The Magic of 62442

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All Harry Potter fans out there , must have read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. When Mr. Weasley escorts Harry to his hearing , the arrive at the Ministry of Magic through the visitors entrance , which is a broken phone booth. Mr Weasley dials 62442 on the broken phone and then the booth slides underground. What many don’t know is that 62442 translates to MAGIC on a new phone.

Now , go to , enter the flash version and on the cellphone press 62442 , then press the call button. What then , you will get a special reward ! I got an unpublished page from the first version of Philosopher’s Stone , in which Harry and Ron are discussing Flamel’s murder !

My reward….Very early page of Philosopher’s Stone.

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21 Responses to “The Magic of 62442”

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Flock, eh? How do you like it?

classy! i’ll just go along and check it out. I wondered for a long time what that phone was doing there. Tried loads of combinations. thanks.

It’s fabulous!!! i got the same reward (though for no work by me, though i did discover your blog here, that should count) as you. And that exerpt is amazing!!!! It seems just like the stories I have written! I’m feeling so hopeful it’s as messy as my work and she doesnt have very good handwriting either. and she keeps changing the entire storyline also. It’s so classy! It’s as good as it can get!

ok, me again, but if you zoom into the page close enogh, you shall see words type written on the reverse. you get me, right? find out what it says please, i’m too tired and sleepy to do it right now. I’ll keep checking to see if you’ve done your home work
Khop Khun Kha, Teen.

Ok , I’ll check it out.

Eeek! Is that her handwriting? Seems like she had loads of ideas on her mind while writing that, its hurried up. Dr. Rowling 😛

Keyboard’s mightier than the pen :mrgreen:

Just seeing that page you posted of JK makes me feel human. I wipe a tear from my eye. I have so many stories that are in that same state. Add a few crumbs, coffee mug circles, spider guts. Thanks buddy.

I have one problem with her killing off Potter. Will there be any offspring? Magic is magic…how the heck can ya kill that!

JK said that 2 out of the 3 main characters will die. Ron and Hermy are falling for each other , so if one dies the other will be very sad. It’s better that both of them die and Harry survives.

Isnt Voldie a main character too?

Everyone knows that Voldy will die..DUH! Main as in positive charcters.

Lol kidding… But killing both lovers is a difficult thing to do considering her emotive writing… But she will ofcourse kill harry maybe so that no other author comes out with a sequel?

Die harry and hagrid :mrgreen: I cant bear to see Emma die in the movie :mrgreen:

OK , then . Harry and Hagrid but Hagrid loves Madam Maxime.

Ack, so does Harry love Ginny… lol let it be, keep making predictions… And what was that part about a character’s reprieve she said? Back from dead or just saved in the last chapter. I seriously hope it doesnt end as abrupt as Bartimaeus’s did.

Yeah sure , but Ginny’s not a main character. Harry loved Cho too , remember..? Reprieve is for Snape , I’m dead sure.

Cool! I got the same reward as you, but I could really understand her handwriting.. *lol* So I didn’t bother to read it. I’m looking forward to the next book 😀 (when is it due?)

The book’s still untitled and no release dates yet 😦

Don’t you realize that Harry is the last horcrux? remember that Dumbledore explained that many of Voldemort’s powers were transferred to Harry at Godric’s Hollow. Harry must die to save the world from Voldemort.

Sad, but that’s my educated guess…..

But however that may be Harry can’t be the last horcrux. If you have read OOtP theb you might want to go through the last couple of chapters again. In the 2nd last chapter Dumbledore explains why Voldy couldn’t posses Harry… he says ” Voldemort , whose soul is tarnished , couldn’t bear to reside in a body , full with the power that he detests ”
So , if Voldy can’t posses Harry , then how a can a portion of his soul…?

hey good job dude!! anywyas i was wondering wat the pen does too when u enter the “Extra Stuff” site….plz let me lnow if anybody’s found that out..N I haven’t seen any Dark Mark either on the site…Has anybody seen it?

i getting my 1st phone soon and i got my day to talk to the phone company and if all goes well my cell phone number will
be ***62442** how awesome is that!!

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