Hope Drowns!

Posted on May 19, 2006. Filed under: humour, Teen life |

Things keep happening around me. They are wonderful, dreadful, beautiful and of course peaceful. Out of all these ‘ful’lish things, only a few influence me in a drastic and convincing way. Those ‘ful’lish things are dreadful and peaceful. Dread is something that affects everyone in a negative way but Peace doesn’t affect everyone. Terrorists, for example, do not relish a plateful of peace. Yes, there is nothing like an afternoon full of peace, calm and nature. I forget all my worries and look forward to a new beginning, full of joy, hope and ambitions. But hell hath no destroyer like Dread after Peace. Just imagine this scene…
                   You are giving and exam and you haven’t studied for it. You are nervous but cunning too. You have cleverly hidden a piece of paper containing key information on your person and you have successfully used that to the best of your advantage and there are just minutes before the exam concludes. You are smiling, glowing from within and just then WHAM! The invigilator decides to check your person and discovers you lifeline. Terrible isn’t it. I know it’s rather hard when situations like this occur, but no pain no gain. The next time you are even more cunning, you learn from your mistakes and the invigilator isn’t going to catch you this time. Hehehe. That was the kind of thing that happened between me and my ISP.

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6 Responses to “Hope Drowns!”

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ISP as in Internet blah blah? Cool! What speeds did you hack it to?

Oh just hacked it to a 312 kbps connexion

312? Uncommon, I get 320 on my 256 … no hacks, the service itself comes that way 🙂

I know. All i did was mess up a little blue wire in my modem.

very quaint header. it feels microsoft’s window xp. if you’re for window xp, then keep it. if not, then try something different.

I am Win XP.

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