girl had not been told that her father was dead. She was told that he was gone and he had left her forever. I decide to tell her then what I had understood of death. She listened silently while I explained. It was painful to see her burst into tears at the end….. She had not cried at all , even when she was told that her father won’t ever come back……….Then it was my grandfather. I loved that frail old man very much. He used to tell me wonderful stories from our scriptures. He was a soldier for the British and then he became a teacher. I remember that the first person whom I had asked about death was my grand-father…”What is death, grandpa?”, I had asked and he had explained. I’m going to talk about the most painful part of his death. He had visited us a month before his death. He and my parents had a serious quarrel. The next day my dad dropped him at the bus stop and there he said that he was never going to come back.. And true to his word, as he always was, he never came back….. My dad and mom never had the chance to apologize.
The third death was of my dad’s aunt. Although I was never close to her , my dad adored her. In fact he had lived in her place from the age of 9 to 14.She was like a mother for him. Now people might wonder why I posted this. This is my way of saying Sorry to my Grandpa and saying goodbye to my uncle and my dad’s aunt. If you did read this then leave a comment acknowledging that you did and please tell everyone because I want as many people to read this message as possible.

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Psychoanalysis of a blog reader.

Posted on December 13, 2005. Filed under: Teen life |

The first thing I want everyone to know is that I am not a psycho geek.Ok so here goes……

The first thing a reader sees is the blog title.It should be short,catchy and describe the entire blog in a few words.Second thing – blog readers eye the theme so a clean and non-flashy theme is preferable.Readers generally read the first few lines of a post and then proceed to read the remaining part.( only if they like the first few lines.)Now coming to pictures. Many readers keep an eye for pictures. If a post has a picture or 2 then there is a pretty good chance of it having been read dozens of times.

Now coming to the most important part….Commenting. When does a reader comment or not comment? Readers comment when –

– they really liked your post

– they really hated your post

– they were confused about some parts of your post.

– they are replying to some offer of yours.

Serious readers generally drop off their visiting cards as comments which contain their thoughts on that post. Now when does a reader not comment? Readers don’t comment if-

– they don’t care if your blog goes to hell

– they don’t have time

– they think that you are not worth their comments

– if your post is too long.

Readers tend to avoid long posts on blogs which they have just stumbled upon.

That’s enough for now. More’s still to come…

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Dear God !

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Dear God,
How are you? What a stupid question to ask! but you had yourself defined that every informal letter written in English has to begin with that particular question. I was just obeying one of your zillions of laws. I’m not fine here. Although I donot wish to come to you so soon , I would appreciate it if you did something to make my life better. To start with you could get me good grades in History.My history sucks , God. You could make me bit richer and you could give me a pretty girlfriend . You can even make me GOD for a day. But why do I feel that every time I try to reach you , my hand is mercilessly pushed aside. Why don’t you listen to my prayers in sunshine while you do whatever I ask you to when I’m in grave trouble ? Why do you whisper in my ears to try again , when I fail, whereas you could help me do them? Why have you made every man for his fate ? Why not change mine a bit? What… say it again?
Man is free – you whisper in my ears. He chooses what he wants to be and his methods of being himself – you say. You talk of fate and destiny and yet you say that man is responsible for his fate………… Please God , explain to me your various and mysterious ways – I pray. But you remain silent. I ask you to help me show the way but you leave it to me. I write well and I program well , but I can’t decide what to be. A writer or a programmer or , indeed, both. There are many ways in which you can help me God , but at the moments please give my blog a lot of hits and let the readers leave tons of feedback so I can improve my writing. Oh , I almost forgot , I had an accident today and I broke my leg , my bicycle broke , my books were destroyed , I was grounded for a week and there an earthquake hit Peshawar and hurricane Wilma raged in USA. I must admit that you created women with a vengeance. Each tries to outdo the other. Jealousy is in their chromosomes. Look at Wilma , she was determined to destroy more than her cousins Rita and Katrina and she actually did.
Everything else is fine in this little world of yours.

Yours truly,
The Believer.

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Just a statuatory warning.

Posted on December 13, 2005. Filed under: Teen life |

The picture you see next to my profile isn’t mine.It is a picture of my favourite game character – Tobias Reaper a.k.a. Hitman

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Flowers for all !

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I just finished with this. I hope the picture is as beautiful as the flowers themselves.

 Posted by Picasa

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Posted on December 12, 2005. Filed under: games, Teen life |

Originally uploaded by bobloo17.

An amazing mix of B/W and Color and of course my favourite game – Hitman 2

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Cool Sunset

Posted on December 11, 2005. Filed under: Teen life |

I just finished with this picture.Visit my flick address for more

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Posted on December 10, 2005. Filed under: harry potter, Teen life |

I saw the movie recently and it was a real disappointment. The movie will definitely not appeal to someone who has read the book. My family is one that cherishes literature. I think the movie is a downright blasphemy of J.K.Rowling’s original story.Everything has been twisted , even the Quidditch World Cup. A very important character is missing in the movies , Ludo Bagman. He was head of the department of magical games and sports. Barty Crouch has been portrayed as a meek character whereas he is a very powerful and influential wizard.
The movie has many things that a book lover can criticise.It is overtly dark and this darkness shadows the lighter moments. The biggest disappointments were Mad-eye Moody and the maze of the Third task. I was really looking forward to see them both but……. Mad -eye has been mutilated beyond my wildest dreams. He had a wooden leg for heaven’s sake not a metal one as portrayed in the movie. The maze didn’t move around. It was supposed to be filled with magical creatures and obstacles which the champions had to overcome. But again Hollywood succeeded to mutilate one of the best porions of the movie. It was a very big disappointment . If the 5th movie continues to be like this , mutilated beyond recognition , then I swear that I’ll start a site against making movies about of books.
Say no to blasphemy of literature, say no to movies made out of books. Posted by Picasa

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Preparing for the worst.

Posted on December 9, 2005. Filed under: Teen life |

After my last post…. I dunno. I just downloaded Picassa and it is cool. I’ll post on Saturday.

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