Bang,bash and Blood

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Now where to begin ? My life has been so full terrible injuries and extermely dire wounds that I don’t know where to start from. Now the wise-cracker might ask me to begin from the beginning , so I’ll begin from the beginning.

My brother was three years old when he had his first dire injury. We were playing cricket.( I was 6 then ) Me , my brother and another kid. I bowled and the other kid hit the ball hard. I ran backwards for the catch while my little brother stood there like and idiot. ( He was really little then)The result was that I collided magnificiently with him and he fell on his head. He started to bleed and I had no idea what to do. He began crying after seeing all the blood and I put my hand over the wound to stop the serious bleeding. The kid went and called my parents and he was taken to the doctor. Fortunately he wasn’t stitched.

I was 9 and it was the year 1999. I had 3 dramatic accidents that year and each one nearly damaged my eyes. We were playing cricket.ME and some other kids of my building. One of them hit the ball into the garage. I and another kid went to retrieve it. We went to a car and collected the ball.Now this kid fiddled with the car and opened it’s rear windshield ! Unaware of what he was doing , I turned carrying a bat on my shoulders. The result was that my bat hit the windshield and it shattered spraying glass everywhere. One tiny little piece scratched my eye and it immediately started burning. I was taken to the hospital and had to take eye-drops for a long time.
Later in the same year my right eyelash was nearly cut in half due to a collision with a pillar. It was totally unexpected but I was lucky. And exactly after 3 months my left eyelash was hurt in a similar fashion. :0 Unbelievable ain’t it.
But it doesn’t end there. I was 12 when my next big injury happened. I almost cracked my skull. It was 2nd of April and school had just re-opened. I was taking a stroll with my friends during break time and some senior students were throwing stones at mangoes to collect them. One of these stones came whizzing and landed on my head.I felt an impulsive pain like had never felt before. And immediately the matron was summoned and I was patched up. SIX stiches , I had SIX stiches on that wound. The entire back of my shirt was covered in blood and I was suspended for the next week.

There is still more……….

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7 Responses to “Bang,bash and Blood”

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Woah… that’s a lot of accidents you’ve had there… take care of yourself dude! And get some good sleep too… what’s your name?

Well if you must know it’s Saurav

🙂 keep fightin against odds.. i guess nature is now frustrated on its attempt on hurtin ya and given up 🙂

“Me , my brother and another kid.”

Wise people like me *ahem* would agree that the grammatical representation of that sentence is incorrect …

Well an easier way to explain is the put the donkey at the back…….. !! 😉

Hint : Your brother or the “other kid” arent donkeys !! 🙂

Saurav, nice. You are not by chance our deprived *ahem*ex-captain are you?

And CD, we all you are way too good in English…. 85 with your teacher is good enough and come on give the poor guy a chance to make his grammatical mistakes.

And dude, you seem to be very injury prone. I mean, you almost lost your eyes in that same year 4-5 times. That wasn’t the chinese year of the eye was it?

I guess compared to you I’ve not had much accidents……..

chinese year of the eye ? 😆 never heard it 😛 perhaps it was…

nah.. more like chinese year of the blood. 😉

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