And that’s how I scared the night watchman…..

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I study to 2 in the morining and last night I was a bit bored so I played a little prank. At around 1 in the morning there was a thick fog. My window faces the main gate of our apartment building. I opened the window to check out the fog. I saw the night watchman opening the gate for a car to come into the building. Who the hell would be coming home at in the morining ? Must be one of those people who used to study till 2 in the morning. 😉

Dogs were howling loudly and the car had passed. The fog was thick and that was the perfect spooky atmosphere.Two dogs came barking and entered the building. He chased them away and then he sat on his chair. I knew that this man was a cheat and he always fell asleep. He was superstitious too and my strength lay there. I as decide upon giving him a hard night and boy did he have a hard night. I closed the window and returned to what I was doing. ( writing a funny story. Check it out. Click here ) After half an hour of scouting around the house , I collected three things. An old tin box , a used up pain-relief spray and a matchbox.

Phase I : I throw the tin can on the roof of the watchman’s cabin. The sonorous sound of the tin crashing wakes him up. He starts looking around wildly and then starts looking skywards , but he can’t see me because I’ve shut the light in my room.He shivers a bit and then goes back to his desk and tries to sleep again.But all that time he keeps on thinking about the noise.

Phase II : Dogs are howling on top of their voices. I throw the can of pain relief spray. ” CLANG ” , it drops on top of the watchman’s cabin. This time he swears loudly and startes searching frantically. He calls out to god to help him. I make a spooky sound and he rushes inside his cabin and doesn’t come out for the next 10 minutes.

Phase III : He finally comes out and looks around and then he looks up. He sees a shadow at my window and can’t comprehend what he sees.He is puzzled , but the he sees the strange figure lighting a candle and making a horrible sound. A terrible moan , a cry which chills his blood. And suddenly the window opens and the figure tosses the candle at him. With a scream he dodges and hides in his cabin and starts reciting the Hanuman Chalisa as loudly as possible.

An explanation should follow. There was no one in my house so I did not run the risk of awaking anyone. This watchman had seen my family leave in our car and had thought that I had left too. 🙂

And that’s how I scared the night-watchman. 😉

Terror from the Enchanted Ethereal Necropolis

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9 Responses to “And that’s how I scared the night watchman…..”

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Nice one man, well! You study way too much.. 2 AM, LOL! Anyways, Wish I had a nice night watchman like that!

Exactly… you study way too much… I’m feeling so ashamed of myself 😦 … you must be one smart cookie!

don’t push it.

Haha!… No wonder your blog has been rated more evil than good 😛
I know the concept of studying late. I’ve doing that alot lately.
Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

Haha !! Thats so cool … pretty adventurous… yea i understand how boring it can get at 2 a.m. … nice way to tackle boredom ! Keep it coming

So I’m guessing you feel very safe with such a brave night watchman keeping an eye on things. *LOL*

It’s something you can’t help.

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