Is this the beginning of World War 3 ?

Posted on February 25, 2006. Filed under: ANGUISH, emotions, Teen life, Wars |

The violence over the Muhammed Cartoons has still not abated. The wounds are still raw in Pakistan and the injuries have just started here in India. A lot of violence was seen in Hyderabad last week. Students throwing stones at Government buildings and why…? Just because the Indian Government though it best to remain neutral on this issue. But all this violence has finally forced them to take a stance and blimey what a funny stance it is. The government condemned the cartoons saying it was ," an insult to the pious muslims , but it was not reason enough for all the violence…". But in case anyone hasn’t noticed , the muslim people of West Asia are very sensetive. They cried because their God was insulted! I mean , Muhammed was a Prophet , not a God. But still that doesn’t justify the violence. I scoured the web for what others think and found a very scathing commentery on Zipperfish. One of their popular toon scather called Reginold.

It was the most insulting thing I had ever heard. I never thought that racism was so vivid in America. 😡 I am with all the muslims who have to endure a lot in other nations because of the extremist activites of their West Asian counterparts. Reginold represents the mood of America ~ as a popular blogger said. HOLY SHIT !:x If they keep up this attitude then maybe they are calling their own doom. Yeah I know the counter reactions on the Right to expression and free-speech. But that doesn’t mean you can go on insulting other cultures. Remeber 9/11 , maybe the people do remeber 9/11 and are enjoying their revenge. But why should the entire muslim population be demonised becasue of some Muslim terrorists who only do one thing best…..DESTROYING THINGS. Come to think of it , WW2 was fought because of the ill handling of the Jews , then is this the beginning of WW3 because of an insulting Danish cartoon..?



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20 Responses to “Is this the beginning of World War 3 ?”

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I agree. Maybe we are heading for WW3

maybe we are
this and the iran thing
adding fuel to the fire
but ww3 would be nothing compared to bird flu
if a pandemic did occur

I wouldnt say that Reginold represents America’s stance on the issue. That cartoon represents a group of people who do exist out of racism, but is hardly a majority. It is sad that these stereotypes still exist, but thats the way the world is, maybe in the future it will change.

well.. we are all guilty of our own ignorance. that’s about all I got to say.

Very good job teen.

I don’t think we’re heading WW3… that’s a little beaten about the bush I suppose. And we might even survive bird flu. But I don’t think the contemporary course of the ‘world affairs’ is too good. We really have to overcome the violent oil-thirst and those stupid stereotypes of racism.

As with all cultures, the United States has its share of people who shoot off their mouths first and ask questions later (or don’t bother asking questions at all). Those individuals do not, thank God, reflect the views of the majority.

As long as people insist upon meeting violence with violence, we will have these kinds of situations. Love is the only effective antidote to hate. Always has been. Always will be.

It is the same here in India too.

i agree … America is trying to exploit the middle east only for his selfish reason.. hes going on killing innocent people who has not done harm to America… but looks like this will end soon.. the west is not understanding that they are creating thousands and thousands of osama’s by killing innocent people.. its time when the world power will flip over.

Are you an American ?

I think you are wrong to be neutral on this issue. Have you seen the cartoons in questions? You can see all 12 of them here on my blog. Most of them are perfectly innocent. Now, I understand that Muslims cannot draw the likeness of the prophet Mohammed. However, we non-Muslims have the right to draw whatever we like and trying to intimidate us will only provoke us to draw more cartoons. The Muslims cannot win this battle. Internet is too vast and everybody can post those cartoons anonymously. We can never be stopped!

Yes, but I prefer to remain neutral.

are yu sure in neutrality?
it is human nature to be swayed by emotions.ya,you may not do anything ,but somewhere in yur heart you must support one group?

I hate islamic terrorists

terrorists are hated my everybody except a few who need medical attention.

One more thing,the government are following the route all politicians talk a lot and not mean a thing.


Soon dozens of nuclear weapons will be used in Iran, chemical weapons will be launched against Israel, millions will die!


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