What Materazzi said to Zidane…

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I was up late into the night , watching the Live telecast of the FIFA World Cup final. I was completely supporting France. It was the second half of extra time and still the game was at a tie. Zidane and Materazzi got in a tackle and then Materazzi said some thing to Zidane and then POW ! Zidane head butted Materazzi and floored him.Zidane was not only given the Red Card , but France lost the cup . It was only yesterday that Materazzi claimed that he had insulted Zidane. When asked why , he said that it was because Zidane was “Super Arrogant” , in the match. When asked about what he said to Zidane , Materazzi said that it was ,

” Just an everyday insult , nothing relating to his mother or sister because a mother is sacred to me…”

, yeah right !

He further added that ….

” I didn’t call him a terrorist either , I don’t even know what an Islamic terrorist is !”

However , Jessica Rees , Britain’s top forensic lip reader said that Materazzi called Zidane a

“son of a terrorist whore”

, just before Zizou floored him. The Daily Mail also included the services of Lip Readers and reached the same conclusion as Rees.

No wonder Zidane head butted him , I would have killed him…… 😡

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27 Responses to “What Materazzi said to Zidane…”

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And the humoristic french answer : hilarious song



On a brazilian television channel Globo the lip-readers said that materazzi insulted twice or more times zizous sister calling her a whore.

OOHHHHH I would take that! Punch him!

Oops, I meant “wouldn’t.”

Rip him to shreds… 😉

so totally!

Jessica Rees , Britain’s top forensic lip reader said that Materazzi called Zidane a
“son of a terrorist whore”

Does Jessica Rees lip-reads italian???

My God, can’t they just lose with a little bit of grace?

She did this along with Italian Lip readers.

Zidane: Mums Are Off Limits

Materazzi insulted Zidane’s mother and sister, which lead to the famous World Cup 2006 headbutt.

Whaterver dude… I’m featured on wordpress.com

I believe this explains it all.

And thanks for reading my blog!

No prob. I like your blog.

Haters…. Haters ……Haters…………

Who cares what was said????!!!!!! Have any of you ever played a sport? I’ve said some awfull stuff during competitive sports, and if anyone here has ever competed they know what im talking about. Anyone elses opinion does not really matter to me, however, speak you’re mind if it helps you cope with the loss. It’s irrelevant what was said! ITALY IS THE WOLD CHAMPION IN FUTBALL OR SOCCER OR FOOTBALL. Doesnt matter what you call it. You’re all suffering from a thing called denial. Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!!

Does anybody know where I can buy a Zidane jersey?
I wanna wipe my ass with it.

No flame wars on my blog pal !

>> IF a racial insult was thrown at him

Well, now we know it was not.

So? What do we do now? Who are we going to blame now?

All this fussing and this anger and now we discovered it was just a normal insult? Now what can we find to justify our poor hero for his actions?

Hey but maybe we can call it a “provocation”! It sounds, you know, more nasty and vicious. Ok, good idea. Just ignore the fact that Zidane himself said he hadn’t had any problem with Materazzi until the incident, people will not notice these things anyway.

And, well he did say it twice, so it’ “repeated”! A “repeated provocation”!!! Sounds great!

And our beloved Zizu said it was just about “the females of his family” so we can invent what we want, we have to choose, I mean it was probably the sister, you know the dirty italians do say “your sister!” often to reply to provocations, but maybe it’s not enough, maybe his mother would be better.. Yes! beloved mommy in hospital.. yes…
Or even both! Pure genious! We may say he has insulted both mother AND sister!

It sounds ridiculous? A little… Someone insulting mother and sister together, “Your mommy does this AND your sister did that!” in a football filed is a bit strange,.. but I’m confident, just please, please, we must remember NEVER to use the word OR in sentences like “Mother or sister”, Never! We will always use the “and”, and write it always in capital letters, to make it weight more.

So what we got now?

“A repeated provocation about his mother AND sister”!!!

Yes. Yes. That is perfect. Enouth for butt-heading anyone. Fully justifying the act.

Fully justifying the pride with which our whole nation has accepted our football star and with which our president Chirac has congratulated with him for the wonderful reply to a vile “repeated provocation about his Mother AND sister”, not against one of our beloved French countrymen but on a vile italian vicious pathetic ugly italian (said that already?) cheater.

Now if only FIFA could do us a little favour, by punishing the ugly italian a bit and not punishing our Zizu boy much, then we would give the world a real example of good military machism, so our children will know how to handle all those delicate things like, you know, the palestinian and israeli problems, the afghan situation, Iraq and so on.

And maybe this can also be useful to us, to ease the pain of loosing the World Cup a little, you know we are not very good at loosing, we hardly can stand it… but that’s normal for us of course, as ve are soo damn GOOD at everything, so PROUD of ourselves, that loosing is just an injustice! And seeing our beloved hero, sent out so rudely for a naive thing like a butt-head in the chest, was so unpolite, really, we deserved the cup, really it should be ours. Mine. Ours. Mine. I NEED the cup. Really I deserve it, it muust be miiineeee… Give it to me I want it it’s mine you italians my cup I want gimme cheaters….. uaaaahhhhh! cup…cup…cup…
; )

Guys let us hit nail on the head, what really matrazzi said to zidane must be sth really bad,remember at moment france was stil on song,how could zizou do such a thing while his team still never lost to itally? Italy showed the world that there is still racism exists in europe.I am not franch supporter as such but I am speaking facts.Materazzi should have been given deep punishment.

[…] Me, the world, and Me! « Of doomsdays and the supercilious immortality… Yo mama… wham! August 6th, 2006 The World Cup came and went by with many a surprise, twists and turns. I washoping for France to win, from the time it wasn’t doing too well, until the moment the Penalty Shoot Out began. However, Zidane’s headbutting of Materazzi and the following give-and-take, news and views, pots and shots took me through a few of those theories and their theorists who tried to propose and resolve the ‘why who did what’ of it. On one hand, I would like to agree with those who would say that Zidane should not have done what he did, while he was aware that this was his last ever international match, last World Cup and blah. Materazzi sure gained from his negative tactic of provoking an opponent to cross his limits and played an important role – though I would like to believe it to be villainous – for his nation helping it bring home the Cup. […]

I had to pop in and post a comment . Your post caught my eye So i figured I would post a message to you and say nice work on a decent blog. Keep up the good work.

Italy defeated France and it deserved it just because they were globally better.
French knew it form before that penalty kicks are part of the game. You can’t agree (read join) to be part of a competition of which you accepted the rules before and finally claim it’s not fair loosing after the penalty kicks. In football what matters is to score at least 1 goal more of your opponent.
As for Zidan: take the example of Lilian Thuram who said that even if provoked, there is no excuse for Zidane’s reaction, which by the way, he’s proved to be used to such a behaviour.
Does anyone really think that Thuram or Henry or Vieira ever got insulted on a football field. Moreover as Zidane lived 5 years in Italy, he should be able to judge what is considered to be a normal insult in Italian. Would any Englishmen head-butt someone telling him to fuck-off? I don’t think so…
Having said this, I am not justifying Materazzi for what he said, it’s simply not fair play to insult if you think you can’t take an opponent and I deeply admire Zidane for what he’s done and trust he seems to be a good man. Many of you may not know he was in the phone book when he lived in Italy: that’s not the behaviour of an arrogant, as Materazzi would claim.

Anyone know whee i can get a Materazzi jersey i wanna wipe my ass with it

mattirazzi deserved it and you all know that if some called my mother a whore i wouldn’t head butt him no

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