Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Posted on December 10, 2005. Filed under: harry potter, Teen life |

I saw the movie recently and it was a real disappointment. The movie will definitely not appeal to someone who has read the book. My family is one that cherishes literature. I think the movie is a downright blasphemy of J.K.Rowling’s original story.Everything has been twisted , even the Quidditch World Cup. A very important character is missing in the movies , Ludo Bagman. He was head of the department of magical games and sports. Barty Crouch has been portrayed as a meek character whereas he is a very powerful and influential wizard.
The movie has many things that a book lover can criticise.It is overtly dark and this darkness shadows the lighter moments. The biggest disappointments were Mad-eye Moody and the maze of the Third task. I was really looking forward to see them both but……. Mad -eye has been mutilated beyond my wildest dreams. He had a wooden leg for heaven’s sake not a metal one as portrayed in the movie. The maze didn’t move around. It was supposed to be filled with magical creatures and obstacles which the champions had to overcome. But again Hollywood succeeded to mutilate one of the best porions of the movie. It was a very big disappointment . If the 5th movie continues to be like this , mutilated beyond recognition , then I swear that I’ll start a site against making movies about of books.
Say no to blasphemy of literature, say no to movies made out of books. Posted by Picasa


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4 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”

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Ya saurabh ur right i think ur doing a nice awareness campaign
keep pos ting and i shall keep reading
ya a private thing toask- wat abou blademonk

It’s still on.

you are absolutely right. I’ll fund your campaign.

on the money again bruv

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