20 reasons why Harry Potter’s famous.

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I am putting down ,  20 reasons as to why Harry Potter’s so famous ! Oh , do remember to read my personal comments encased in the brackets.
1. Nowhere in literary history will you find a boy so blighted, so miserable yet rich as Harry Potter.

2. He survived a murderous assault by a brain-dead sorcerer with an extremely stupid name – Voldemort. ( yuck , I wouldn’t even call my dog as Voldemort)

3. A man called Albus Dumbledore is his hero. ( He’s got waist length beard which he can’t cut because they are stronger than steel.)

4. He goes to a school called Hog-Warts. ( All the Hogs at that place are full of Warts.)

5. He flies a broomstick. ( What happened to high velocity jet-fighters..?! )

6. He becomes invisible by wearing an invisibility cloak. ( Why though ? Is he ashamed of his appearance ?)

7. He has a lightning shaped scar on his head. ( Imagine being famous because your skins been sliced open..)

8. He uses a magic wand to cast spells ( What did you expect… a magic turnip ?! )

9. He hates a greasy teacher called Snape. ( Yeah , and he can talk to snakes )

10. His friend , Ron Weasly , has a jumbo sized family. ( Maybe Harry thought that he could squeeze in and nobody would notice because of the crowd. )

11. He protected the Philosopher’s Stone. ( What about the stones of the doctors, nurses , writers and engineers ? Who’s gonna protect them ?)

12. He speaks Parseltongue ! (  Whazzat ?! Parcel what? I didn’t know he could take to parcels !)

13. He was raised by his nasty aunt and uncle. ( Who else do you think would have raised him ? A couple of rabid wolves ? He ain’t Mowgli !)

14. He’s been wearing that same pair of spectacles for the last 8 years ! ( I thought that he had a lot of money , then why doesn’t he buy a new pair…? )

15.He’s got the biggest fan following of all time ! ( No wonder he always appears so windswept )

16. His cousin is a boxing champ ! ( Ahhh , all those years of punching Harry finally paid off. )

17.His wand has a core of phoenix feather .( Thank god it ain’t dragon heartstring. Or else he would have been called as Parry Hotter )

18. He killed a basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. ( What else would he have killed ? A mosquito !? )

19. He was put in Gryffindor house . ( Why ?! Because the White House wouldn’t take him , silly! ) 

Looks like I left one reason ! So why don’t you people add the twentieth reason as to why Harry Potter is famous. You can give any reason , but just make sure that it has a funny personal comment attached to it .

All Smiles ,


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50 Responses to “20 reasons why Harry Potter’s famous.”

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He is the only guy who survived four or five attacks of the most dreaded wizard.(Yet he is considered to be the most dreaded wizard eventhough he is not able to kill a small boy! Sheesh)

Haha, nice one Teen my friend. Harry Potter & Kidney stone should be for doctors but seriously I enjoyed reading this. Let me think, hmm…

Reason 20) He has a friend called Hermione Granger who is the actual reason people look at the movies and read the books and he is just the sidekick. Hermione Granger and the 2-dumb-2-be-true Sidekick!

Keep em coming. I can see some good ones here.

21) He has a dog ‘padfoot’ who gives his life for him. (The dog knew his master cudnt feed him so for better reasons in heaven, he gave up his life 😛 )

Nice one … !

Qwerty’s got a nice one. Let’s see if anyone can do better. No suggestions Sumi.

He teaches english to giants (Now which degree would land u in a job like that?)

He has seen giant spiders (as if small-crawlie ones werent enough)

Has experienced break-ups (That prolly makes him more common to other children, thus more famous)

Has something to show off even if his pockets are empty – his scar 😛

Loves his friend’s sister, now thats rare (thus more unique :P)

Who else has shoved up a stick in a troll’s nose (Duh! What do trolls even look like ?)

Was lucky to enter a flying car and escape without damage (scolds i mean) all credited to his friend !

Has something to carry always with him – a wand (now, few others have a different type of wand to carry sometimes – a head/hair band 😛 😛 😛 )

Gets nightmares all days (thats very unique, sometimes I am too tired of getting sweet dreams, hey! pull in that horror dream brain!)

Entered a ‘chamber of secrets’ (Now dont boast off pal, I too have entered a bathroom, so what if it was without a snake?)

Has seen ppl turning into animals (Honestly, i am tired of reading animorphs

ok, heres a joke

A: Dude, do u know that harry cant hold a wand in this hand [points out and lifts his left hand]
B: don be silly, of course he can!
A: no he cant
B: why not
A: B’coz thats my hand fool!

WOw , that’s nice. An amazing job Qwerty . Iam thinking of a prize for the person who comes up with the best Reason no. 20.
We can do better. Come on people let’s storm those brains.

Hmm, gud its on top posts again i guess…

Wow, teen top posts. Keep up (The Digg Effect)!. I must say that Digg is amazing. If a post with 1 Digg can come up to the front, I shudder to think of posts with more.. (Nice post, I gave it a Digg btw. 🙂

Qwerty Good one!! If this was a forum, you would have recived positive karma from me!

How about 21) From the mouth of snape

21) No looks, no talent, no power, no ability, no strength, no mental stability, no brain, no-thing special, and NO-Nothing, yet he has survived the smartest, strongest, most talented, most powerful wizard of the century 4 times (It’s not alby because alby is more than 100 years old), he even attacks teh dark lord and survives and he has fought and won against people 100 times stronger than him (Death Eaters).

Overall, a nothing forever!

Teen, You are not using cocomment, shame!!

I love the tag feature and am controlling cocomment tags. LOL! Actually Neo-BlogTree tag was shameless promotion but every Blog I post a comment, I type it with the blog’s name as a tag to oragnize it. Muaha!I’m an organizing freak!

And I happen to be the most disorganised freak of the world. I’m using co.mments instead of cocomments.

both are equally good i heard… but theres something about coco…

What about coco

I don’t know if I’m the first to catch this but

Voldemort or Vol De Mort – in french would be Flight Of Death (cool, no? of course, french isn’t exactly the roughest language):D

Jesus Christ. This is a good one Paradox. This is exactly why JK named him Voldemort. He wants to be immortal doesn’t he ? Then I can’t think of a single name that would suit him better.

Sorry Teen … but all the reasons I thought of you guys already had on there … hmm … I’ll need to have some time to think of why Harry Potter is so famous … simply because he’s the boy who lived … and plus the author of Harry’s Divination book is Cassandra Vablatsky. This is a spoof of Madame Blavatsky, the one to advocate the Theosophical Movement in India (and other places, I guess), if you remember your history textbook 😀 !!

Oh, I’d love to forget it.

Nice to see you all having so much fun. Harry’s so famous because he gives everyone a safe dragon to slay.

He flies on staircases instead of climbing up… now thats scary 😛 what if the fuel gets over midway 😕

gipls are obsessed with their hair and hence the

girls are obsessed with their hair and hence the “harry”part got him fame and i know for a fact that the potters union made an agreement with j.k that they would blackmail the boys in this world to read the book thanks to their name being mentioned.

Ok , bp has come up with a good one. Can someone challenge him. As I am the host of this contest so I’m not going to suggest reason no. 20

Who could’ve thought of something like that … other than BP … 😀 !!

please dont make me blush!!!!!!11

the real reason:
harry has something in common with many “heroes”
rocky (rags to riches)
romeo (utterly butterly handsome {{atleast is supposed to be, otherwise girls wouldnt go to the movies)) )
forrest gump (ambitious)
rocky again ( never say die attitude)
jerry mcguire (pisses people off and acts like a stud)
and the biggest reason:
He has characters everyone wants to have, a sorta role model, who can fight the odds, going from orphan under the stairs to quidditch hero and most wanted guy

then again, the reason is probably because he doesnt have any bad habits
dusnt do drugs, doesnt smoke, isnt a perv, and dusnt play pranks
(on the other hand, he plays pranks on teachers which students like us would obviously like)

one word – advertising
there are a ton of better books out there

20. Magic!
People are so bored with our world so they dream themselves away in a nonexistant reality…
I liked those other 19 reasons! 😀

Hahaha, kudos to this post!

@Tina : Have you read the Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman or Inkspell. Hell even the Eragon inheritance trilogy would do. Magic is commonplace. It’s magic with a difference that makes Harry a success.

@paradox : Yes , advertising is the key. There are better books out there.

@nitishkrishna : Harry isn’t exactly rags to riches. He was rich already. Only he didn’t know it. Harry is NOT utterly butterly handsome. Daniel Radcliffe might be. If you called a boy with untidy black hair ,wearing a pair of geeky specs as handsome ,then I probably am the god of beauty. Don’t judge my looks by the stupid photo taken with a low res webcam that is posted in the my page of my blog. And yes , I have all the other qualities of Harry minus a few things like a lot of fame , money and I never lived in a cup-board under the stairs ! So how come I don’t have girls fawning all over me. Wait a minute… Nitish might have given me reason no. 20.

Eragon is a hero.hes the best fighter on the side of the varden,but harry isnt the best.theirin lies the difference.

Harry is just this little, confused, boy , next door.

Eragon is special bcoz he owns a fight tool/person (dragon), harry jus has a common wand and knows about only as much as others do… and varden doesnt have a chance against urgals do they 😛 severe defeat in end i guess…

qwerty, just read the second part of the trilogy.the urguls join forces with the varden.the second one is even better than the first.

I haven’t even read the first part.

Yea I jus started it, PDFs are hard to come by.. finally 😛

um.. he’s dating his best friend’s sister.

20th way: Take a vella to Voldemort and say tht he will get it if he stops being a nuisance. Short and simple.

I guess Harry’s famous simply because he has the guts to not run away when someone needs his help. He has this LOVE OF PLAYING THE HERO (which resulted in Sirius’s death, actually).
The fact that he’s an orphan gets him sympathy. Notice that the best known fairy tales are abt Cinderella and Snow-white, who are both orphans and mistreated by relatives. Harry Potter is basically a guy in a similar situation(And even he has to go to a ball!).

U all guys n girls r very cool, funky n intelligent(somewhat)!Heyi..from where u got those ideas? I want 2 be like u all!And Teen is the best!Well, my idea(reason,somewhat) is that de star playing Harry Potter,Daniel Radcliffe,is sooo cool,handsome guy that every gal will go ‘fida’ on him!!!Thats why we all girls go to theatres,only 2 have a look at him!And I also like Emma very much as she is very chic!
The reason maybe that:Harry goes to the school-Hogwarts-the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry(every one wud like 2 go to a magical school where magic and Quidditch sort of stuff is taught,than those boring schools of ours).
He also has such chic,cool,intelligent best friend,Hermoine,2 whom he doesn’t pay any attention and is always after other girls(huh!)!
I had thought of many other reasons but u all have already given them.And Teen, do tell me de Best reason, coz I also want 2 become an author like J.K. Rowling, and write a best-selling book coz I love books!!!

Chrono’s won , for reason no. 21

he is famouse ’cause he really looks like my crush… actually he is so danm cute…i have lost my life….

I heard, If everything goes as planned, the 6th Harry Potter movie is set to be released in November 21st 2008-Thanksgiving weekend. Until then, part 5 will make its way to the cinemas in July 2007.
Summer debut for “Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix” is without a doubt one of the most expected movies of the moment, even if the filming just started and will last another year.
The 7th and final book is expected hit the jackpot even harder since J.K Rowling suggested that some of the main characters might die, including Harry Potter. I just can’t wait it!

The new book has been named as Deathly Hallows. It will be interesting to see what more exciting adventures can be conjured up for Harry.
Let’s hope he goes out with a Bang.

I like your 20 reason why harry potter so famous, I think it was because kids like magics, adult or teen like this started from young. It give a very deep impact or image inside everybody heard. Magic is somethings mystery. A Mystery things make people like to find out more and want it more. That’s how I found a books that talking about this issues by a group of business point of view about why harry potter so famous at my blog http://www.blogyourownbusiness.com

umm.. i dont noe! sorry





nothing personal

Yes, I Agree with you ‘SomeRandomDude’…This is so lame…

Book publishers all over the world had a prejudice, that Magic & Fairy tales were old and outdated.(The book of Harry Potter was rejected many times as the publishers said it contained outdated subjects, not suitable to modern society) So at a point of time they started ignoring them and gave importance to complex philosophies, modern novels,comic heroes… – all containing the dysfunctionalities of family and society.

The truth is that children were really starved of Fairy tales & Magic. And when they got what they wanted it spread like wildfire

And you guys are abusing such a beautiful novel & film that came to the world after a long time…

Really Lamers…You people really belong to the present society…

wow, this was obviously written by a Potter hater, or a “Vamp” fangirl. He wears an invisibility cloak so he can’t be seen when he “spies”. Have you even read the book? I Can’t Stand The Type Of People That Judge Without Reading The Books. And Yes I Have Read Twilight, did I like it? No. Sorry

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