Google India Code Jam 2006 goes online.

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I had registered my self in Code Jam 2005 but could not participate because I was underage and I still am , but I got this e-mail from the Google people inviting me to participate in Code Jam ’06. Here’s the email….

As a participant of past Code Jams, we thought you would be interested
in hearing about Google Code Jam India, Powered by TopCoder. This
exciting competition puts you head-to-head with some of the best coders.
Take this opportunity to contend for prize money galore, because Google
is giving away Rs. 1,500,000 in cash and prizes. You may not only win
money, but a prospect to land a job for the future.

Registration is now open for the competition and will remain open
through March 20, 2006 at 9AM IST (GMT +5:30). Anyone intending to compete in this competition must register for the event through the
registration path that has been set up exclusively for the tournament:

All registrants will then participate in the Qualification Round. The
Qualification Round will be open from March 20 at 12:00PM (Noon) IST
(GMT +5:30) to March 21, 2006 at 12:00PM (Noon) IST (GMT +5:30). During
this 24-hour period, a competitor must complete one randomly generated
problem set. All competitors will be given a score for their
performance on that one problem set.

The top 500 participants from the Qualification Round will advance to Round 1 to be held on March 24 at 5PM IST (GMT +5:30).

The top 50 scorers in Round 1 will win an all-expense paid trip to Bangalore, India to the finals on April 7, 2006 where they will meet Google employees, learn more about Google India and compete for the Rs. 1,500,000 prize purse. Here, they will compete, in-person, in the Championship Round. See the list of prizes here:

Google’s engineering organization is pleased to sponsor this contest and is looking forward to meeting the top performers. Participating in this contest propels you to the front of the line for consideration for open positions in our engineering groups. You are encouraged to submit your resume for immediate consideration for open positions at any time during this competition. Visit for full details.

Best of luck to you in the competition

– The Google Code Jam Team

Ain’t I lucky. 😉

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20 Responses to “Google India Code Jam 2006 goes online.”

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Best of luck pal for CodeJam ’06! 🙂

What all languages can you code dude? And you still are underage….

C , C++ , Python , Perl and Visual Basic

Wow man. I am having a problem in Perl. Can you help me debug it?

And for the record, I quote:
“I am just another teenager working hard to earn his right to be called as a teenage prodigy.”

Listen now buddy. When I was 16, I could program in 7 languages. I made my first computer virus when you were reading multiplication in your school. Now I am just a year older than you are. Ok? The only difference that I don’t say that I am a prodigy. I never said before and I never will. Cause I am not.

There are a lot of guys younger than us who did better things than we did. Or I should say you are doing.

There were kids aged between 9 – 16 years that debugged Windows 98 for Microsoft. So what should they be called? God’s best creation or what?

And as far as I can see it is not important that in how many languages one can program. What matters is the level of proficiency you have in a given language.

You are no where near being called a prodigy. The name doesn’t suit you considering the things that you know. Or the things you write about on your blog.

Keep to the earth. It is good that you can program in 5 computer languages. There are people above you and perhaps younger who can do much better things than you, yet the only difference between you and them being that they don’t consider themselves too high.

Don’t mind though. I didn’t mean any harm. Nor I am offending you. Truth sucks man.

PS: You can forget about the debugging thing. I don’t want ‘prodigy’ coders to debug my codes. I am afraid of them.

A teenage prodigy need not necessarily be an over-intelligent coder , Sukhbir. A teenage prodigy can be one who makes it big with his voice as a singer or an RJ , it can be one who can move the world with a thoughtful film , it can be one who can mesmerise you with his writing. It can be one who wins award for his his photography abilities , one who has attented International Acamdemic Competitions.
A teenage prodigy is definitely anyone with a desire and ambition to make it big and who ultimately makes it big.
You need to get out from that chair in front of your PC and take a look around you. You will be amazed with what you find. Coding isn’t everything.

And besides , talking about Code Jam, I just entered last year to try my luck. I knew that I stood no chance against engineering students and experienced professionals. 😉

Teen I know coding isn’t everything but I can only get computer things into my brains so I think my future will definately be in computers and if I get cooperation in college I will be thinking of opening an college hard rock band, I can be the singer, lyricist, drummer anything.

Anyways goodluck again with your CodeJam competition. 🙂

Good Teen. It is good to know that you appreciate if someone tells you something. You have got your point there.

Keep it up.

Every one has their own points to prove! Right? well i have a question. They beleave our generation is going to be the beginning of the better half. So if we have it in us and they opened their eyes for once and read between the lines instead of over them dont you think they would put up so many bondries? what their problem is, is that they think they know everything and that if a population of teens are out their messing around and getting into trouble all we are is a problem waiting to birst open. If that is the case their judging the book by its cover instead of taking the time to open it and learn something new. Also great minds develope early that is why their are people like us and some people need to realise that all teens arent screw ups. Its not you its them being judgemental because their scared that we will accomplish what we’ve been dreaming about doing since we we’re younglings!

And as far as your comment no. 7 is concerned, you are pretty wrong.

It doesn’t matter what your age is. What matters is how much you know and your aptitude.

My friend’s brother is a graduate from IIT Delhi in Computer Science. I can tell you that he knows nothing. For the world he might be a professional. But he can’t do anything of this sort cause he has no aptitude.

I did not apply for CodeJam cause of my IIT exam in April this year. Once I get free, I will. And remember: age doesn’t matter and nor does the fact from where you studied. What matters is what you know and how deep your aptitude is.

Keep rocking.

Just like Sukhbir said , age doesn’t matter. I have faith in myself and I won’t let anything tussle it up.

Cant enter coz lots of exams in april and decided to do some projs wit my friends instead for ssi

Hi teen,
You guyz suck! You know nothing call urself pro* – i dont even wish to call tat way.

U go to the extent of even some passout of IITD even before u gave ur JEE. Well here is ur JEE result, u flunked sir.

Good Luck with ur blogs for life! :p

hi teen.

whats ur topcoder handle?

How can I participate in this mega game show

follow the link.

hey IITD – have a problem with your confidence levels or something !!! Stop mocking yourself and and him too, whoever he is.

As for the prodigy callers, hey, if you’re prodigies, then good for you ! But does your life end there ??? Just make yourself useful, and then we’ll tell everybody that how you broke carnot’s efficiency… 🙂

its a wonder opertunity every the box and signup now…its freee freeeeee freeee

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sincere regards
carnot team.

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