Oops Islam does it again.

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So this what my Technorati search for Islam popped up. As you can clearly see , terrorism has been suggested as a related search! Well that’s not unexpected because more than 70% of all terrorist groups are muslims and they call their inhman acts of terror as jihad or the Holy War. If that is a Holy War then my grandfather was a 200 ft high alien. They are making their religion a scapegoat for their selfish reasons.I’ve even heard that some villagers in Afghanistan regard Osama bin Laden as a saint , who was born to free the muslims! To those people I’d like to say that saints DON’T kill. Osama does , so he can’t be a saint. India is full of such extremist groups, particularly in Kashmir. The Lashkar-e-Toiba was responsible for a series of bomb blasts in a crowded market area in New Delshi as recently as last December. The main , Abdul-Tariq Dar, was prosecuted but we still don’t have enough evidence.

These terrorists go on ranting about jihad and freedom and god knows what else , thereby gaining popularity in countries like Afghanistan etc. They have the support of the local population and so they can hide effectively and at the same time are taken care of by the local people. Here in Kashmir , the terrorists frighten the local muslims who truly understand Islam and know that these terrorists use their pious religion as a cover for there inhuman activities.

What do they get by killing,ripping and murdering? What do they get by defaming their religion? It is because of them that a certain Danish cartoonist dared to draw Prophet Mohammed in an embarresing form.


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36 Responses to “Oops Islam does it again.”

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How dare you.. *Takes out my shotgun*.. Actually not! What I meant was that you are going way too anti-muslim here.. Sometimes it’s better saying nothing than something which hurts others.

If you read carefully then I am not going anti-muslim, I am abusing the terrorists who defame islam.

Hmm, I would have to respectfully disagree with Chrono Cr@cker. Too many people these days say nothing in case it’s not PC enough, and far too many young people just ignore what’s going on in the world.

Good to see some concise, thought out arguments, teen!

BTW, I linked to your site on my blogroll. 🙂

Yeah dude i wud say just keep a check i mean u have been posting too many religious stuff i dont say u said anything against any religion but just keep a bit check on the flame wars which may start becoz of this. I have seen that on many blogs also i dont think Chrono was seriously saying it.

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Ok I want to clarify a few things. My views are entirely neutral and I take full responsibility if it hurts anyone. I AM NOT TRYING TO DEMONISE ISLAM , THE TERRORISTS AND MEDIA DO THAT.
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