Boards are coming……but here’s a short story.

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My board exams are coming soon so I won’t post anything for a couple of months. I’m posting this story that I wrote. Tell me what you think people…..
Mr.Mathur was a stout, pot bellied, middle-aged man who is the CEO of a large firm that deals in lavatory seats. He worked hard on weekdays and on weekends he could be found relaxing in his large farmhouse. He was very attached to the farmhouse. It had been his residence as a boy. He particularly remembered his encounters with pigs. He enjoyed rollicking in the mud with his pigs, as a boy. And even now he goes in for an occasional dip in the mud to gambol with his favorite pig – Daisy. He would enter the sty as a dignified man in a bathing suit and he would return a disgraced man , covered with muck from head to foot and looking very much like the pig he had been gamboling with. Of course, this was his biggest secret. If such secrets were to be revealed then it could be hazardous to one’s business.
Last week he hosted a party at his farmhouse on account of his 47th birthday. First of all he was greeted by Daisy , when he arrived at the farmhouse a day before his birthday. She was a special pig. She was free to go anywhere in the farmhouse. It was as much her place as it was her master’s. She was also very fond of her master. It was obvious that the pig and the man had formed a wonderful bond.
That evening the guests arrived and the party began. Mr. Mathur hadn’t gone for a mud bath with Daisy that day because he didn’t wish to smell like a ton of animal dung. The only thing that heavily affected his servants, other than his kind nature, was the way he smelled after he had gone for a dip in muck. Even after three perfumed baths, the smell would linger. So that day Mr. Mathur had overlooked his mud ritual. The party was in full swing. Meanwhile Daisy had been shut in her sty and she didn’t like this one bit. She was quite used to her freedom and now she kept on snorting loudly as if telling her keepers to clear out or else they would have to answer her. The keepers were lazing away and Daisy escaped. She ran straight to the hall where the party was underway.
The keepers saw her and chased after her. She smelt her master and became excited. She charged into the hall, all covered with muck and slime and made a beeline for Mr. Mathur, who happened to be chatting with the President of his firm. All the while Daisy was snorting loudly. The snorts drew the attention of the guests and they missed the apprehensive look that dawned on their host’s face. Very soon, he felt something fat, soft, round and wet rubbing itself against him. He looked down and to his horror he found Daisy rubbing her- muck-covered-self against his new trousers and in the process, destroying his new pair of trousers. (By covering them with muck and slime.)
Just then the keepers dashed in to the hall. One of them pointed at Daisy and shouted, “There she is. Get her!” The noise startled her and she bit her master’s leg. He kicked out with a howl of pain. The pig went berserk and started running here and there in a bid to escape her keepers. All the women let out high-pitched screams and stood up on the chairs, while Daisy was busy snapping many shins out of her way. In the process a rampaging pig bit many guests. The keepers were ruthless and they trampled everything in their way to get to the pig. Daisy caught a woman’s skirt in her teeth and held tight. Unfortunately, this woman happened to be the President’s wife. The keepers caught up with Daisy and tried to pry her off the woman. The woman, for her part of the mayhem, screamed in such a high-pitch that a steam engine would have been proud to produce. Many guests admitted that they could feel their glasses vibrating.
It was like a circus. The keepers pulling at the pig that held fast to the woman’s dress and the woman held on to the tablecloth of the buffet table. Getting an idea, one of the keepers caught the spiral tail of the pig and pulled it hard. The tail straightened and the pig let out a snort of pain. The pig released the woman, but the woman fell headlong into the buffet table and spilled all the food. The angry pig ran to her master. The keepers caught up. They faced an angry Mr. Mathur.
The hall was a wreck. A storm would have been proud to do what that pig had done. “ Will you two explain how the pig got loose?” he asked. “ We don’t know sir.”, one of them replied , “ Maybe it missed your mud bath and came here to remind you…..”

The end.

How was it people?

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6 Responses to “Boards are coming……but here’s a short story.”

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😀 pretty unusual i must say … not many people have pigs as their pets … but it shows what would happen if your private life has an encounter with your career … nothing less than a mayhem ! nice story !!
And all the very best for the boards !! Do well …

Amazing, intricate story! Good luck for your boards… I’m sure you’ll come out with ‘flying colors’ !!

woah, looong post. do well for your exams eh, we only have them in october!

Awsome story.well done. I really liked the kicker at the end.
good luck and keep in touch

thanks for the feedback guys.

Nice story …

Boards ? Me too.. 😛

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