What’s in a cartoon ?

Posted on February 17, 2006. Filed under: harry potter, Teen life |

OK the blogging world is abuzz with the Mohammed cartoon fiasco. Being an active blogger , I thought I’d have my say. First of all the cartoon depicted Prophet Mohammed holding his hands in his head and saying that

it is hard to be loved by fools

A disastrous thing to say. Look what’s happened now. People of Muslim majority countries burning down the Danish Embassies. The violence was particularly pronounced in Pakistan and Indonesia.
I say , what was the need of publishing that cartoon. Couldn’t the newspaper people see that it would hurt religious sentiments ? If this is the result of freedom of expression then , damn it, control what you express. Then after a few days some other weekly humour tabloid printed that cartoon again. What are they trying to prove ? The muslims on the other hand did not need to resort to violence. They are other ways of having revenge. They could have printed a cartoon depicting other religions in a similar position , but no! They had to burn , hit and destroy. If you ask me then muslims take their religion a bit too seriously.


According to some recent developments , a big muslim newspaper has started a contest for the best cartoon depicting Jesus Christ in a similar position. I’m not going to take sides. But a parting message –


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10 Responses to “What’s in a cartoon ?”

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Most of the people arguing about Mohammed cartoons forget the main thing. I haven’t seen the cartoons and I don’t know what do they like. But I know it is forbidden to draw Mohammed figures in Islam. These cartoons doesn’t respect that. That’s the main problem.
By publishing these cartoons they want to deform Islam, it is unacceptable! Resort to violence could not be revenge but also printing cartoons depicting other religions in a smilar position isn’t the best way to show reaction.I think this problem can only be solved by ethical behaviour, Muslims must express themselves and their religion in a correct way.

American pop culture has twisted around with many religons, including Christianity. This response from some people in Islamic states is completely unwarranted.

two wrongs don’t make a right. this behaviour only shows the crassness that many people have (not just muslims, but other people too) and their mentality that revenge is the only solution to illustrate their point.

but it’s not going to work. these muslims are just reflecting poorly on their own religion – for a religion that preaches pacifism, i don’t suppose this violence is either warranted or necessary.

As Mahatma Gandhi said. ” Non-violence and negotiation is the best approach to strife”

ah how they love to burn the U.S. flag, and they’ve been doing it for a while. those cartoons were just an excuse to burn down our flag, which can be considered by some patriotic Americans to be ‘sacred’.

ARen’t you patriotic ?

Teen, I think you’re getting your wires crossed. The cartoon of “it’s hard to be loved by fools” was printed in a French publication *after* all the riots over the Danish cartoons. It was a reaction from the rioting, and most appropriate, IMO.

We walk a fine line in journalism. When there’s a big uproar about an image, our readers want to see the image, to find out what all the fuss was about. But we have to weigh our options carefully. If an image is likely to incite violence, then we have to think carefully and determine whether our readers’ need to see that image is so great that it is worth endangering people’s lives. Sometimes it is. As an editor, I personally feel that in this case, public safety concerns far outweighed the public’s need to see the images. I also think it was in extremely poor taste to print cartoons insulting a religion without a very good reason for doing so — and I saw no such reason.

That said, I think it’s a shame that some people have chosen to react to the cartoons in such a violent fashion. Returning hate for hate is never productive and only reinforces the negative stereotypes that some people have about Islam.

me patriotic? ah only on an occasion, but not all the time. but when it comes to terrorism, yeah i’m patriotic.

Well it’s made a dirnefefce to me. People need a place to think things through and get together with others who are doing that. When I was younger there was nothing like this and it was a very longely journey.Thanks David, whatever you decide to do.

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