Unreal Tournament Hacks

Posted on February 10, 2006. Filed under: games, tech talk |

Does anybody some good UT GOTY hacks. I’m looking for one that unlocks the boss skin without having to comlpete the game. Please help ?


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34 Responses to “Unreal Tournament Hacks”

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I’ve found the hack that I needed though here it is…
Boss skin

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the “user.ini” file in the game directory. Add the following lines:


damn you suck!!! how can not beat the game. you fucking suck kid. what a disgrace. return your computer a.s.a.p

Only noobs use the boss skin. Hope you enjoy it.

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Only amateurs cheat, what a chidish thing to do…… Hope your powersupply blows up and takes the whole computer with it 😀

this sight bloows and so duse unreal

cheatin in ut2004 is dumb cuz ill kill u anyways

fuck u guys u dont even kno wut the fuck u guys is talkin bout ut fuckin rocks with or without hacking biiiitchess!!!

You twats need to stop arguing over the internet.

I agree with lol, stop bitching over the internet, its childish.

i am a bad ut goty player i need help to become a godd player how can i train or what tips can you give becasue i really hate cheating

where du i add the thing boss skin

wtf this was made over a year ago you guys are almost as sad as me for paying out a guy that wanted cheats long ago and probly doesnt even know this is still here what is wrong with this world??????????????

Royce Da 5’9″ and Eminem are TRUE hip-hop… FUCK that lame-ass Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy and New Boyz gbgraae.

how can someone capture the flag without fuckin touchin the flag?

how can someone capture the flag without fuckin touchin the flag??

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hey you bunch of faggots, UT is the best game online ever and cheat all you can to win


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Who else tiknhs that Royce’s flow is becoming almost a hybrid of Em’s and Royce’s old school flow

I Got an Hack ! (IDK1.0.5d) u can watch the Vid and the Download / How to and other details are in the Description !

Hope i helped ya!


idiot’s the lot of you.

Why doesn’t an admin delete the links to these cheats? Cheats are for scum, real players doesn’t need anything else but skill to win, and you only get skill by playing others who are better than you. So first you die a lot, then you die less and then you get the master yourself! it’s called PRACTICE!!!

ok, i dont wanna cheat, i am looking for any masters of the user.ini, i’d like to set up a ps2 type controler on it, this is mostly for play at home on a screen, through a laptop. the mouse and keyboard leaves me too close to the bigscreen, just wanna feel like i’m on a console. i have three out of four of the axises but getting LookUp command don’t work without giving me drag or spins. anyone anywhere ever make this work?

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enter the line HasBeatenGame=True into the user.ini file

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