Ubuntu to Blubuntu , it's a zip

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If you thought that the default Ubuntu mix of Brown and Orange sucked , then here’s your chance to make it cool blue. You don’t need to download anything big. Just a couple of wallpapers and a splash screen. Are you ready to take a dip into blue territory ? Then let’s begin…

1.Login Window

First thing’s first. Let’s make the Login Window blue. Go to System>Administration>Login Window

Select any blue Login Window like Circles or Happy Gnome and click on the radio button beside it.

Now , click on the security tab and click on the check box beside ” Allow local system administrator login “. This allows graphical root login which we wil use later.

That’s it , you are done with the login window.


I must admit that all those brown and orange wallpapers get to your head after sometime. So why not have a fluid , cool , blue wallpaper. Unfortunately Ubuntu doesn’t pack any blue wallpapers by default , so you will have to download your own. How about a couple of blue wallpapers that I made…

BlueBlue Hosted on Zooomr


Ubuntu Blue.jpgBrilliant

Great Blue Ubuntu.jpgGreat Blue Ubuntu

Now use them as your wallpapers , or you could find more at Gnome look .

Cool , now you have a blue wallpaper.

3. Gnome Panel

Do this only after you have your blue wallpaper.

Configuring the Gnome panel is easy.

Just right click on a blank space in the panel and select properties.

In the background tab , select something blue as your solid color and set the transparency to your choice. This helps blend the panel with the wallpaper.


Done that , now you have a blue panel.

4.GTK+ Theme

Configuring your default GTK theme is easy. Click on System>Preferences>Theme.

Click on the “Theme details” button.

In the ” Controls ” tab , choose Clearlooks.

In the Window border tab , choose Human.

In the Icons tab , choose Tango.


Now , click on the close button and then save your theme as Blubuntu.

Wow , that was easy.

5.Splash screen

Do this only after you have completed the previous four steps.

That little image in the middle of the screen , that you see just after logging in , is your splash screen. They are alwasy .png images.

Download a bluish Splash Screen , or you could try my custom made Splash Screen…




Download the image to your desktop and make two copies.

Name the 1st one as ubuntu-splash , and the 2nd one as ubuntu-slick. DO NOT CHANGE THE EXTENSION.

I am assuming that your username is eric .

Now , log out.

In your new , blue login screen type your username as root.

Give your root password and login as root. ( Read Step 1. for further reference )

Navigate to /usr/share/pixmaps/splash and there rename your existing splash images to 1,2,3 or anything other that ubuntu-splash and ubuntu-slick.

Navigate to /home/eric/desktop ( I HAVE ASSUMED THAT YOUR USERNAME IS eric ). Copy the two splash images and paste them in /usr/share/pixmaps/splash

Now , log out and login.


You now have a blue login window , blue splash , blue windows , blue panel and best of all , a blue wallpaper. So right now you are the proud owner of Blubuntu…

This is what my desktop looked like…



Comments and suggestions are welcome . Oh and do tell me if it helped… If you want Ubuntu 6.10 to have a consistent blue theme , the do contribute to Ubuntu art. Here’s the link , I do say that you might find some of my work there.

Enjoy Ubuntu.

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52 Responses to “Ubuntu to Blubuntu , it's a zip”

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Coool , thanks for this tut ,man.

No prob. My pleasure.

I am emulating mac’s looks over it :]

umm. havent u heard of splash screen ? it can be located in sytem>prefrences>splash screen.

if its not visible be default, make it visible with alacarte.

@qwerty maniac, i have achieved some level of success at doing that. but its sort of a cross breed between vista and mac os x. here’s a screenshot – http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/97/macosvistajk0.png

That Splash Screen manager comes only when we do apt-get install gnome-splashscreen-manager btw. And for an excellent art manager we can use gnome-art. That screenshot was excellent man, I liked it 😀 Am trying to get some good app skins at gnome-look 🙂

Nope there’s no such thing in System>Preferences.

So Qwerty , you solved your problem then..

Yeah yesterday, and as I mentioned, to get splashscreen manager u gotta install it 🙂

I’ll get it.

Has anyone figured out how to change the color of the image and text when ubuntu is loading the kernel, because the brown is ass ulgy.

I do have a suggestion. The text on the panel is still black. This tends to not look so hot on a transparent panel with a blue background.

I have the hack to make the panel have white text, or any color you want.

However, the instructions are a little bit long, and I wouldn’t want to take up that much room in your comments.

I welcome any and all to check out the hack. It is very easy, as long as you follow the instructions.

I hope that this is helpful to you and all of your readers.

drapper? not!

Its dapper 😛

OK , I’ll come up with an edit.

You could always switch to Kubuntu. That comes with a blue theme as standard 🙂

Yeah , but it comes with KDE…
Oh the horror !
After my experience with KNoppix I’d rather stay away from KDE.

Heh, KDE is kinda easy too, not as simple but easy.

But here’s my desktop, “Who bit my apple?” (180~ KB)

Hey, don’t tell people to switch to Kubuntu!

Hey don’t tell people that KDE sucks!


I’m interested to test Mepis 6.0 which is built on Ubuntu. This will surely kill Kubuntu.

By the way, you can have KDE and Gnome if you wish (not just on Ubuntu too). You just select which environment you wish to run, on the session login.

Yeah but its useless isnt it 😛

Why’s it uselss? By that logic would a dual-boot be worthless too?

Oh shit sorry, I mixed up comments between 2 blogs. I didnt mean to say that here. The mixed up comment was this.

Hehe, I dont see why I must use KDE for KDE apps, since they run on my Gnome itself! *almost all do*

Am using Ubuntu for Python now and Windows for C# soon. Maybe ASP too later.

So what do you think of my take on Blubuntu?

It is great to diversify the options is it not?

By the way, your wallpapers are slick man!


You Blubuntu looks amazing. I’m gonna try it out.

Have you tried writing a bash script to do this for you ?

lol ! No idea about bash scripting…

Go for it. If you can create a working script for this, I will edit it in tomy post about Blubuntu.

I wrote the “For Dummies” type of montage, you know? But a bash script would be a nice touch, for power-geeks.

Ill see what I can do 😀

[…] Luckily, I stumbled on the converting Ubuntu to blue article, which sets out to solve this very problem. Essentially it just presents links to Ubuntu to Blubuntu , it’s a zip and Blubuntu which elaborates even more. In addition, I also found Down with Brown – Changing Login / Splash Screen on Ubuntu Dapper Drake (6.06) […]

A new look teen? I like it. It is blue! 😎

Your blog has the touch.. 😉

Very, very nice!!

[…] In the last 1 month , that I have been associated with Ubuntu I have had many changes done to the look and feel of Ubuntu. First it was brown to blue , Ubuntu to Blubuntu ! Then for a short period of time I had Mac’s look and right now I have Vista’s look. I’m simply loving it. This is a short tutorial on how to make Ubuntu look like Vista. […]

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[…] Teenage Tantrums somewhat started the most recent hype in Ubuntu customization, going blue. Soon followed by Brent Ross’s post. […]

[…] Guía | Teenage Tantrums guide Vía | Ubuntu blog […]

Hey, now you need to get a new mouse cursor theme! (You can change it from the Mouse control panel, by the way.)

I highly recommend ComixCursor, find it at gnome-look.org

Lol prety cool…..how will you get mouse curser theme for macos….

Telling people to activate root login is a BAD idea – you can do this effectively with sudo mv, sudo cp and gksudo nautilus. There’s a reason Ubuntu doesn’t have the root account by default.

Are you planning to provide the splash screen etc. for ubuntu edgy?

[…] Guía | Teenage Tantrums guide Vía | Ubuntu blog Archivado en: Linux, Ubuntu   |   Etiquetas: diseño, Themes, Ubuntu. […]

That makes me so happy to hear!!! Good luck

Personally, I never use more than one life on this if I understand this correclty. I just wonder why so many do not understand how this is. I guess that is the beauty of it all. Good post though!!

I love sports so much I blog all day about it. My wife is ready to divorce me cause I just cant get past my sunday ticket. Hahahaha

Anyway, I love reading about this!

Letting christmas fade off to the past and going thru some of my bookmarks…I was here before because I have this blog bookmarked…. But Ido not recognize it, so you must have made some serious changes in the design?

Letting christmas fade off to the past and going thru some of my bookmarks…I was here before because I have this blog bookmarked…. But Ido not recognize it, so you must have made some serious changes in the design?

The splash screen setup in 6.10 is easy: there is just a symbolic link from ubuntu-splash.png to the desired png file. There’s even a nice gnome-splash.png already provided. Simply sudo rm ubuntu-splash.png then sudo ln -s gnome-spash.png ubuntu-splash.png. That’s it!

Got started in blogging and I’m loving it, just setup my blog. Just learning as much as I can… could do with some useful links.


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