God! How much bad news can I endure?

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The boy who I blogged about , in my previous post passed away on Sunday morning. How do I know that? Well , I saw his family members carrying his body in a procession to the jeep , which would obviously take it to the creamtorium. Hindus are cremated , not buried. It was a terrible scene, that procession. I was returning from Sanskrit tuition when I saw that. All of those people , dressed in white, looked like phantoms on the lonely street. I felt as if I was looking at lost souls seeking salvation. Of course , the boy was the soul of the family but now he was gone, and so was their happiness. I saw his sister crying silently on her mother’s shoulder and at the same time , against myself, I was reminded of all the deaths that I had seen. My uncle, my grandpa , my classmate and now this !

I had never felt older in my life. Here I was ,worrying about my exams and just 2 blocks away a boy was dead , never to return again. The procession stopped suddenly and some people looked at me. I realised that I was blocking the road, I moved away in a desperate attempt to move as far away from that place as possible. But I caught some words which forced me to reflect on irony. The late boy’s father , was saying to his uncle that they were going to cremate him in Puri. I couldn’t help , but reflect on how ironical life could be. This boy met his doom while returning from Puri and here was his body going to be cremated in Puri.

Nitish said that people dying of accidents is commonplace and are reported everyday in newspapers. Of course it doesn’t affect you if some Tom,Dick or Harry died in a freak accident , but have you ever thought once that this dying person is someone’s father,brother,uncle and most importantly….son ?! I fear to imagine the grief of father, who has to see the lifeless face of his son. Think about this once and you will realise that every life matters. No matter how small or insignificant.

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25 Responses to “God! How much bad news can I endure?”

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It’s irony to the extreme. we have all looked at death far away but it is completely different when death looms next to you or even close to you. Your feeling is different, very different. I guess it would be sadder since you just blogged about him somedays ago.

Life is life…………

P.S Why did you tag this Neo-BlogTree?

You were screaming at me , that’s why.

Oh sad its very bad. But it happens its life you cant think that anyone will live for whole eternity its the sadest of all the moments

Am very sorry. It takes a lot of time to heal esp when the person is a close friend of yours. People jus hav to move on with life … No wonder they say : Live life king size, u never know what’ll happen tomorrow …
May his soul rest in peace. And do console his parents and sister !

i din mean nethin rude wen i sed it was commonplace
ofcourse its a personal tragedy for familyand frends
wat i meant was that this kinda stuff happens to evryone at some point in our lives
ofcourse evryone has to die sometime, only the circumstances decide if it was timely, tragic, etc.
grief comes with tragedy, it would be inhumane not to think of it. Of course his death was tragic but so are so many others.
if you are asking me if i care if someone i donno dies, i do care, but i don’t feel GREIF. i feel sad.
there is a huge difference between Grief and sadness. Those who didnt know him would only feel sad.

Yes, but those who knew him would be grieved.

I really apreaciate your insight. Life, every life does matter. I think it’s easy for us to become calloused by all the tragedy we see around us, all the time. It is indeed something special to see it, take it in and let it shape you into a person of compasion. I applaud your awareness Teen.

* blushes deeply * Thanks Nawbaw. This incident reminded me of a line that I’ve read in an issue of Batman Detective Comics. Scarecrow says to Batman, ” If you want to be afraid….fear life. Because Batman, death is sure to come. “

I count a lot of bikers among my friends. Every time they get on their bikes, they realize this could be the last time. Bikers have a way of living every moment like it’s their last. Maybe they shorten their earthly, material existence through the risks they take … but they also cherish life more than the average person, and to a man, they’ll tell you that they’d rather die in a fiery crash than live without risk.

Your friend left doing something he loved. How many of us will truly be able to say that we lived our last day to the fullest?

As for what happens afterward … every religion has its own ideas about that. In my faith, we think of people as reflections or symbols of divine ideas or qualities, such as joy, intelligence, love, beauty, strength, etc. In everything we do, we express certain qualities. Do those qualities cease to exist when we die? Of course not. They are just expressed through different avenues. When someone dies, we take comfort in looking for the qualities he expressed and knowing that his true spiritual identity still exists as long as those qualities exist.

Think about the good qualities your friend expressed through his life. Keep an eye out for expressions of those qualities, and remember him when you see them. It really does help.

Well , he was a great guy and a brilliant student.

Live life king size, u never know what’ll happen tomorrow …

Nice saying.

And yes, the best never last for ever, do they?

Intelligence. Kindness. Friendship. Those are all eternal qualities. Watch for them. You’ll find them in unexpected places.

I agree. Life is mysterious.

Yes. Life is unexpected.

But thats what life is Large Ideas Falling un-Expectedly. err.. am bad at creatin acroyms, dont mind pl. 😳

ok, so?

I remember hearing this on an anime. One should always be afraid of death and should have a longing or a strong desire to live or else his life will always be short

I’m really sorry about this, Teen … wonderful piece, full of emotion … made a deep impact on me … I just hope and pray for the recovery of this boy’s family … I could just see their faces speak a tale of fresh pain and sadness through your post … thank you for making us all aware … we’ll always treasure this lesson in our hearts forever … sorry to sound mushy 😀 … but it was really sad … may the boy R.I.P. (Rest In Peace) …

Karthik you are right.

Can’t say how much it means to me to be numbered among this group of eathly travelers in this imaginary world.
Keep up the great work all.

Thank you Teen. Thank you for realizing the importance of every life. And for pointing it out.
I am a stranger to you. I am an American. And I can tell you, that no matter what country or what culture- the loss of any life is a tragedy, one that is horribly difficult to bear. I lost my brother when he was just 20 years old. That was in 1989. I miss him to this day. It had a huge impact on my life then, and still impacts me to this day. And when people like you, strangers to me, take note of that impact- well it tells me there is hope for this world.
Please never forget what you learned from this boy. And let it impact you as you go through life, and in your dealings with people you are related to, and people you will come to meet. Life is fleeting. Treat people as if you may never have the opportunity to see them again.
I hope you continue to grow with the caring and maturity that you have just shown in this post. Again, thank you.

Really , I don’t know what to say. I’m touched.

Thanks again , I’ve never had so much appreciation in my life.

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