All about Vedic Maths

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It is said that all the knowledge in the world is contained in the Vedas. Well , I don’t know about anything else , but it sure does rule the roost when it comes to maths. Many rules of addition , subtraction , multiplication , division , sqauring , sq. rooting , cubing , cube rooting and even calculus are mentioned in 16 sutras or slokas containing rules. These sutras are written in Sanskrit and have very deceptive double meanings. Meanings which are entirely different from maths. But these contain methods that beat even Trachtenburg’s Speed Math methods. Only experienced Abacus users can beat experienced Vedic Maths users in speed. I’ll be posting more about it pretty soon. Well , after Monday. Till then check out this site for simple tutorials and problems.

Vedic Maths Tutorial
Home Page

What is Vedic Maths



Vedic Maths is based on sixteen sutras or principles. These principles are general in nature and can be applied in many ways. In practice many applications of the sutras may be learned and combined to solve actual problems. These tutorials will give examples of simple applications of the sutras, to give a feel for how the Vedic Maths system works. These tutorials do not attempt to teach the systematic use of the sutras. For more advanced applications and a more complete coverage of the basic uses of the sutras, we recommend you study one books avilable from our book store or try the correspondence course.

N.B. The following tutorials are based on examples and exercises given in the book ‘Fun with figures’ by Kenneth Williams, which is a fun introduction some of the applications of the sutras for children.

If you are having problems using the tutorials then you could always read the instructions.

Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3
Tutorial 4
Tutorial 5
Tutorial 6
Tutorial 7

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22 Responses to “All about Vedic Maths”

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nice theme. It looks really good

Hey I got a book for Simple vedic maths. It helps a lot but only if you have the patience to learn maths which I dont have at all

hey som thin rong wid de heme. its not countin comments properly…

Vedic maths? hmm… new to it, even the combo word 😛

oh well now its counting properly… guess it learnt how to usin vedic maths.. lol, jus jokin…

its actually that my xams finished today and i am in no mood for maths today… 😀 will chek it out tomorrow…

Neat. I’ve heard there are electical formulas writen in saskrit going back thousands of years, but they were never noticed until after Ohm’s law was already named, again.

Yeah , you all should try that link.

i dint understand any thing

[…] All about Vedic Maths […]

they r just greattttttt!…the sutras of vedic mathematicts helped me a lot doing those sums which I couldn’t have thought of solving!


dear sir,iwant to learn saskrit as well as vedhic maths from the beginning.plz do tell me the good institution and give me the guidence learn from a internationally regonizied reputed institute.

nice blog ………
can u help me by telling the vedic methods for multiplication as well as division for no.s having 3 or more digits……….
thanx buddy……..

can you multiply
3452 by 6532 and get 22548464 straight?
I spossible through multilayer multiplication

can you multiply
3452 by 6532 and get 22548464 straight?
Is possible through multilayer multiplication
from P J Naidu

Multilayer multiplication is simple extension of vedic mathematics. It can easily be learnt by anyone capable of adding 9+9 and multiplying 9 by 9.
In this 45869 X 652= 29906588. The proof goes like a plaited strand of rope.
Get in touch with for a free demonstration.

Dear P J Naiduji
The multilayer multiplication appears very interesting. Can you explain? I am eager to learn from you.
Ramasubbu, Coimbatore

Dear P J Naiduji
I am surprised that the response to my request was so quick and explanation so lucid. Within minutes! Great.
Ramasubbu, Coimbatore

Hey guys,go to the website to know more about it.I have been studying it for last 12 years and it is amazing..

It is only gimmicks. Can’t come all the way

It is gimmicks if the underlying principle can’t be explained. When you can, then it is theory.

Many call the term ‘Vedic Math’ a hoax and without any real reference in Vedas. They even say the sutras are cooked up. Cooked up or found in Vedas, aren’t they lucid, clear and make math that much easier?
I am happy with that.
P J Naidu,
Editor-in-Chief, JSSW

Nice info. Thanks!
I found an online Vedic Mathematics course for teachers by Gaurav Tekriwal, founder President of The Vedic Maths Forum India.
This course has its focus on creating more value to teacher’s current skill set by adding more knowledge about ancient methods of calculation. Vedic Maths not only improving the calculation speed but will add more horizon and will fetch more opportunities for the teachers to teach in some coaching Institutes that will equip the students appearing for competitive exams.
Bonus- The learner will get a lifetime Certification to be presented in the resume along with the 8DVD set so that he can learn offline at his own ease which would also include test papers for self practice.
I shall enroll in this course once my finances get ok..DVDs please me as a help.
Visit Online Certified Course on Vedic Mathematics, click here.

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