Summer of magic and money.

Posted on March 31, 2006. Filed under: Teen life |

Yes,yes.  I will make sure that my summer is definitely one of magic and money. First of all the magic aspect. I finished reading Eragon by Christopher Paoloni today and I have a few words to say for the book. It was completely… "brisingr". Read the book to find out what it means. The Inheritance trilogy is a wonderful tale of growing up  , taking responsibilities , believing in yourself , facing your fears and of course magic. The writing shows the same styles that I use while penning down my book. Yes , I am working on a book. I have a burning desire to get it published one day. What is my book about ? Oh it’s a saga of battles , friendship , growing up and magic ! I have let my imagination run wild. I started woking on my book in August and I have put togethr the first few chapters. My readers ( read friends and brother ) liked it very much. So with their encouragement I’m going to finish an edited 2nd draft of the book by christmas. ( I haven’t even finished the first draft ) So I will make sure that my summer is magical by reading Eldest , the 2nd part of the Inheritance trilogy. My book will also be a three part story. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Christopher Paoloni inspired me with an ambition.

As for money , I have a wonderful part time business plan which will help me earn a decent amount of money. I will just act as a broker for something very precious i.e. books. There is a flourishing trade and dealing of second hand books. My brokerage will give me a lot of money. Hope you all are enjoying your summer.

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16 Responses to “Summer of magic and money.”

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eldest is sure to entrance you!this book gives an intro to the world of the elves!good luck with your book and who won the contest?

Hey, Cool yaar! Have fun with the magic.

I wanna beta test your book. 😀

Also, wow, you seem to be having a profitable venture this summer, enjoy!

Good luck on the book, and yeah eldest is v.good! (jus completed) and oh! happy business 🙂

all the best! even im workin on a book, non-commercial ofcourse!

nice blog teen 🙂

I wont say good luck for u’r new book coz with u’r writing skils u wont need it.
I know eragon trilogy is awesome.

Hey people. I’m back after a week long visit to my grandparent’s village. I’ll be hitting that keyboard harder than Muhammud Ali used to hit his opponents.

hah u reading the eragon good i read them both in a week i mean the eragon and eldest a very very good read that is for sure

welcome back teen 🙂

Great job on all your doing. I just went back to work last week so it’s hard to get any blogging done with a six month old in the house and all. Very fun though.
Amy Tan’s book, Saving Fish From Drowning, jumped off the shelf at the grocery store the other day and its very good. You might enjoy it also.

Who won the contest?

Nitish won the contest

Nice blog it seems that there is a blog for everthing.

I like checking out all the blogs, there sure are some strange blogs. you have a great blog.

Awesome! Your blog ROCKS! Man… If I was you I would be proud, so you should! Laterz dude….

Great article, that was interesting

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