Just what I needed , a scare before my exams.

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Ok so the boards are only six days away and there is hysteria evrywhere I look. Kids freaking out and collpasing, articles on how to perform better in the board exams are available in newspapers on almost a daily basis. If you take time to read these articles you will realise that the person who wrote that is a shallow brained,humongous idiot who never got more than 50% in his board exam. These articles end up doing exactly the opposite of the tagline says. I’ll clarify….. The article claims that it will give you tips in helping to reduce stress and nervousness but at the end you end up feeling more nervous and scared then ever before. And some of those tips are entirely useless and impractical. 😡

Today is Friday and I got the Education Express supplement with today’s Indian Express. The cover article was titled as “Board Games” and it was written by Rekha Borgohain Dixit. This article was full of self contradictions and it was pretty scary for a student who will appear his board exams on March 2. Now coming back to the spotlight, by the time I was half through the article I was so thoroughly scared that I pictured getting horrible marks even after a lot of practice. But as I said, the article was so full of self contradictions that I was laughing by the end of it , having realised that this article was a waste of time and paper. Some quotes from the article………

The first haunting line – In case you find something too difficult , it’s best to leave it and take chances with the exam

What!? 😮 Take chances with the exam , you are out of your mind lady. You must sort out your priorities.

It’s no use mugging up chapters at this stage….

Oh yeah then I think you don’t want to pass your Social Science exam.

When you ultimately write the exam,you have t quickly decide how much time to devote to each section…You must be smart enough to adapt yourself to any surprises that the question paper will ultimately throw up.

The lady says that the students of India are dumbasses. 😡 By the way if she would have looked a little she might have noticed that she is scaring her innocently frustrated fifteen year old reader. This was the line that spooked me the most. She is saying that the question paper will throw up unkind surprises and that we are dumb enough not to notice it. Lady ,the question paper has as many surprises as ice-cream in outer space. And in the past three years unkind surprises are very few.This line was entirely demoralising and almost destroyed all my research on board question patterns.

Then she went on to emphasize the importance of the board exam and how it is the starting of a good carrer and bright future. She finally ended up the horror of an article by writing…..

Just remeber,the board exams are not the be-all and end-all of life.Not all big toppers we know were board toppers. Many were academically average…

She blew up the entire point of that article in the last line. Why waste your ink when all you want to say is the last line…? Waht do you think people?

Thanks for the Userbar Karthik.


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173 Responses to “Just what I needed , a scare before my exams.”

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Yea everyone’s been calling and wishing me luck for the exams … only now do i realise tht they are just 6 days away … these articles are pretty crazy … you should read Education Plus – the articles there are hilarious … but there’s a new column called where students ask the CBSE people a few doubts regarding syllabus and question patterns…thats interesting , informative and advantageous…atleast we needn’t waste time over a chapter that isnt included at all !!

Anyway, Alll the very best for the upcoming Boards….lets hope we all do well !! 🙂

Thanks Sumi and best of luck to you too.

You meant Suchi right ? 😛 …. Sumi is “Dazzling Daydreams” …. confusion confusion ….. 😀

Thanks for the correction. It’s really confusing

Haha, hope you get a slap next. But anyways all the best, it’s getting scary just 5.5 days away now but I dunno why I feel not so scary and quite relaxed. This scares me more than the Board itself. All the best everyday and the Column in EP is illuminating.

Funny article, should read the full of it.

Yeah you should.

HAha you all guys seem to be fired up and as teen you said dont even bother to look at those paper articles they are nothing more than useless. Also Best of luck to you. Do well i m sure you will though

My advice:

Just keep a steady studying pace, don’t think too far ahead and try not to read too many of those freaky articles because they’ll only stress you out. Exams *aren’t* the be-all and end-all, but they’re important to you right now.

Good luck all of you! Stay calm, don’t study too hard or you’ll wear yourselves out and party hard when it’s all over!! 😉

Thanks Roxanne. I sure will party hard when this is over. LAN PARTY.

Hey… I am Sumi… and I want to say… best of luck for all you guys… do great in the Boards! And like Shre said… we just HAVE to party hard when they get over! I just can’t wait!

Best of luck to you too.

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