Tammy tries to be Paris Hilton.

Posted on February 26, 2006. Filed under: comedy, funny, funny article, humour, Teen life |

From what I gather Tammy tried to become Singapore’s Paris Hilton by making a video of her making it out with her boyfriend. Tammy is a sweet 17 year old girl who was shot having sex with her boyfriend by a friend on a mobile phone. The video then made it to the internet and Tammy became very popular. Tammy says that she had no idea that the video was taken but we all know that Paris Hilton was just that other blonde before her sex video started doing the rounds of the internet.

Singapore laws are strict about underage sex. And Tammy Nyp was 17 , she’s in for some big time trouble. Tammy what was the need of screwing your boyfriend at school? Look where it’s landed you. Is there a lesson to be learnt from this…..

Yes their is and that lesson is – Sex at sixteen and seventeen can be injurious to your reputation if shot by a jealous kid having a video phone. 

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33 Responses to “Tammy tries to be Paris Hilton.”

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Dude I am too embarresed to comment isshh
Naah just joking SO this happens when you dont go with rules

the whole world is searching for the clips, go visit [ site URL has been moderated ] and download the clips for free!

Wow,…. Teen your post is there in the Top Posts of WordPress. Keep it up dude… So this is what the tammy thing is all about eh! I know you watched the video teen, don’t lie… Kidding! But you’d better edit Ron’ s comment if you want this to be PG friendly!

Camera phones are teh tools of the devil! if not used properly that is. Remember the MMS thing!

Wow I had 762 hits to my blog yesterday.

Ron I’m not into porn.
Some people like your wife might not like it if you started giving out l.inks.

[…] P.S A Special congrats to teen for making into the WP Top posts though I would’nt recommend the post. (Warning :: PG-13 + Post) […]

Hi I’m Landon…Like the blog look and feel.

just a doubt teen?paris is the heir to a big fortune.wasnt she known before?

Have you ever been to ‘you tube’? they let you host videos there and you can hotlink them on your blogs. it’s really cool and you don’t have to bandwidth on the videos, cause its free.


Buon luogo, congratulazioni, il mio amico!

man i wanna watch her video

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