New Logo.

Posted on May 21, 2006. Filed under: Teen life |

This is the header image that I made for my blog using GIMP 2.2.10. This is the first logo that I have ever made. I could really use some feedback.


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19 Responses to “New Logo.”

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Hmm..I will be a honest teen, as a friend. It’s okay, not so bad, but no good either. Decent for your first try definitely. I think you should start mixing colors for the background, integrate pics in the banner and get good fonts from the nets.

And just a tip, try MS Paint for the first few days and then advance to GIMP, you’ll love it.

Nah , paint’s no good. I’ve been playing with paint.

It glneinuey is pleasant suitable here. really examine. I actually have been searched this particulars for really a though. thanks

I will definitely appreciate some help.

Being your first design ever it’s good, but not breath-taking. Keep up!

It’s cool! Simple, nice and it goes well with the rest of the blog.
The two people make it look a little unprofessional though because there’s still some white around them Try finding something that blends in more smoothly perhaps?
As people has said, it’s really good for your first try 😀

How is GIMP by the way? I’ve been meaning to try it out, but I’m just to lazy to install it…

When are you going to post again? You rellay entertain a lot of people! Regards: SB2011LAIN_AING

^ ^
Know photoshop? This one’s better in some ways, especially that it is free 😀 and loads of add-ons/plugins too! Open Source whee!

GIMP totally rules. It’s the boss of Photoshop , but the user interface still needs a bit of fine tuning.

I like it! The only thing is, there should be a small pattern or something to break up the orange. And the T looks kinda weird. I love the little MSN thing though. Inpires me to make my own lol.

I like it; it keeps things fresh. I was thinking about making my own soon, but I have postponed most of my wordpress blog activities until I get out of school. So in a few weeks (I get out of school on June 12), you should see some major improvements on my blog. Your work inspires me, keep it up.

Good job … but your photographs are so good, I’m surprised you didn’t use one of them.

As I haven’t used GIMP, I’ll stay out of the GIMP vs. Photoshop argument, except to say that if it involves graphic design, and you can’t do it with the Adobe Creative Suite, it probably doesn’t need to be done. I just switched from Quark and Photoshop Elements to CS2 a few months ago. The difference is like swapping a Dodge Neon for a Ferrari.

That comparision’s a good one. Dodge Neon for a Ferrari. 😉

The logo is simple and basic in looks. I understand the use of that MSN icon, perhaps you put it there to symbolize (!) teenagers… 😛 obv yeah…

About the effects… not really great, try glows and embosses perhaps…
Also, since the header is quite big, put in a bigger logo and try. the current ‘T’ looks too small…

and a suggestion, why have too many pages? the top looks bad that way…

(I hate being a critic, cant get my words across)

Psst… I hate yellow 😛 also try blending the yellow to the shade used by the theme, looks better that way 😉

I’m switching to white.

This one’s much better than the previous.

A few opinions (IMOs actually):
1. The black and white style looks unique but try some more colors, like blue for example, coz thats present on the blog too.
2. The light beam looks good on the pic, but I feel its position is sort of misplaced, I cant figure out why am thinking that, try moving it around perhaps.
3. The “T” now looks cool 😉

I’ll see what changes I can make.

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