Right wings and love wings.

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My Valentines day was lousy as usual 😦  , I didn’t have the guts to ask anyone out. But the newspaper was really interesting.It was full of right wing extremists in India trying to stop Valentine’s Day. And as usual they were unsuccesful. There were photos of Muslim women burning Valentine’s Day cards saying that it is not a part of our culture. Yeah Right. Then there were the Shiv Sena fartholes raiding card and gifts shops all over Mumbai and Delhi and destroying V day cards.They were all ranting about ,”Our society shoul not be stained with such vulgar practices.” Ummm excuse me , but did I hear the word vulgar. Isn’t our country the one where Krishna and Radha were lost in hours of love on the banks of the Yamuna river? From when did love become vulgar? Political prats care about nothing but polls , but if they don’t stop intefering in the private lives of the Indian masses then they will be full of holes.

Where would have we been today if it was not for love..? And here we have some idiots trying to stop Valentines Day. Of course they can’t. Some senile old men don’t have the cunning to stop the raging hormones and greycells of lovers. Now coming over to Moral Policing.If I ever heard a load of rubbish then it was Moral Policing. The Policemen roam around parks and other popular public places to stop lovers from meeting there. AS if they could.The only reaseon given the cops as an explanation for their answers is that they older people find couples holding hands in parks as indecent.Indecent my foot! They just can’t bear the sight of people in love when their own spouses are bossing them at home. 😉 No matter how hard they try they can’t put down love. No sir they can’t.

Oh and by the way , If any girl between 15 to 16 is willing to be my valentine then you are welcome. To know more about me just read my blog. 😉

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22 Responses to “Right wings and love wings.”

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well said! It always amazes me just how much real love tends to frighten some people. Perhaps it is because real love can’t be controlled. Again, well said.

The power of love is great. ” …it contains a force that is at once more powerful and terrible than death. It is that power ,which you posses in such quantities Harry…..”,Dumbledore said.

Wow … your wingnuts make our wingnuts sound downright rational. Which is kinda scary….

Ron and I don’t usually do much to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but God help the poor schlep who tries to tell me we can’t.

The whole holiday has kind of lost its romance here, at least for me. The advertising industry tries to make women feel as if the men in their lives don’t really love them if they don’t send them roses on Valentine’s Day, so of course the women get mad if the men forget to send flowers.

Not coincidentally, roses that cost $10 to $50 any other time of year start at $60 and go up to $120 or more around Valentine’s Day. It’s very manipulative … and not really very romantic, when you think about it. If Ron buys me flowers on Valentine’s Day just to keep me from getting mad, how is that any different than taking out the trash or picking up his socks? It’s much more romantic to me when I come home on an ordinary day and find he’s gone out of his way to do something nice for me that I wasn’t expecting.

When we were dating, we played a game at Valentine’s Day: We would try to come up with the most romantic present we could think of for less than $5. We had to get pretty creative to come up with something, but it made the gift more meaningful, because it took some thought — it wasn’t prepackaged.

Don’t worry too much about the girlfriend situation. Like everything else worth having, she’ll show up when you aren’t looking for her. I know. I’ve been there and done that. I didn’t have a boyfriend until I was 23. Couldn’t get a date to save my life. But in the interim, I spent my time wisely: I focused on school and career, and I paid attention to my friends’ mistakes so I wouldn’t repeat them in my own relationships.

Which proved to be rather efficient … that boyfriend I met when I was 23 has now been my husband for six and a half years.

We won’t talk about what an old fart that makes me. 😉

Hear hear. I’m concentrating on my studies right now too. So it’s a great joy to know that I’m not alone.
By the way what do I do about my Marigold plants.

But V Day is kinda stupid in a way ! I mean how can you love a person more only on feb 14th !! Its a complete marketing gimmick. Love should be from the heart –> Not celebrated as an annual festival … but well, whatever makes people happy ! 😀

V day isn’t about loving a person for a day. It’s about cherising the feeling of being special; to someone.

V day is a mass marketing campaign that, IMO, is the most unromantic day of the year!!

As for a GF – it’ll happen when it happens, and once it does it brings a whole host of problems with it. LOL! No, seriously though, just let things flow along and eventually you’ll meet someone.

And if you do don’t be afraid to say it. The worst thing that can happen is she says No, thanks. Take it from me – better to know than to spend your life wondering!

heard ya loud and clear.

Hey… don’t worry about getting a Valetine… who needs one when you’ve got all of us as your buddies!? We know you’re smart, clever and a cool person 😀 , and that’s the only thing that matters… But if you really desperately do want a Valentine, I think Roxanne is right. When you get a GF, it has to be spontaneous… you know, it just has to click … like it could be the kind where love blossoms from an unforgettable friendship… so that is, if you REALLY DO like a gal and you’re mature enough to handle a relationship… try asking her if she’ll be your Valentine (not just for the sake of V – Day, to show you really like her! Love is something that should prevail all year round and not just on V – Day!)… and chances are, if she’s the romantic type, she just might say yes! So… good luck and a belated Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey … posted a reply on your marigold situation over on my blog. If it doesn’t show up, yell, and I’ll do a separate post on the care and feeding of marigolds. Which were, for the record, the first flowers I ever grew. Mom and I planted some when I was about 5. I thought harvesting the seeds off of them was the coolest thing I’d ever done. As I think about it, harvesting seeds off something I grew myself is *still* among the coolest things I’ve ever done….

Talking about marigolds , they turned out be their annual deathday. Nothing that I can do about it.Their time has come. Thanks for your help though. I’d love it if you post something on the care of marigolds. Thanks a lot! 🙂

Try beer on a Valentine day, now that’s my sweet love. The girls might come and go at this stage of my college life; the beer’s always there for me to replenish the source within. But are you of legal age yet? If not, then never mind 😉

ha ha ha. I’m a teetotaller.

Great article man.. Love is year along but this is just a special occasion to express your love, tis all. Not to love more.

And hear hear.. Vulgar Practices… The world’s second largest population is being advertised all over…

Dude welcome to the club guys-having-no-galfriends. I guess we should start a group we will have nice response. Anyways if u still get worried about asking gals out leave it yaar its useless time waste think of ur friends and be with ur friends rather than some gal who wont want u to talk to ur friends. Remember friends will always be there rather GFs or BFs and a secret i dont trust that lot.
Disclaimer: If any gals read my comment then it is not to be taken seriously by u

right you are. As one of my best friends observes. ( She’s a girl but not my GF )” Boys are a waste of time..” and I tell her that ” Girls are a waste of time too.”

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