My first crush… and most probably last.

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So this happened a long time back. In the fateful year of 1998 when I was just 8 years old. I remember the day clearly. It was our first day in std. 3 and this pretty girl walked into my class. She was a bit taller than me , and a bit smarter.( Everything has changed now. I’m the one who is taller and smarter. 😉 ) She made her way through the columns of benches and chose a seat which was right at the back. I was entranced by her charm. For the first time I felt that girls could be nice. My earlier impression was that girls were snotty nosed cissies who spent most of their time playing dolls. This one was different.Whenever I would be near her , I would get nervous.I’d get this funny feeling in my stomach and I’d want to act cool.

As the year progressed my friendship with her became stronger and stronger. I had started feeling that I was in love. But there were rivals there too. I remember having removed three other boys to be her best friend. We started talking a lot. Mostly at lunch break. Very soon the class got to know of my fabled “love” for her and the news eventually reached her ears. She walked up to me and challenged me to tell the truth. Coward as I was then…. I lied. I told her that I didn’t love her ( if you could call that love ) and that I was just a friend. She reported the matter to our class-teacher and I was questioned in front of the entire class. I denied the whole thing and every minute I spent during those days , I hated her more and more. By the end of the year , the teacher had decided that I was “innocent” and I had realised that love when you were 8 yrs. old was much more trouble than it was worth. I grew out of it by the final exams and vowed not to fall in love until I get a good job with an obese salary.

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15 Responses to “My first crush… and most probably last.”

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Money comes and goes, and can be stollen away in an instant. But as you know with your Grandfather, Love lingers on long after the ones we love are gone.

yeah but this was a stupid crush, and I have overcom it like 8 years ago..

Minning accidents have been on the rise here since our safty oversight has been put in the hands of the Industries they regulate. My Grandfather died in the same area in 1954,before I was born,and yet, I love and respect his memory. A crush can be love, but Love is more than a crush.

Yes. Love is definitely more than a crush.

Hey… cool… by the way that post in my blog about me was all about… me? Some weird info about me… basically I copied that questionnaire off my friend’s profile somewhere… 🙂

You could just call it an “infatuation”. It’ll pass and another new flame will come along and re-ignite your interests in that person. I’ve been there before. So, I feel ya man.

Yeah man. I’m through with her.

HAHA i wud have killed her for this. * joking *
Simple i wud have taken revenge by making her fall in love with me after sometime and ditch her after that

yeah man but I had other things on my mind.

lol, date terror 😯 😆

Funny Guy….



isn’t he?
Ecjhaktly!!!! :))

Who is a funny guy ?

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