Yahoo , I’m there.

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Finally after months of effort I got 91.86% in my pre-boards . Here’s my scorecard.

MATHS – 95/100

SCIENCE – 66/75

SST – 72/80

ENGLISH – 91/100

SANSKRIT – 94/100

But if you do have time you could browse some of my photos. Click here 

OK guys can I have some feedback on the new theme , please? 

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18 Responses to “Yahoo , I’m there.”

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Hey… awesome marks! My average is around the same too… 😦 … But keep it up buddy! Since the Board correction is so lenient, you can expect 94 and above as your average there… And the link to your photos is not working, just so you know… and keep updating your blog whenever you can… my Internet time is limited so I’ll blog whenever I can too… so keep checking! Rock on and chill out!!

Dunno what you are talking about. The link works fine.

It’s my flickr account.

Hey never mind Bob (I dunno what else to call you…) … your link works just fine… so take it easy then… and good luck for your Boards… peace out!!

Hey I’m cool.

Hey… that was a FAST reply to my first message! Pretty cool!

Good job on All.

all work makes teen smart eh? good going

Smart teen! Ahem!! Anyways, nice marks , wow! English 91. Keep it up! I’m kinda still bummed out that they cut .5 mark for me in SST, for nothing.


Bravo for you! And that cloud shot on your picture page is just stunning.

I took that picture after I sneaked from the resort where we were staying. My mum went berserk after she found where I had been to.

P.S.: The new theme looks good. I considered it for my blog, but it didn’t seem to fit. I’m test-driving Girl in Green over on my blog. My browser at work choked on it a little bit (though not as badly as it did with Regulus), but I sent feedback, so hopefully they’ll work out the bugs. It had all the stuff I wanted and seemed to fit. The girl even looks a little bit like me … or, y’know, like I’d look if I’d lay off the Reese cups and hit the gym a little more often. 😉

heard ya loud and clear. You know cleximus suggested thayt i use thayt theme..?

Dude teh gal theme was meant for boysrather than gals anyways i have never seen that good scorecard in 16 years of my life i never seem to rise above average that is why we are called the underdogs but this dog never has its own day. HAHA Nice job study well for ur boards also ur headphones made me think you look too old for ur age the headphones confused me. HEHE

I hate headphones. They increase the bacteria in the ear by 700%. I prefer speakers. Mine are 1500 WATTS.

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