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Windows crashed again

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JESUS CHRIST ! I am getting tired of windows ,apparently my WinXP has crashed again. I am advocating my reasons for installing Linux on my PC , but the judges don’t agree ( read dad and mom). Apparently , they don’t think that Linux is any good. And I can’t say why ? I am seriously tired of Windows. Right now I am posting this from an Iway , a series of chain cyber cafes in India. The last time Windows had worked was when I had seen my result. Once again , I need some suggestions for which edition of Linux is going to be cool for a complete newbie. So , I couldn’t blog for the last 2 days.
Now coming to my results , the boy who topped in India happens to live in my hometown and has been one of my bitterest rivals in many oratory contests. I was always second-best 😦 But never mind , I am loads smarter and sharper than him. So what if he got 98.6 % by cramming every single book that CBSE had declared fit for our syllabus.

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Yahoo !

Posted on May 27, 2006. Filed under: emotions, exams, Teen life |

YES YES YES! My results are out and I am super excited. Here’s my marks…

English 93

Maths 95

Science 98

Social Science 95

Sanskrit 88 ( I think that this is a typo on the CBSE site and that I have probably got 98)

Making my percentage 93.8 %.

I am super excited. What about you , Chrono ?


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Doomsday or Day of Delivery ?

Posted on May 26, 2006. Filed under: Bike mark, emotions, exams, Teen life |

Every 16 year old kid who studies in CBSE schools here in India will be shivering with excitement and fear. Why ? It’s because the results of our board exams are being declared tomorrow that too at 6 in the morning! The 12th results aren’t very dazzling , but the the 10th results usually dazzle the daylights out of people. Last year the highest percentage was 98.4%. Imagine that! What about me ? Well if everything turns out as I expected (an occurence as rare as me riding my bike at 90 kmph) then I am going to land up with an exact percentage of 96.8. And if I get the minimum marks that I have set for myself then it’s going to be 92.6 %.

Now for the dark side. To all my peers who gave the std X board exams , there is no need to be disheartened if you don’t make it up to your mark. Expectations are not always fulfilled, so there is no need to worry if your 10th wasn’t well. That’s no reason why you should stop wanting to live. In fact you should hit those books with a vengence. 11th is still yours to conquer. And now

BEST OF LUCK TO ALL MY PALS, particularly Tirthankar , Amlan , Biswajit , Siva and Soham. Then there are my blogging pals Chrono, Suchi ,Sumi and the lot.

If suicidal thoughts do start creeping up in your mind, the call the CBSE helpline immediately. Check out the CBSE site. And you can click here for the results. So don’t be tensed just relax. Btw check out this cool pic that I made…

River of Peace…

River of Peace


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The GIMP is the boss.

Posted on May 24, 2006. Filed under: tech talk, Teen life |

If you have any doubt about it , then I am going to clear it with this post. I have had very little experience with Photoshop , one of Adobe’s most popular products and the current market leader of image editing software. I was dazzled by the flexibility of Photoshop but after that , I saw the GIMP or rather used the GIMP. I was super dazzled. It is much more powerful than Photoshop , much more flexible and much more extensive. It lives up to the tradition of all GNU freeware. It is better than the most popular software available and much ahead of it’s time. You can do things with the GIMP that you can’t even dream of with Photoshop. You can be a beginner or a professional with the GIMP. Although the user interface needs a bit of patching up, GIMP still reigns supreme.

To top it all , the GIMP is free. It has a lot of space for expansion, why ? Because of the amount of user made scripts that can be added and the tons of free extensions that are available on the web. All of my header images and the logo that I am working on are going to be made with the GIMP. There is little factoid that few people know. The original Google logo was made using the GIMP 1.0. This is the new logo that I made…


How is it ? I’d love some comments.

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Why had I disappeared from the blogosphere ?

Posted on May 22, 2006. Filed under: Bike mark, comedy, emotions, humour, Teen life |

r As all my readers will know

, I had disappeared for quite time. I was busy , very busy and I will be explaining why. First of all , I was learning to ride a motorbike ( Hero Honda Splendor 100cc ) , not that I wanted to but because my dad forced me to. What did I want, a Honda Dio. You see , my dad bought that bike 2 years ago and because he had a hernia surgery last year he can’t ride the bike anymore. So, he sticks to the car and I am forced on the bike. All my non-Indian readers should note that I am underage and an illegal rider. You see , you need to be of age (18) in order to get a license for using any kind of geared vehicle in India. While you can get a license at 16 for gearless vehicles it’s impossible to go for a licensed geared vehicle.

My first ride was rather eventful. I managed a trick that many riders would want to emulate. What did I do ? Well I popped the front wheel and started the vehicle.Let me warn you wannabes that this is not a pleasant experience and I almost broke my hand. I never planned on doing that but it happened accidentally. I started my bike (kick start) , pressed the clutch , put my foot on the gear handle and went to first gear and then I let go of the clutch as if it were on fire( of course I had the accelerator fired up). And the next thing I know is that the front wheel is in the air and I’m on the ground , with my arm almost broken…

It was sore all the while, so I couldn’t type coz’ it was my right arm you see. I hope ya’all aren’t angry on me…

By the way , check out my new banner and tell me what you think. Your eyes should be on my blog’s header image.

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New Logo.

Posted on May 21, 2006. Filed under: Teen life |

This is the header image that I made for my blog using GIMP 2.2.10. This is the first logo that I have ever made. I could really use some feedback.


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Hope Drowns!

Posted on May 19, 2006. Filed under: humour, Teen life |

Things keep happening around me. They are wonderful, dreadful, beautiful and of course peaceful. Out of all these ‘ful’lish things, only a few influence me in a drastic and convincing way. Those ‘ful’lish things are dreadful and peaceful. Dread is something that affects everyone in a negative way but Peace doesn’t affect everyone. Terrorists, for example, do not relish a plateful of peace. Yes, there is nothing like an afternoon full of peace, calm and nature. I forget all my worries and look forward to a new beginning, full of joy, hope and ambitions. But hell hath no destroyer like Dread after Peace. Just imagine this scene…
                   You are giving and exam and you haven’t studied for it. You are nervous but cunning too. You have cleverly hidden a piece of paper containing key information on your person and you have successfully used that to the best of your advantage and there are just minutes before the exam concludes. You are smiling, glowing from within and just then WHAM! The invigilator decides to check your person and discovers you lifeline. Terrible isn’t it. I know it’s rather hard when situations like this occur, but no pain no gain. The next time you are even more cunning, you learn from your mistakes and the invigilator isn’t going to catch you this time. Hehehe. That was the kind of thing that happened between me and my ISP.

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