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I must admit I am impressed with Googlepages. Yes entirely impressed. It’s the easiest way to create a webpage and all you need is a Gmail id. My readers will know that I have a Gmail id , infact I have 3.  Google has simplified the entire process of webpage creation. Armed with a powerful WYSIWYG editor and the choice of over hundreds of themes , Googlepages is all set to take on the likes of Tripod and Geocities and of course win. Come to think of it , I haven’t seen the Google people on the losing side at all ! Well of course we have some promising contenders under development. Kosmix for one. Well the technology is not yet perfected and sometimes the entire software crashes. My first attempt was a disaster the entire webpage crashed and I had to start from scratch. But if you think that you have outgrown WSIWYG editing and can code your own web-page then Google allows that too.

Just take your curosr to the portion that you want to edit and click on " Edit HTML" at the end of the sidebar. It has someother nifty features as well. You can choose your font size, color and insert pictures. You can even upload any file you want. For my part , I am going to put up some greasemonkey scripts.But like Tripod , Googlepages falls short of one thing and that is WWW registration. Your site pops up if you type but if you type , then a 404 error pops up. It is the same with Tripod , but the advantages of using Googlepages are apparent. First you have no annoying ads on your site and the tools are simpler. Go ahead create your own site , visit Googlepages


Um yeah that’s what my site looks like. Click here to visit my site.

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14 Responses to “Google Pages.”

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[…] So what are others saying:: Teen seems to be really excited. Basement thinks this will be mis-used like GBase. Google Blogoscoped gives a very honest review of it. Nik thinks it’s another G Failure. Lifehacker thinks it’s decent like me. […]

HAha dude you have gone to become simple nice it looks nice

I tried out googlepages a little before going to school this morning, and so far it looks cool. I especially like that it doesn’t have ads or anything like that. I don’t think I’ll be using it though I wish my friends would stop using freewebs and tripod, and start using googlepages instead!

[..]Teen on the other hand was quite different and liked it, it seems the reactions are mixed.[..]

This looks like it could start the death of the silly freewebs site I made a while back. Since I dont really need another blog, I’ll probably end up using it so I can central my web activity. I dont really want to buy a domain, so this looks like a good place to link to the rest of my sites out there and hold onto some content that doesnt belong elsewhere.

After checking the site to set up my own, they said the influx of users has put it down and they cant allow new users on it now. So I guess my blog on this will come whenever I can sink my teeth in. Oh well.

It’s a conundrum, can’t even find it in the dictionary.
Will we be taken over by the face-it, coprupt, my way or the Highway, or go for imagining a new world? Or some semblance of an older one?
You have good Qwestions Teen.

I am spreading word about it to my friends. Google pages uses a simplified AJAX interface. And it is simply amazing.

You have got a mail in your gmail account check it.
Beep Beep……

been there done that

Google Pages don’t support Javascript.

The popular Googlepages , page creation system based on an AJAX interface by Google doesn’t support Javascript. This is really unexpected because Google has always been different and provided premier services , the best has been 2GB of storage fo…

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