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UPDATE June 5th , 2006 : We had a terrible thunderstorm last night and my PC’s been electrocuted. The motherboard’s been melted to a pulp and I don’t know the condition of my hard disks. Looks like I’ll have to get a new motherboard. So that means , I’ll probably be offline for a week or so. Not to worry , I’ll be blogging from cyber cafes whenever I have time.

I’ve been experimenting with abstract art using The GIMP. I’ll say that I’ve got fairly good results , but my readers are the greater judges. My new blog header is one of my abstract creations and so is my new wallpaper. Here they are. Do tell me what you think. And lets see if you can find what mood is given in the pictures. They will be up on Teen Beat pretty soon.

T Here’s my logo.

Augustus This here is a logo for my alias. Yes I like calling myself August.

This here is the wallpaper , that I’ve made.

How was it folks? Karthik , I would love our thoughts on this one.

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17 Responses to “Abstract Art”

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Man you work great with GIMP I can barely use it. I use Photoshop at my computer class thats what I can do it feels easier to do so. They are great I must say that specially the August one

heh… yes bryan’s a boy. =)

Thanks. The GIMP is pretty rough in the beginning , but it is really powerful , once you get the hang of it.

@angelique : I don’t think so.

The two first are really nice. I especially like the second one. What’s the font you’re using?
The wallpaper looks cool with the doppler effect and all, but I don’t think the other things were blended in that nicely. Like you can see some blue on the right of the stones and it looks like it wasn’t ereased properly.
Besides that it’s good and I think you’ve improved a lot since your first header! 😀

Yeah , I couldn’t erase that blue for some reason. And that font is called Alien.

I like your existing header. Especially the tagline font, which cracks me up, because it looks like the Disney logo.

I am absolutely paranoid about the possibility of a lightning strike frying my Mac. We unplug our computers every time a storm is on the way … which, here in Oklahoma, is about once every five minutes.

Ah, well. Sometimes it’s nice to be unplugged. Primo excuse to catch up on some reading, take a nap, and remember how we used to live before the Internet took over our lives. 🙂

Well for the banner up there: you see how you’ve got the lines outlined in blue? For that, I would recommend outlining the lines behind the text, so it captures the attention of the readers more, rather than having it spread all over the place.

Will work on that one Jedi lord.

Stooonheeendge…yah! I like it for me! can I huh? Pullleeeeze!

Hey. have no idea what GIMP is. I’m not very technological and what not. But good job anyway. It sounds hard so you deserve a comment. thanks for mine.

GIMP = GNU Image Manipulation Program

and GNU is recursive:
GNU is Not Unix

Ok, just checking in. What’s gnu with you? It ceratinly isn’t easy on the homefront. But its ok. I keep saying it’s not about me. Which it isn’t.
I’m waiting for some new art here?!

You should check out my header. 😉

GIMP is tough to work with, like Ulead PhotoImpact 🙂 I hope GIMP doesn’t turn out as nightmarish as CorelDraw did!

GIMP totally rules

When the storms get really bad here we tend to unplug the pcs. We’re pretty high up so we can see the menacing weather from a distance.

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