Ironic !

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I had my Maths exam  on the 9th of this month. Needless to say that I expect a full score. But there is one thing that I realised about life and it was very painful. It’s just the unexpected that surrounds us , sometimes sudden and unexpected things change our life forever. It’s just not fair , DAMN IT ! Why should all our work , all our planning vanish in just a second that feels like an eternity ? Maybe it’s another one of God’s unreasonable habits. Life is ironic , yes , very ironic indeed. Look at my aunt , for instance. She had a very happy family , a wonderful husband  and a brilliant daughter. But it all fell apart. Her husband was diagnosed with blood cancer and he died after the next three months. Why am I posting all this? It is because of a shocking news that I recieved , just after my exam….

There’s a boy who lives in our locality. He is around 19 , very handsome although careless when he rides his bike. He is a good student and had a bright future. Oh , he is a stud all right, half of the girls in our locality want to go on a ride with him. But all this was destroyed in one second of carelessness. Last night , he was returning from Puri last night with his girlfriend , riding that hellish bike. As usual he was without a helmet. And he had a terrible accident with a truck. He hurt his head real bad and right now he is in coma. There is no news of his girlfriend and the doctors say that his Occipital lobe is damaged and he will never be able to see again. Yesterday he was a handsome with a bright future and today , well , he is deep in coma and with a future as black as the night.

That’s how ironic life is. 

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31 Responses to “Ironic !”

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I agree with you TEEN totally on this post of yours…
I definately know how IRONIC life is even though you will think than an 13 yeard old bastard cannot understand what life is but let me tell you I do.

A Lot of things in life are too ironic I guess and sad and disgusting and a lot of other wonderful adjectives. But experience is what everything gives us. I mean, after that whenever we ride a bike, we are gonna remember to wear a helmet!

Elementary Road Safety. The careless youth of India always remembers to neglect it.

I was trying to figure out how to phrase my response. As usual, I find that Richard Bach has done it much more clearly and succinctly than I can:

“The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”
— from “Messiah’s Handbook: Reminders for the Advanced Soul”

Too cryptic , can I have a simplified version..?

Hey Teen… I heard that Set 2 was the easiest set… but I’m still so glad that all your hard work is paid off and that you’ll be getting 100… and I’m trying so hard to get over all this pain but it’s just so hard… I might need to see a counsellor
😦 …

Nah , your depression isn’t that bad.

And yes, how ironic … fate has cruel twists, as you well know that I have learned after Math … and how I’m struggling in the aftermath 😀 … anyway, it is so devastating to hear about what happened to your aunt … but sadly, some things aren’t under control … and being a carcinophobic person this has scared me even more … and it is even worse to hear about the boy who’s ended up in a coma … his youth, he had so much more of his life to live, and one wonders whether he’ll ever get a second chance … ! And all because he didn’t take the proper precautionary measures and JUST WEAR A HELMET! It would have saved his entire LIFE and YOUTH! Yet people are still ignorant and according to estimates, 9 out of 10 people on roads DO NOT wear helmets … this is just so disheartening … when will people WAKE UP ??

And I’ll understand if you don’t really want to check out my blog anymore … you know, because of the way I’ve screwed up Math … I know this sounds ridiculous and doesn’t make sense, but I’m just feeling horrible right now and I feel like I’m not worth anything anymore …

Don’t be ridiculous. You are one of the few friends that I’ve made on the blogosphere , and I’ll definitely keep on reading your blog.
Cheer up and take a chill pill.

Yo ! Dazzle , are you there?

stuff like this happns all the time
u read abt it in da papers
neways its all fate
u cant do a thing abt it
and u can’t blame anyone either

Why are we here at this time in history and not some other?
This could just as well have been me at 15. I was struck by a pickup truck on a gravel road while riding a 175 yamaha enduro one nice spring day in 1976. No helmet. But only scratches.
Another time I had a helmet on and hit my head. Still have that helmet to remind myself.
I guess It’s like nitish and redfork have allready said, but when we’re going thruogh it ourselves, its hard to see the open window when the door is slamed in our face.
I sure hope you count us all as your friends because we’ve come to care deeply about you and yours.
Lets see what’s happening at DazzlingDaydreams now.

Thank you guys … especially, Teen, Clint, Nitish, Chrono … all of you… for trying your best to console me… of course, my parents were disappointed and so was my tuition teacher, but there’s nothing I can do about it now … everyone’s been telling me to snap out of it and that this can be the FIRST and LAST time it ever happens … I really hope so … this is such a setback for me …

But yes, I believe in the saying, “Time will heal everything” … so I’m just going believe in that and keep praying for luck… hoping that I might at least scrape a 90 or 91 … that sounds horrible coming from me … but yea…

Teen, I think what Bach means is that we have a tendency as humans to see only the physical and to overlook or misunderstand the good in any given situation.

In his early writings, Bach asserts that you are bound by physical conditions only to the extent that you believe in them. He challenges his readers to get above the physical and to put their focus on matters of mind and spirit, not body. He suggests that the quality or value of a situation is largely a matter of perspective and that blessings sometimes come out of unexpected situations.

I imagine the guys in the film “Murderball” — an excellent (and frequently very funny) documentary about a wheelchair rugby team — would agree with that notion.

Dazzle, hang in there. My math grades were abominable all through high school. I decided to take that as a sign that I was supposed to work with words for a living rather than numbers. I’ve been a professional journalist for years and wouldn’t swap my experiences for anything. What I do probably won’t ever make me rich, but I have all I need and most of what I want, which is about all anyone can reasonably ask for.

It is your divine right to be happy and successful. Don’t let somebody else’s definition of success clip your wings before you have a chance to fly.

Thank you Hippie… your comments are worded creatively; being a journalist must be an awesome experience – you’re allowed to express yourself as much as you’d like – there’s no wrong or right answers – whatever you say just goes…

I’ll do my best to hang in there … I’m trying my best to forget about it … but it’s just so hard… our results come out only on May 15th so I’m going to have to wait in suspense for that long … 😦 … oh well … I’ll just have to make up for this with my other subjects coming up : Sanskrit (2nd Language), Science (Phy, Chem, and Bio), and English … and Teen, good luck for Sanskrit tomorrow !

You are under arrest for not watering the Neo-BlogTree so this is your last chance to do so!


WHAT ! Our Results come out on May 15th and I was thinking it was on May 31st.
By the way Dazzle , the boards are not the be-all and end all.

It doesn’t appear that life is fair, or that God is fair. Why are some born infected with HIV, and yet many of are not? Why is it that many of us can look outside and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us while others are born blind? And why is it that I have often come across the greatest joy in the least fortunate people? How is it that the blind, the infected, the cripple can take life and see it in beautiful ways when I am depressed?

Perhaps perspective does make a difference. Perhaps it is easiest for us to look at the bad and let it overwhelm us. Why do we find it hard to look at all the good that constantly surrounds us and let that overwhelm us?

Maybe , yeah. But then life is God’s game, we are the chessmen. God is white and fate is black.

Life is indeed ironic. It’s so sad to see how somebody who seems to have it all suddenly gets his or her life ruined just because of some carelessness. I’m complaining about my grades while others are losing somebody their love. When looking at things from that perspective alot seems pointless. But you can’t worry about everybody else, because it’ll just make you depressed. Instead of worrying, try learning! (insert geek smiley)

“Posted in wars, teen life, etc…”
Hehe, well I guess you could put this in that category. 😛

@Teen: Wow, your blog is getting so popular, how much hits do you get by the day?

And, errr…are you gonna post the Neo-BlogTree or do you think it’s scam??

My keyboard is not working properly, I’m using the on-screen keyboard right now.My new keyboard will be home by Thursday. SO that’s when I’m going to post next.

Usualy I have about 120 hits a day.

My highest is 758.

lol teen, i visit here daily pal, from my mobile. but these new themes dont support commenting over an unsecure connection provided by and thus I am unable to comment much 😉

You know what Chrono, I tried going to the Neo Blog Tree and the link is not working??

A Sad story.people with everything going for them are generally those who meet such a plight.small disappointments one can handle but instances like these overwhelm even the strongest eyeopener,this post really moved me.

What about the previous post? I think that’s an important note as well.

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