Tensed and freaked….

Posted on February 10, 2006. Filed under: exams, Teen life |

Ok so yesterday I had my Science preboards and I did fairly well. My maths paper was a synch and so was my Social Science paper. But I am actually looking forward to my English paper.
Coming back to track… I’ve noticed a few things about the pre-board papers. Firstly the donot adhere to the board question pattern. For example , in the maths paper there is a question on probability in the board papers worth 4 marks , but in the pre-board paper there was no question on probability. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Instead there were three questions on Co-ordinate geometry. (yuck) Even the Science paper was the same. No question from Nuclear fission and fusion. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Well the Social science paper was the only standardised paper. And for the first time in the whole year , I’m going to get more than 75/80 in the subject. Well that’s not unexpected after studying for 16 hours a day for two weeks. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Now the most important question – ” Are the pre-boards worth it?” Some might say yes but the majority of students say that it is a nuisance and a waste of time. I’ll just explain why…
1.It is an interference as it hampers our long term study patterns.
2.The evaluation might not be standarised and upto scratch resulting in poor results.

That’s all but do tell me what you think.

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14 Responses to “Tensed and freaked….”

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Ok !! You are studying wayyyyyyy too much !! You sleep for less than 6 hours ?? That’s horrible …. you need atleast 8 hours of sleep (in my case 10 )…and you spend sometime online too ….!! Phew … way too much !! Pre-boards are fine…just finished Social today – it was pretty ok … but I cant stand social ! The subject should be banned ๐Ÿ™‚

heh, i depend on exams to know how much i know. Its not for the marks, i dont care what the institution tells or warns me about the scores but its all about my personal gain from it.

I feel pre-boards are necessary but over-excessive of them are too pressurous ๐Ÿ˜ฆ my school had 3 of them continuously in 10th jus before 2 weeks of boards…

one more thing.. even a nerd will think over a few minutes before tellin that exams are time-nuisance ๐Ÿ˜›

P.S – Hail Nuclear Scientist

Adolf hehe, lol. true !

Ohh, 16 hrs a day for social ? I was amongst the first batch of the new syallabi of CBSE so we were suffering at the stake of a cheaply 20 marks for history and our economics teacher was a stingy person in terms of marks… so we eventually got scared of social (it was out of 100 then.. i dunno whats ur pattern off 80). Then came the boards… class average in social = 92% ๐Ÿ˜

Actually Social was the first subject and I didnt feel like readin it .. i was playing NFS II those days lol, even during the english and language exams i got bored and played some SBK ๐Ÿ˜€ The performance went Ok though I dunno how the cbse made the paper so easy… I got overall 83% lacking in language.. umm I am hindi but weak at it lol.

Well overall. There’s no need to be worried Suchi. I’m fine. 4 hours of sleep is enough.

FOUR HOURS ?????? what is wrong with you ??? Its not enough at all !! My god ….. four hours !! I can’t even eat withing 4 hours !! thats not good u knw !

Teen! Hey! Wow… you study WAY too much. You need to get some good sleep and eat as much as you’d like if you wanna ace your exams… so basically… relax… chill out… and it’s really enough if you study half of the usual time you study! ๐Ÿ™‚ You need to have some fun in your life, too! And by the way, what’s your name?

Yeah… the standardised Social paper was quite easy… first time I’ll get above 75/80 too … I hope!

Man I do enjoy my life. In fact I enjoyed it a bit too much in January and so I have to work extra hard in February. By the way if anyone is interested then I play a lot of games. Both indoor and outdoor.I’m in my school basketball team and I also am one of the programming tops of my school. So I can be a powerful mixture between cool and the geek.

Balance eh? Seriously,there is a point were we go into overload. R&R refreshes.

yeah sure grampa but I’m just making up for lost time.

You can run on three hours a night. I did it for years. Just don’t expect to get away with it forever. Thirty happens, my dear … and way faster than you think.

Three hours a night…. Holy shit. What do you do ma’am

I’m in my 12th, though not for long, if I can help it. Got my boards goin’ on, 2 down 3 to go. Eng was long, phy was too. But they were easy, nothing like what we’d been expecting. I’m studyin in a j/c in Andhra Pradesh (I’m from Chandigarh, but dad’s in the navy, so we’ve been in Vizag for the last 5 yrs). They prep us only for the IIT-JEE. Big mistake, ‘coz, we didn’t have any cbse teaching till the last month of 12th, in which they covered the whole syllabus. And since I was way too busy having a good time in the last two years to do much IIT prep, I’m stuck in no-man’s land. No iit, no cbse either. And to make matters worse, some wiseguy friend of mine chooses march as the month to give me a collector’s edition of IAF (Israeli A/F) to keep me from my books. I’m a military sim nut, and he knows it. So far, its workin’ like a charm. I’m going 10 missions a day, no friendly losses. Not bad.

Yeah, but what about the boards? No idea. No college takes students on cbse marks anyways. I’m confident of my objective skills, an i’ll probably try for an NIT through AIEEE. Up the board.

They might as well do away with it. I mean, the boards’re a joke, right? Its not like they prep us for the objective exams. For all their claims of being based on the cbse syllabus, they can go shove. All you 10th and 11thies out there – a word of advice from a guy who sits with 100 future IITians : DO YOUR MCQs!! Unless your rents’re rollin’ in dough and can afford a management seat in GITAM or MIT or someplace, you’d better do a lot of objective papers. And here’s a tip- If you want an IIT seat – Do Dasgupta for math, OPTandon for chem, and (no, not iridov) Mahesh Jain’s Objective Physics for IIT-JEE . Trust me, do these three thoroughly, and nothing, I repeat, nothing’s gonna keep you away from those coveted IIT butt-cushions. Except, maybe, a CalTech invitation. But I’m not the chap to tell you about that. I’ve been puttin’ off doing them, but now that its too late, I’m gonna start. And I really regret not doing them earlier. But then, regret never did an ego any good.

More later, mom’s gonna blow if she finds me on the sys. Best of it to you swots, and work like mad.

And to the people who sleep for less’n 6 hours- its no use. If any of you actually study for even 5 hours a day properly, there’s no reason you’re not gettin’ more’n 95 in the boards. So either you’re shootin’ crap, or you’re day-dreamin’ like me on the table.

Thnx for sihrang this info ! i wz reading something similar to this on another web but this looks better infct

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