Why Cheney , why ?

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” Vice President , Dick Cheney accidentally shoots supermodel”

What was the need of going on a hunting trip , I say. And that too with supermodel Luke Coughlan in the group. They went in pursuit of animals but Luke got sprayed in the face and chest with shotgun pellets. Thankfully , Luke’s condition is stable, according to the Hospital spokesperson.Cheney was using a 28-gauge shotgun and that Coughlan was about 30 yards away when he was hit in the cheek, neck and chest.

According to Cheney , he didnot see Luke ! ( eye rolls) Yeah it’s very difficult to see a person if they are wearing fluroscent orange jackets , isn’t it. Did anybody know that they were hunting women. Maybe Cheney thought that Luke was a woman. Cheney says that Luke came in the line of fire. Did anybody know that there’s a rumor that Cheney shot him just because he was more attractive and was the best contender to get the game!

I also hear that Cheney is an avid hunter. Whatever happened to anti-poaching laws ?

Well we all know what Cheney likes to hunt. Male supermodels! But America’s problems will be solved if Cheney and Bush go on a terrorist hunting game. Terrorists have a curious affinity for Bush , so Cheney will shoot Bush because he was the best contender for the game. What’s that hum? Must be America praying for Bush to go on a hunting trip with Cheney.

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12 Responses to “Why Cheney , why ?”

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Cheney is a shrpshooter.

Vice President , Dick Cheney accidentally shoots supermodel What was the need of going on a hunting trip , I say. And that too with supermodel Luke Coughlan in the group. They went in pursuit of animals but Luke

Cheney’s chance to become a hero.

So the abominable Vice-President shot a sweet supermodel. Who the hell cares! Tell me how does it affect the policies of the USA , how does it change the laws of nature. You idiots at the administration care about nothing other than you selfish couches…

Hey… this is the funniest, most whacked thing I’ve heard in ages… totally… I wonder which supermodel Dick Cheney’s gonna ‘target’ next… plus have they filed any charges against Dick Cheney?

no they say it was an accident. But I know better. * frowns darkly*

Uhuh… but imagine if anyone else had committed the same ‘accident’ … like Cheney … would they have been let off the hook that easy? Puh-lease…

You’ve got a point.

cheney shot a lawyer, not a supermodel
don bleev me?
check out
harry whittington
type his name in wikipedia
and don bleev sppof sites
and btw, harry whittington is one of cheney’s close frends

This is a spoof article if you might have noticed

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