The Da Vinci Redux.

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There is no doubt that Dan Brown , wrote the Da Vinci Code using the ideas of Richard Leigh and Micheal Baigent , which they published in their 1983 book , "The Holy Blood and Holy Grail". Well I’m sure half of you are in a mood to rip me apart. After all Dan Brown won the case didn’t he. But I can still prove that he took those ideas from the book. Why don’t I proceed with my investigation as Robert Langdon would , using symbology. If you thought that symbology is always done with careful planning and design , then you are wrong. A recent study by a Germany based psychatrist says that humans resort to symbology at a subconcious level to scream out their guilt. It was the case with Dan Brown too, although he might have done that purposefully.

First , if you haven’t read the Da Vinci Code , then you are in for spoilers. One of the main characters in the story has the name of " Leigh Teabing". The last names of the authors of THBAHG happens to be Leigh and Baigent. Throughout the story, there are puzzles and most of all amagrams. Wait for it… "Teabing" is a perfect amagram of "Baigent". In the story , Robert Langdon says to Sophie that Leigh Teabing is one of the best and foremost Grail historians. In a hidden way Dan was giving credit to Leigh and Baigent for The Holy Blood and Holy Grail.

Second , Dan made Leigh Teabing an Englishman. Is it his subconcious giving credit to Leigh and Baigent again, maybe one or both are British subjects. The relevance of this point….well Leigh could have been an American just like Robert , or french as the story is primarily based in France , but no! He had to be British.

Third, Leigh happens to be more learned than Robert on the subject of the Grail. But he also turns out be the antagonist. Leigh was a cripple , the symbology here is clear. The Holy Blood and Holy Grail wasn’t a bestseller was it? Do we have our reasons for Leigh being a cripple…

If you find this convincing or inconvincing , do leave a response and spread the link to this article as far and wide as you can. 

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42 Responses to “The Da Vinci Redux.”

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err… the 04 theme looked good than thees

i’ll switch

Hmm….He should have given direct credit instead of beating around the rhododendron bush…. 😀 How was sci my frieend? 100?

I have 25 in practical , my teacher told me. AS for theory I’m expecting 74.

74 out of 75

Switched back to Andreas because of poular demand

But they claim their book is HISTORICAL FACT. You can’t plagiarise history, it’s just not possible. So either they made some shit up and called it history, which makes them liars. Or Brown merely incorporated fact into his book of fiction, which is a perfectly acceptable and widely used method.

There will always be books on this theme that will inevitably be similar, because there’s only so much you can write about it and still sound plausible. If you Goodle Da Vinci+Mary Magdalene+Last Supper you get thousands of conspiracy theories. And that’s just one example of many in the book.

Teabing was English because England and France are the important countries in this book. Both from a symbolic and historical viewpoint, and for the sake of continuation in the book. For example, Brown had to use Teabing’s English nationality for various purposes – the private jet fiasco at the airport, for example. It just made more sense to have an English guy. The anagram of Baignet may have been coincidence, or it may well have been his subconscious decision based on seeing the name through previous research for his book. As a writer myself, I know I have often used names that I thought were random and that turned out to be anagrams or mixtures of names I know.

However, this is all just my opinion. Feel free to refute! 🙂 A good natured debate is always a bit of fun.

And by “Goodle” I mean “Google”. LOL!! Apologies for typos, I was out late last night! 😛

u missed out one thing
dan brown refers the book the holy blood and the holy grail in the da vince code
leigh teabing has the book on his study/library shelf.

Yeah , thanks for reminding. SO Dan does copy other guys’s work

I didn’t read you entire post because I’m in the middle of the book! Heh.. I’ve heard some stuff about Dan Brown stealing ideas. Since I’m not too updated with the facts, and since I can’t read the rest of your blog, I’ll just say that I think he should be allowed to borrow some ideas, but should then be giving full credit for the people who spent loads of time searching for them.

Read the book. You will love it. And then read my post , you will know that exactly how Dan gave credit ot the authors.

Whats wrong in taking some extracts of a book into yrs for some factual info?

The DaVinci Code is an excellent book, and I dont see much fault into what Brown did. He did have symbolism to the original authors (like what you said, plus more), but most of his book isnt based entirely on Holy Blood even if there are shared ideas. I think that he gave enough citation in even mentioning the other book title in the DaVinci Code, let alone paying them for plagarism. In a slightly related part of the whole situation is that the DaVinci Codes success took Holy Blood to places it has never been.

Yes , but the point is , if Dan would have given actual credit to the authors of the HOly Blood , then he wouldn’t have been sued.

U deleted the next post eh ? lol.

Before this book came out I read one called Pi, about a boy and a tiger. After that, Religious speculation paled.

First and foremost : Da Vinci Code is one of my favourite books of all time, and I would like to say that teen here made some observations I was not aware of.

I also want to say that I agree with Roxanne. I think that most ideas will be the same, that’s inevitable. And the other book didn’t sell because it was so factual. Brown is a better writer, he wrote a better book, and the fact that some of his ideas come from reseearch does not change that.

I never read “The DaVinci Code.” I unfortunately read “Angels and Demons” first and found it to be the most poorly written drivel I’ve ever laid eyes on. The review on Amazon by Mr Christian is exceptional.

Where will you lose 1 mark in Science Theory Teen??

Uh.. Sumi , I am leaving that 1 mark as a risk back up. What if I get a really ruthless examiner who doesn’t like my handwriting?

Testing co.mments.

lol mark backups 😆

Well , them examiners are getting as untrustworthy as an average PC running on Win XP sans SP 2

i never thought of it that way!

Well , it depends on what you think.

Funny little sub-plot. Richard Leigh has a sister, liz greene. Who has a history of lying about her academic credentials(more on liz greene here.

Greene published a novel in 1980, The Dreamer in the Vine – two years before Holy Blood, Holy Grail.” From the cover of “Dreamer:”

“Nostradamus, the world-famous prophet and seer, tells the compelling story of his life – a magical web of horoscopes, dreams, omens and prophecies set against the deadly political intrigue of the glittering French court of the sixteenth century Nostradamus is the Dreamer, The Vine is the twisting family tree of the kings whose roots reach back into ancient times long before Christ, revealing the mysterious powers of the enigmatic goddess, Notre Dame and a fearsome, unforgettable secret.”

According to Wikipedia: In 2005, Baigent and Leigh launched a legal action against Brown on grounds of plagiarism. Lincoln was not involved in these proceedings, reputedly because of illness. The first novel to use the theme of a Jesus Bloodline was The Dreamer of the Vine by Liz Greene in 1980 (who is Richard Leigh’s sister) – Liz Greene is not being sued for plagiarism. The authors of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail took their Jesus Bloodline theory on the road during the 1970s in a series of lectures prior to the publication of Holy Blood.

Wow, good comment above my friend.

And Teen, we’ve all heard horror stories of what happens when your paper gets a 100, so let’s leave it at that. ROFL!

And Simpla really suits your content Sou!

Yeah , maybe that’s why I will stick to it. Unless a better theme pops up.

im lukin forward for the movie though 😀

Have you seen the trailer ? Tom Hanks plays Robert Langdon and he looks more like a confused idiot than a proffesor of Symbology and Iconography.

he played forrest gump, so must be a hangover

I have always thought that there was no better way to pay respect to Baigent, Leigh than the way Brown did it.


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