Psychoanalysis of a blog reader.

Posted on December 13, 2005. Filed under: Teen life |

The first thing I want everyone to know is that I am not a psycho geek.Ok so here goes……

The first thing a reader sees is the blog title.It should be short,catchy and describe the entire blog in a few words.Second thing – blog readers eye the theme so a clean and non-flashy theme is preferable.Readers generally read the first few lines of a post and then proceed to read the remaining part.( only if they like the first few lines.)Now coming to pictures. Many readers keep an eye for pictures. If a post has a picture or 2 then there is a pretty good chance of it having been read dozens of times.

Now coming to the most important part….Commenting. When does a reader comment or not comment? Readers comment when –

– they really liked your post

– they really hated your post

– they were confused about some parts of your post.

– they are replying to some offer of yours.

Serious readers generally drop off their visiting cards as comments which contain their thoughts on that post. Now when does a reader not comment? Readers don’t comment if-

– they don’t care if your blog goes to hell

– they don’t have time

– they think that you are not worth their comments

– if your post is too long.

Readers tend to avoid long posts on blogs which they have just stumbled upon.

That’s enough for now. More’s still to come…

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7 Responses to “Psychoanalysis of a blog reader.”

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Those are all great points. I would say, though, that there are times I think someone has stopped reading my blog because I don’t get any comments from him/her. Then out of the blue, they leave a comment. Or I go to their blog and find I’m in their list of Daily Reads! Weird.

Sweetheart, for your age – hell for any age – your writing is teriffic. I think, and this is just my opinion, that you should do some research about blogs that share your common interests. Start writing to them. You’ll be surprised what comes of it.

Still keeping an eye on you…

And all of this from a newer blogger–great insights. Thank you for your visit and kind words today.

Found my way here through Trix’s site after magic ball a question and I thought I can add you on my RSS feed and blogrolling. I want to help you have more (regular) visitors by end of the year!

And yes, I generally try to put off reading a long post.

RE: comment you left on my blog…

I understand that there are specific criteria most people have about those blogs they like, and you make some very valid points in this entry. Especially from a 15 year-old.

Length of blogs probably isn’t onf of the main reasons people don’t comment. Armaedes at Afraid of the Dark just wrote a lengthy post and has garnered 32 comments. Most of his are quite long, and most of his have quite a few comments.

I would argue that writing style has more to do with it. If someone is an excellent writer, one wouldn’t care about the length of an entry.

Keep up the good work, Excelsior…

B.P. If you will read that post carefully , you will notice that I have said “Readers tend to avoid long posts on blogs which they have just stumbled upon.” Armadeas ,on the other hand , has tons of regular readers.

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