Microsoft to launch new search engine

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Microsoft has generated a lot of suspense and hype with it’s Project origami and it has already entered it’s second week. But a big question still remains. Will Microsoft ever beat Google? I have been scouring the net for articles regarding recent developments in Microsoft and I found this.

Bill Gates has told Forbes Poland that Google’s honeymoon will go on for no more than two years.While visiting Poland last month, Bill Gates sat down for a chat with the editors of Forbes Poland, Michal Kobosko and Eryk Stankunowicz. Gates discussed Google, said that he sees IBM as Microsoft’s biggest competitor, and addressed the prices of technology stocks as well as his role in and outside of Microsoft.
Gates said that Google has an excellent search engine but said that Microsoft is working on something better. “You will see our response still this year,” he told Forbes Poland. Microsoft is underestimated as far as search concerned.

What is the new technology , well nothing much has been said about it. We will never find out at this stage. But there was a really interesting article in today’s Times of India on Microsoft. Some chosen quotes…..

Microsoft ‘searches’ ahead to better Google engine.

Microsoft will introduce a search engine better than Google in six months in the United States and UK followed by Europe , it’s European president said on Thursday. ” What we are saying is that in six months’ time we’ll be more relevant in the US market place than Google”, said Neil Halloway , Microsoft president for Europe, West Asia and Africa. ” The quality of our search and the relevance of our search from a solution perspective to the consumer will be more relevant”, he told the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit.

The tag line and the riddle like flash animations of the Origami Project have a common saying ” I am everywhere you are”. Doesn’t this sound like a search engine ? Another quote from the article , the very last lines……

For example ,potential home buyers might find a goup of houses with the price range and with the precise amenities they seek. Or a surfer might find a resteraunt with the kind of menu a diner wants in a particular geographic area.

You know what this reminds me of……” I am everywhere you are “.

I am the kind of guy who reads the lines as well as between the lines. I have a knack for finding connections in things as different as a boy and a girl , and this is my muse on the new search engine .Is it bundled together with the Origami Project ? Will it beat Google? All questions answered after 6 months.

Well we are going to know a lot about this Origami Project on the 9th of March. So keep pondering till then and do tell me what you think of my guess.

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9 Responses to “Microsoft to launch new search engine”

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Origami is a portable media device that runs XP Tablet Edition . As for the search engine , best of luck to Microsoft.

Everything MS sucks and this will suck ass too! 😛 They can’t beat Google! 🙂

You don’t know as much about MS as I do pal. Bill Gates is a winner and trust me, google will go down.

No matter how much Microsoft tries, it can never beat Google.

Exactly Sukhbir, they always focus on more profit I cannot understand why. The world is getting anti Microsoft these days and most specifically anti-IE but still People use Windows OS because they dont know Linux and dont have time to learn it. 😛

You know , that’s exactly what people were saying about Netscape when it was established. It was a competetor to Microsoft in almost every field , but what happened in the end, Netscape was thwarted by Microsoft and now is as much popular as a street dog.

Hmm…Interesting! The world is getting Anti-MS certainly and Vista’s in for a lot of bashing these days…. But let’s wait and see

@Teen: How was SST?

A piece of cake. I had set one.

What about the previous post? I think that’s an important note as well.

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