My parents suck.

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Holy shit! Why did I have to get parents like them ? My mom is always screaming at me.She is forever engaged in finding faults with me. ” Why did you get 94% in maths?” , she screamed at me. “It’s still a lot mom”.,I screamed back. I have my board exams after a month and I planned to study in a particular manner, but all of a sudden my mom butts in and tells me what to study and when.
PLEEEEEEEEZ , I’m not a kid. But no she has to prove who’s boss. All I want tos say to her is mom FUCK OFF. But I can’t. My upbringing and conscience won’t allow me. I always have to swallow my rage and hatred and go on studying.My god I think I’ll burst if I don’t say this to someone.
Coming to dad. He’s always asking me to study. Whenever I take a little rest after my lunch , he butts in and says that when he was a kid he used to study 18 hrs a day. YEAH RIGHT and I’m a five legged alien.He stops me from eating to my heart’s fill saying that it’ll affect my studies. God when will this end.

Together , they are the most dangerous people in the world. Or so I feel. People please help me. What do I do now? How do I handle this situation?

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33 Responses to “My parents suck.”

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Hey There,
Another fellow 10th student. Cheers!! As for 94 in Maths, well I think you mother wants to bring out the best in you. Just get the centum next time and knock her down.

As for your schedule, I’ll tell what to do you. Umm…I’m not an expert in this but. Have a tete-a-tete with your Mom, tell her how much you like her and all that and tell her how serious you are about the board and how you plan to prepare. Tell it calmly and cooly and show her that she deserves to have confidence in you and tell her that you are determined to get great marks in math & science and also that you have a drop-dead serious study schedule….

This will impress them a lot…. And give them confidence in you but you should live upto what you say..

And BTW, are you someone I know??

Hope this helps, worked for me long time ago!!

No I don’t think I know you , but I’d like to know you. I’ll try it out .Thanks for the advice man.

Keep up the Great work, you’ve built good piece of art so far.
Your on my blogroll.

A 94 in Math is still really good… I’m stuck in the low 90’s in Math as well :(… but I’m sure you’ll breeze through your boards… what school are you in and where in India are you? I’m in CV (Chettinad Vidyashram), Chennai, in tenth…

Hey… as for what I think you should do… talk to your parents. Have a heart-to-heart with them and tell them you feel that they’re knocking you down. Tell them how much it hurts and that if you don’t enjoy even the little bit you can now, when can you enjoy later when you’re an adult? Try coming up with some good arguments and I’m sure they’ll be bowled over… but don’t yell or scream at them (I know it’s going to be an inhuman task to control your screaming, but just try to be as polite as possible) because that’s just going to make things worse… and show your parents your steady improvement as well, and try not to make the same mistakes you made in your exams last time. Good luck, cheers, and keep smiling…

At least, you have this site to vent out your frustration or whatever 😉

Oh yeah and imagine being raised by a very very strict former drill sergeant father. I lived thru that. Today, I’m grateful that he was being hard on me because he got me smartened up and made everything else seems like nothing.

Guys I’ve cleared all differences between myself and mom. So all’s well.

Anyone have parents that give you punishments for no apparent reason?

Well my parents used to.

move out. they are not retarded and are allready aware of the fact that they are mentally abuseing you. unless your dad is a rocket scientist i suspect he did not study 18 hours a day for what reason . and if he does have a high paying job than maybe that is true. but if love is conditional on on grades and your future employment i think that they are more concerned with you and they being a certain immage in society than what immage they are in your eyes its like a click in school you dont fit into if your not rich enough. and look the part.

ur jjust lucky u passs my mom sucks i hate her shes soo annoying




my parents suck becuz they all go out and suck dick for money so they can buy condoms and fuck eachother in the ass and spread diseases.

OMG … OMG … 94 and they’re fucking you up.

my parent are the fucking worst of all. they must die, that will be the happiest moment of my life. i cant even use the fucking phone anymore becuase of my “bad grades” how about this FUCK YOU. i wish they had a reality show called trading parents but you dont trade the fuck back. anybody would be better than my parents, anyone.

Don’t feel so bad, all parents suck. Mine are the exact same way. No matter what you do, or how hard you try it never seems to be enough. I get all a’s and b’s on my report card and they find something else to go on about. Why’d you get a B on your test Jalyn? I have one job and now my mom wants me to get two! As if I don’t have anything to do but work. They want to choose my friends for me, tell me who really cares for me, namely nobody, except for them of course. My mom forgot to pick me up from work the other day, I waited for 45 fucking minutes thinking she got in an accident! She was talking with bitchy girl scouts, wtf?! I give them n=money so they can make their payments, so they don’t go bankrupt or lose their house, I think I deserve a little slack. Just this morning my mom decided she had time to go grocery shopping and I was late to school, worried sick she got in yet anohter accident from taking my dad to work. we only have one car and she left at 5:30 and didn’t come home til 7:40. School starts at 7:50, and I got a detention because of it. All parents make our lives a living hell

OMG MY PARENTS ARE SO FRICKIN RETARDED, THEY TELL ME IN FRONT OF MY FRIENDS IM AN EMBARASSMENT TO THE FAMILY CSUE OF YM AHIR WHICH THEY FORCED ME TO GET CUT SHORT, IT WASNT EVEN THAT LONG, BARELY IN THE EYES. YESTERDAY THE PRINTER WASNT WORKIN AND ACTUALLY IT WAS IT JSUT WASNT TURNED ON AND MY DAD STARTS yellin at me”keep you damn hands off thsi computer and printer. You fill it up with so much beepin crap. whats your problem.” also my parents compared me to billc linton saying im a dirty rotten lyin scum bag, jees they’re so gay. i got a parent teacher conference for no reason at all casue im on the smartest team at skool, and a team is a group of classes, and they give out demerits or citations 4 jsut standing, or talking, or 4 anything. its gay, and my parents have been yellin at me nonstop

my step dad was such an ass the other day he hit my mom and busted her mouth open i hate him i hope he dies now me and my mom are living with friends cuz’ he owns the house he also took our car i feel bad that my 20 month old lil sis has to go through this shit and im pissed that my mom stayed with him after the first time he hit her!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU DIE MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!!!!

fine cool you guyz think your parents suck I’m stuck here with a bunch of stupids who have lost all there money gamblin on shares, they still think everything is my fault and I wish I’m outta here this march,
its shit

Dude, a 94 is pretty good, especially if you’re in an honors class. My best suggestions are..
1)Ignore them. It drives em crazy.
2) Have nothing to do with them. Make your own dinner. Stay after school and do all your homework there then take the late bus (if you have one) home so you don’t have to be with them for a while.
3) Light stuff on fire.
4) Commit Suicide
5)Move out.

my parents just suck. theyre these 2 study freakz who actually like to work.. alot! since i get bad grades, theyre having goes at me every day, and then i have my two older brothers with them as well. they think its because i play too much wow, but really, i just hate studying.
my friends inved me to go to camp with them and so i did and then they were like “your friends mum didnt let her go to the camp to study for mondays test. why didnt we think of that” at that moment i wanted to kill them. they took my computer away since november and havent given it back since,.. today. not even for xmas or school half term… GOD I HATE THEM!

i’m in the same place as you…94 in math is fine..i don’t see what the big problem is. I don’t think my parents had a social life in school, my mom was always moving and my dad aparently didn’t have friends, so they don’t notice the importance of having friends. So all year i’ve pretty much had to sit around for “family fun day” which sucks. And my mom’ll tell me as long as i try she’s happy, but i try and fail and she gets mad. Either way you’re fucked, and its not fair.

that is just like my parents, my dad is okay sometimes when it doesnt invole school but i hate my fuckin mom

i sometimes hate my parents , they make my life a pice of shit
they take away everything from me , they fucking argue about every single fucking thing i do , they put too much preasure into me , they think im a fucking retard , i have almost no personal space and they’re always watching over me , cant they see im going fucking crazy?!?! last week i stopped smoking , but i couldnt handle the fucking stress , its ironic that my parents tell me to stop smoking when my dad gives me cigarretes
what the fuck do they want from me !?!?!?!?!?!
i just need some time out of home , but they wont fucking let me , they say my grades r too bad , well i say everything they do to “help me” is fucking up everything in my head , they dont fucking understand that i need an exit
i hope they realize what the fuck they doing

hey my mom is such an asshole she tells me to do something when i alraedy am oh mmy dad he well yell if you tell him to be quite this guy wants 12 kid leave me out of it then i am not ready it suck bad

Yeah my parents suck too. Like they always compare me to other people saying “you should dress like that” or “you should put your hair like that”. Whenever they have bad days they’re always trying to take their anger out on me! And they’re just always trying to find any way possible to yell at me! wtf?!

Fucking parents… my mom hates my clothes and keeps buying me this preppy crap – when I won’t wear it she says I’m disrespectful and spoiled and now I’m grounded.

I have learned to not take any of my parents shit. I have grown up and worked out (lol) so my dad knows not to fuck with me. As far as my mom goes she is a total bitch. She will stick up for anyone before she does me. I don’t care anymore when my friend grabs his apartment im gettin the fuck out. Go your own way if you don’t i guarantee it will hold you back. People say “My parents made me who i am today!” FUCK THAT. You did that not them don’t let the take credit for your hard fucking work. YOU made you NOT your parents. I’ll be a happy person when i’m not within a mile of them.

-Take it easy

My parents are evil. My mum always screams at me for nothing and if i say one word against her wises she cracks the fucking shits. She is such a bitch. she always finds ways to yell at me she thinks she is so perfect. and my dad can be allright but he always yells and swears at me when i do the smallest things wrong but he buys me cool stuff.

yeah my mom and dad punished me for getting a spraned ankle and i wasn’t doing any thing bad at the time either. parents are just crazy i have come to terms with the fact that when people become parents they lose the logical part of their brains.

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