My exams end tomorrow !

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After two months of working my butt off my ass , my exams are finally going to end tomorrow. Which is the lucky last paper ? Well it's English . My favourite subject. Blogging for about 4 months has really given me some extraordinary English practice. Why extraordinary ? Because blogging is a fun way to learn English. Of course the possibility of typos is almost subzero with a pen , why take a risk. I'll be using the WordPress spell checker a lot.

As my exams will be ending tomorrow , I'm at a complete loss of ideas for spending time. I'll be blogging of course and reading , coding , playing basketball , cycling and spending some time with my family. ( I've literaly shut myself in a room for the entire two months ). I have found the winner of the 20th reason as to why Harry is famous. I'll be posting that soon. See you tomorrow , pals.

are all motivated by a keen desire for praise, and the better
a man is, the more he is inspired to glory



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11 Responses to “My exams end tomorrow !”

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For me English is a fun way of blogging coz i dont very well know other languages 🙂 WP has spell checker? didnt know that, thnx and ROK the ENG and show em who shakespeare chose as his heir 😛

Great good for you but do check my blog

Shakesphere didn’t know grammar.

Actually he wrote in old english and that means the rules of grammer were far less in his time

I think your Hinglish is great =)

Heh, yaar I was jus pointing somewhere 😛

So, how’d it go?

Awesome that you’ve gotten this behind you. How did it go? (I know you won’t have scores yet, but I’m sure you have some sense of how well you did.)

As for killing time … may I suggest marathoning? There’s a great book out there called “The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer.” Distance running is great cross-training for other sports, and it teaches you so much about yourself. You learn a lot about patience, inner strength, and overcoming limitations. Plus it’s a great outlet for stress. Very demanding, but very rewarding … an ideal sport for someone who thrives on challenge.

Hey people my exams were fine. I’ll do well in all of them.
But right now I’m packing to visit my grandparents in our village. So I’ll be blogging after a day or two.

Great template, did you pick it out. Not everyone has to 100% agree. I just might share this site with a few friends.Fantastic work.

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