Games we play !

Posted on July 30, 2006. Filed under: ANGUISH, emotions, Teen life, Wars |

The games we play are pretty obvious. Well duh ! We are dumb humans after all. We play games with each other every second , every moment. With every breath we play a new game. A game of wits , courage , strength , skills , emotions , achievments and all that typical shit.

We like to call this game as ‘Life’. Have any of you ever wondered that ‘ What is the point ?’ You are born only to die ! So why be born in the first place..?

Why do we acheive ,

why do we love ,

why do we cry ,

if in the end we all must die ?

Why do we feel ,

why do we learn,

why are we born,

if we have to return,

back to where we came from ?

Why is there pain,

why must we weep,

and mourn at death,

if we will die one day..?

Think about this and you will realise that how futile human’s are. Think about this and you will realise that every life is great in it’s own way. Be it big or small… Respect it.

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13 Responses to “Games we play !”

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nice blog!!!!!
humans’ life are futile only if they remain ignorant and devoid of love, compassion, respect and empathy…don’t you think?

Oh yeah ! Definitely

Then again, we can’t choose not to be born so we can hardly answer a question regarding why it happened. :p

Very philsosphical, Teen! Great post!

Yeah , but we should be given a choice..

I just think that we’re God’s little sick experiment. I mean, sure the Big Bang Theory is there, but perhaps he executed the Big Bang Theory. *sly*

Well , you have a point there.

Nice blog!
Good question!
Yes,I have wondered this many times,but couldn’t get the answers!!?
Yes,human’s are futile,regarding these questions.Perhaps we just do things and don’t give it a second thought;but even if we think of it,we won’t get the answers!We just go where ‘life’ takes us,or perhaps God,or whatever!
By the way,there’s some problem with the jkrowling website.I could not open it.

life, according to biology book, is a unique, complex organization of molecules expressing itself through chemical reactions which lead to growth, developement, responsiveness, adaptation and reproduction.The subject by itself exhibiting the growth, developement, death, etc. is designated as living being.
Humans are nothing but “living beings” like those millions of swarming bees, ants, spiders, giraffes, antelopes, lambs, tigers…It’s just our plain egotism that makes us think we’re any more special.

Good question, but does it have an answer ? And after all, why should every questions have an answer ? Or maybe are we all here simply to answer this very question ?

I spoke about religion with a muslim friend recently, who told me about this. He said “one day you will definitely ask yourself the meaning of all this ; and you will turn to god – however you call him – to have an answer”. That’s precisely what religion is about : providing you with answers to those questions you can’t figure out by yourself – their truthfulness being another subject.

Maybe you should ask yourself : alright, seems like there is no answers to this. Can I simply cope with this fact ? Do I need an answer ? And what is MY answer ?

Whoa !!
You are getting philosophical. As if we have answers to all the questions that have ever emerged. LIfe is a big mystery, which only the creator can solve. We are mere parts of the big puzzle.

But I sure do know love must be a game, as I am forever losing.

If you attempt to compress Life into the constraints of material existence, then yes, it seems pretty futile.

Toss out matter, and you find the answers — and, really, the questions themselves — change.

Two authors I highly recommend as you consider the topic:

1. Richard Bach
2. Mary Baker Eddy

I’ll read up on them… Thanks

Don’t ask. Accept and enjoy! Swim in the ocean! And if ya don’t know how go get a teacher! I loved it!

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