What’s out to beat Google ?

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Sure Google might be reigning search king right now , but will it be so after a year? Right now the search engine world is teeming with new and emerging search technologies , incorporated by various corporations. What do I see right now, Google losing it’s footing on the search engine market. Let’s all have a look at the various technologies out there….

Probably the most promising contender to overthrow Google. The search precision is better than Google and all the results are relevant , quite unlike Google. All the pages of it’s search result are satisfactory , whereas satisfactory results in Google are around 30% of the total results. This is because of the Deepsearch technology patented by the Kosmix people. Google uses a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to searching which turns up irrelevant and unnecessary results more often than not. Page popularity is not the only thing that determines the utility of the page , and this is where Google falters to Kosmix. In the words of the makers…..

At Kosmix, we’re passionate about building a world class search engine that lets people search less, and discover more great stuff. There are billions of pages on the web that are useful, but never see the light of day through a standard search engine. We want to help you find those great pages, and make it easy and fun to do in the process.

Kosmix – About Us

Of course after disposing off Jeeves , Ask has embarked on a new strategy. The third most popular search engine out there , is all set to take the crown. It has new and improved algorithms , that give out lesser but more refined results than Google. The new image search is a strong competitor. But the most amazing product of the Ask group has been Bloglines.

They say that Krugle is a ‘ Google for developers ‘, but I disagree. Krugle provides features that have not even been developed at Google. Of course it aims at developers , meaning that a huge portion of Google’s traffic is going to shift over to Krugle. Best of luck to them

Ahhh , a truly novel initiative. Wink announces that it is the ‘ Search engine running on people power ‘ The basic idea behind Wink is that users know what users need. In their own words…

As you may have discovered, this is not your typical search engine. For one thing, we encourage you to edit the search concept content. So if you have information to add, go ahead and update it. Don’t be afraid of breaking anything – you won’t! Anything that you do can be updated or fixed later. If you see something that you think is incorrect and needs to be fixed, go ahead and fix it!

We rely on lots of user interaction to help make this an incredibly useful tool for you and other users. You don’t have to edit content to help us do this. By simply clicking on a star to rate a search result, or by tagging a site that you like, you help us improve our results.

Wink:help – Wink

Search the Web – Powered by People


After a long wait , Bill Gates is back with a bang , this time with three major release , lined up. Internet Explorer 7, Windows Vista and….wait for it….. a new search engine which has the potential to literarily blow up Google’s hold on the internet. But then , that would be ill advised because if that happens then MS will dominate the web. Not very good is it. But competition is always welcome. In six month’s time we shall know.

Personal comments :- Personally , I want Kosmix and Google to remain an integral part of the way. A decent MSN search engine wouldn’t be bad, but and MS dominated web would be. I am planning to sitch over to Linux right now , so can anyone tell me where I could get a copy of Red Hat Linux without having to download it?

PS : Wanna listen to me singing again, then click here. Do tell me how it was.

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19 Responses to “What’s out to beat Google ?”

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I love the theme !!!!!! Its brilliant !

You have a very good voice, and your song sounds so familiar, like I’ve heard it in the wind, in the deserts here. Could we have translation please?

Ahh , you probably didn’t read the warning. OK I’ll put up a rough translation…..
Probably there is a sky beyond the sky,
Probably there is rain beyond the clouds,
Where am I going on the wings of the wind, where….?
Sometimes twisted, sometimes smooth, my road goes on….

These lines might not make good lyrics in English , but they are really magical in Hindi.

Hmmm… RedHat is outdated for now… try its variant Fedora Core 4 or wait for its 5th installment… u can also try Debian distros, they are cool! For a copy of any linux distro u can either buy mags like PCQ/L for Y, chip etc… they usually give out lots of distros.. else contact your nearest open source community 😉

Thanks. I’ll go for Chip.

About the search engines, I would say that wikipedia has taken some share from Google. Though it isnt a search engine, people have been going there a lot when they need to find out something like a biography on people. As for search engines overtaking google, I dont see it very soon. Google is habit that will be hard to break amongst people because the engine is so good.

Wiki is only for the factual stuff and probably no one is gonna beat google until the end of this year but I’m looking forward to MS’s new Search engine which they claim will make us say “WOW” and “Waaa”. :p

As for Kosmix, the name is really innovative but the healthtravelpolitics thing is shit!!

And Teen, please start using coComment, I’m asking all my friends to do so and there is some kinda script for Opera too.

coComment is pathetic and one of the most useless services that I have ever seen.

Machan, now you are not even in the first page of Live sarech..I’m still topping with my abandoned live space blog. Some thing is wrong with Live sarech.. MS never got their sarech engine right

Testing coComment

Now, that’s really funnY!! Haha! Why do you say that? I feel coco really really useful!

Just felt like it..? 😉

coComment is quite useful, I guess. I mean, I make a lot of comments in the blogosphere and now I can track all of them down, which is really really useful!! Really ReallY! And I can view tags and top comments and cool stuff like that.

Use it, you’ll like it.

I’m already using it. 😡

Want linux? Try eBay. You ought to know that they’ve stopped working on Red Hat, and focused on servers and enterprise-class customers, but Fedora Core is the desktop replacement. The newbie which is supposed to be one of the best is Ubuntu or Kubuntu if you prefer KDE. I use SuSE, but have ordered some Debian (v3.1 Sarge) CDs which have yet to appear in the post.
Hope that helps 🙂

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