Locked out!

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What I am going to narrate is best left unexperienced. Last night my mom and dad went to a friend’s house. This was at 10 pm. We(me and my brother)were instructed not to touch the T.V. or the computer and to have our dinner and got to bed like good boys.Yeah sure , we obeyed them. What do you think ? 😉 I played Warcraft 3 for half an hour and my brother watched T.V. for the same time. We then got a call from dad and shut down everything. We had dinner and went to bed , just like good boys. This is when the action began , not exactly then but after an hour. I was sound asleep and so was my brother. The time was probably around midnight.The door of the balcony was shaking , yes we have a balcony attached to our room. Someone was calling our names from the other side.

At the same time the phone was ringing and someone was ringing the door-bell. It felt as if I was in a mad house. The balcony door started shaking much harder and the voice got louder and more violent. My brain started putting 2 and 2 together. ( Sigh , unfortunately I am rather bright and uncommonly intelligent.) I knew at once , who was behind the balcony door , who was calling and who was ringing the door bell. I pushed my brother out of bed , lay down myself and told him to open the balcony door. As I had anticipated , watchman walked in. Before he could say anything, I told my brother to open the frontdoor. He did and in walked my mom and dad , looking furious ! They had been locked out because we had slept. Dad started screaming at us. They had been calling the phone and ringing the door-bell for over half an hour , then they had told the watchman to climb in through the balcony using a ladder. My mom was squeezing the poor door bell so hard that it took a permanent rest. Yes , it died.

So to all my readers, I ask a question . What’s the moral of the story ?


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18 Responses to “Locked out!”

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Lol this has happened about 3 times with me as I sleep a lot in the afternoon and mom usually comes home that time! 😛 But I usually wake up before they call a person to climb in… 😆

Then we got those “Openable-from-outside” locks installed and now I sleep in peace 😛

Moral of the story is: Disobey your parents and play Warcraft 3 until they come home. They’ll thank you for it.

you’re a great writer. you’re very real and easy to relate to. look foward to reading more.

Moral of the story is to remember your keys!
Haha… That’s funny. My mom often yells at me for things that I cannot control or things that are her fault too. I simply tell her she’s being ridiculous and laugh 😛

Okay , now Tina and Paradox have given some really cool morals , but I bet that there can be better.

moral of the story: don write dum blog entries abt tings wich rnt 1 bit funny

Pretty good actually. I liked it.

This just proves that Gautham is a dumb asshole with shit for brains.

Sorry for that profanity guys.

I needed that mr. intelligent. Parents…go figure.
Brass door knockers work quite well.
Possibly agift for your Dad on Father’s Day.

don’t listen to your parents when they take away happiness..
haha :]
well. you’re a new blog that i’d like to love. so i am.
have a teriffic day.

Thanks. By the way ? How did you find me ?

moral of the story is dat u had to play warcraft so that u’d be awake when ur parents reached.Ha Ha Ha next time try playing Fear and ull be awake the whole night

I doubt F.E.A.R would even run on a low graphic chipset 😛

Yeah , FEAR is completely high standard.

The moral of this story is to buy a hardcore doorbell.

Reading it veryyyy late;sorry,not so regular on your site.Same has happened to me a many times,specially in the noon;mom’s always scolding me!Moral of the story is that ur parents shld have thought about it before,u r not 2 be blamed!Or shld have’openable-from-outside’locks,as Querty said;same for me!
I m not such a blogger as u all;I think I am too early 4 that,uh…maybe.What do u think,dude?

nah! nobody’s too young for blogging.

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