What’s happened to Sonique ?

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Remember Sonique , the cool and handy music playing software from Lycos , well it’s vanished from the web. The last version available was the beta build of version 2. I have the beta version with me. I don’t know what happened , but I deduce that Lycos stopped the development of Sonique. It is really surprising , because Sonique was an amazing music player. The first music player to support over a dozen music formats , it had an eye-catching and easy to use GUI, an amazing colour combination and much much more. Sonique had more downloads in the first week than Winamp 3 , why then would the Lycos people stop the development of Sonique at the beta build of Version 2.

It had a huge fan following , which included me of course. I wanted to download the release version of Sonique 2 but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I Googled , Asked , MSNed , Yahooed and even Dogpiled  but I couldn’t find any concrete information as to the whereabouts of Sonique. I must admit that I was shocked. But then I searched it on the Wayback Machine at Archive.org , the keywords being – "http://sonique.lycos.com/download" , and I found that it was last updated on Feb 6 , 2005. After that there were no updates. Alas , my worst fears were confirmed. Sonique had been killed. For all those who are not blind , this is a screenshot of Sonique 2 – beta….

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23 Responses to “What’s happened to Sonique ?”

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Wikipedia “As of September 30th, 2005, Lycos (now owned by Daum) has removed the Sonique website and appears to have ceased further development of the project.”

sucks doesn’t it?

I never actually sued SOnique but it still sad that it got ceased, anyways now WinAMP is kicking ass and MusicMATCH hurts the ram alot. iTunes is a good player but now the new kid in the block trying to make big is SongBIRD and that player is way too cool! 🙂

I didn’t meant sued but used. 😛

Yeah it does.

Song bird rox. I remember using sonic when i first got internet it came with the internet pack disc. It was good theN . Well i hung on to widows media and forgot about it as many i knew had not even heard it. Mostly i listen to music on foxtunes plug in fireFox or songbird now

Yes , Songbird is nice , but it still needs further development.

Songbird is good but it needs to be developed now till then i am sticking to Foobar2000

Songbird is very buggy.

Sad, sad, sad!
Rest in peace, little precious Sonique!

Real sad thing. Such a good player & such a death. I hope that Lycos will think of developing sonique again…

This is wht I have found about sonique : Feedback from Bits :

Andrew McCann himself stated/requested/pleaded that the leak needed to be stopped (as he was in negotiations to buy Sonique2 from Lycos), the leak could have potentially screwed things. (BTW it was leaked only accidently by Tony Million as he left it in a open dir on his private (yet publically accessible) home server @ http://www.tonymillion.com))

So it was nothing to do with fanboys trying to stop the world getting it.. it was merely holding back the leak until after negotiations had finished..

Secondly, the skin in the leaked alpha was merely a working demo and never intended to even ship with the player.. ever.

Thirdly Lycos sacked all bar Andrew and Ian.. Lycos did not intend to kill Sonique ever.. when Andrew and Ian quit on their own accord, Lycos later decided to locate more people to develop a program they never actually tried to completely kill (they merely needed to cut it back)

Of course all said is only to the best of my knowledge (I was there the hour the alpha was found on Tony’s ftp, I was talking to Tony when he said it was an accident but added (in the direction to the likes of Andrew and co.) “at least someone had the balls to release it” (or something close to that))

I was there when Andrew requested the leak to be stopped as soon as possible as it was potentially making things much worse for Sonique (he said it via the forum, IRC and ICQ, plus his girlfriend at the time Anna did as well, who BTW was the one who originally broke the month long silence about the mass layoff of Team Sonique).

Of course I am not Andrew or Tony or Ian and can’t speak for them. But my story is about 100x closer to what really happened compared to yours (I am confident my version is rather accurate)

To conclude the epic Sonique tale… Tony wrote Tuniac after he left Sonique (http://www.tuniac.com, or for a more recent compile go to http://www.wasteofcash.com/tuniac/ )

Currently we are lazy, and Tony believes he is now a photographer not a programmer. Blur is MIA. Tuniac2 with an OpenGL GUI, SQL database, etc, etc. is like 10% done (and for a month.. or two… has had no updates)

I still rock with my sonique 1 and 2 players!
I also have talked with some of the creators of sonique and am able to post downloads and skins for old fans and new.. Bring it back to life!!
Only thing i thought i seen was close while back was QCD but found out it had adware and spyware even the outlook was disappointing.. conclusion sonique in my opinion still rulz and those guys at soniquex.com are working to rekindle sonique2

It was a great player…

i was suprised myself to see sonique go, I was really waiting the release of 2 but this early last week when i went to the website and all i could find was an old ver.1.808. i have both beta 2 and 1.808 is accutaly a really good mp3 player i reloaded it on my pc and dispite a few early bugs in the applacation i will contuine to use it……

yeah, this is really unfortunate. I’ve used Sonique since about 1999. When everyone was using Winamp, I was still with Sonique. As I type this, I’m listening to a trance live set with Sonique 1.96. If anyone still has the plugins and wants to put together a site and links to the executables, that would be awesome. Here’s the best I can do for us now:
Keep a great media player alive..

here ya go guys i forgot to post the site they allowed me to host. enjoy and i am still tryin to help them breathe life back into the project

oops i forget you have to click name for addy here is addy again http://ultimtewarrior2.tripod.com/soniq/sonique.html

Oh! Where has my sonique gone?

I grew up on this player, it was the best serious competition out there for Winamp. The main reason why Winamp3 has turned out so well.
But alas projects like this die out if they don’t get enough push towards them from somebody standing behind.
Lycos made a mistake in buying out the sonique team and trying to cut them back. For shame!
I wish this project (Sonique2 and the Mantis core) could maybe somehow be placed under the open source community and maybe that might rekindle it’s flame.

OMG!!! WARLOCK!!! I have suffered and mourned the loss of Soniuqe for almost two years now after the drive it was on crashed and the boys at Lycos dropped the ball miserably and lost interest in the best product they ever developed! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!! For those who are still looking for it Warlock was nice enough to make a place where it can be found again!


no problem, Has not been updated in while but i am gonna be adding more of the skins …. if anyone still makes skins for it also i will post them!

Yes, thanks Warlock for keeping the faith! For what it is worth, as one of the original 3 members of Night55, I have very personal interest for keeping the memory of Sonique alive. I have often contemplated getting involved in the project again, but alas I still watch from afar knowing that people much more talented than me are discovering Sonique for the first time and just might have the energy and the clarity needed to be able to make it become all that it could have been.

To this very day I still rock Sonique 1.96 – best music player ever made!

Wish someone would pick up the work and move it forward – the minds behind sonqiue were pushing boundries from 99-03!

Someone should pull Sonique 2 out of the dustbin it was to cool to die!

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