Tammy found dead in bathroom.

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I donot have much to say excepting that all the publicity got to her head and she killed herself.

Want to listen to me singing Tanha Dil , click here oh and do tell me how it was.

Like I said Sex at sixteen and seventeen is harmful not only to your reputation but also to your life.

But check out this newspaper image……


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42 Responses to “Tammy found dead in bathroom.”

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This is probably Shaan’s best song so far…. a few words seemed wrong 😛 … mitthi ki kushboo aayi….PALKO (not aankhon) mein aansu layi … palko mein reh jayega yaadon ka jahaan… Well, anyway nice singing 😉

Thanks for the correction.

either way it means eyes

“Palko” comes from “Palak” which means “eyelashes”….Aankhon is eyes…… “palko” is eyelashes 🙂

Yeah but still near the eyes

u sing well. gr8!

Lord, I just read your first tammy post and now this one. I feel sorry for the Tammy girl, and I think it’s so unfair how there hasn’t been that much talk about the guy as with her. And, I hope the girl who filmed the thing feels very good about herself!

You sing beautifully by the way 😛 😀

That guy was on Vigra. Poor Tammy !

That guy was apparently on Viagra. After he shot into Tammy, his dick is still standing.

Tammy shot the video on her cell phone and it was nicked by her rival.

I don’t think it was suicide… If so TEEN you are responsible for it, you and other bloggers posting stuff like this!

no you idiot. Tammy is responsible for her own death. What kind of an idiot shoots herself having sex with her boyfriend?

): haha i suppose it’d be stupid declaring that the headlines are false.

Is this for real? Has Tammy killed herself or is this sick bullshit?


I think it’s sick bullshit. The NEw Paper layout looked like that, like, 10 years ago.

The header font just looks fake.

Posted on David, splimy beautiful photos and so inspiring. I’m glad you have this opportunity to explore Jesus’ home. Bless yuu.

Rather than the header fonts i guess the fonts informing her death are truly fake as you might notice they dont go well with the background

Also Teen great work dude one more post to top ten that also about same girl. You are too good dude

Hey teen, do you have a link to the online news of her death?

is that image shot real or a joke hoax you came up with?

and no sir, i don’t think its her fault.
Poor girl.

It’s obviously fake because of the glaring grammatical mistake: “Police believed…” It should be “Police believe…”


[…] Wo ist Bill, hat H5N1 ihn etwa auch erwischt? Georg kann nicht sprechen seitdem er Bill und Tammy im Sex-Video sah. Er hatte sich an einem NYP Download verschluckt und liegt seitdem auf der Intensivstation. Ganz Singapore versinkt in Chaos und Panik seit dem Hartz5N1 hier das erste Opfer gefordert hat, ausgerechnet Tammy hat es getroffen.War das die Strafe Rumsfelds oder Cheneys? Oder hatte sie die Gefühle von noch exotischeren Göttern verletzt?Man weiß es letztendlich nicht. This entry is filed under Multimedia VideoBlog, Vlog Fettisch!. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Leave a Reply […]

what a sick fake.

Like I said…. BITE ME.

“Like I said Sex at sixteen and seventeen is harmful not only to your reputation but also to your life.”

Why not? I lost my virginity at 15 🙂

That’s good.

shes still livin
n will keep humpin

wut shity job u did with that on photoshop
that news paper pic
omfg who is sstupid enough to belive that shit

wut a shity ass job
and try harder in your english class
cuz wtf is “house’s”

That’s a shame. No one should be killing themselves. I bet the suicide rate will only get higher and higher.

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Don’t look back, the lemmings are gaining on you.

That’s a shame. No one should be killing themselves. I bet the suicide rate will only get higher and higher.


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Please Lah.. Look at the phone number.. the 6 is missing too!

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[…] I got it from here – teen.wordpress.com Please tell me this is bullshit. Still waiting on word from Singapore and I gotta get some […]

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