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That’s how our world is ! Twisted ! But I am not going to go into philosopher mode again. Just a couple of observations.

1. I have this friend of mine who keeps on chatting through Yahoo ! Messenger. You ask his ASL ( age , sex , location) and his first reply will be 18 , f , India. NOTE: HIS reply would be 18 female India, What would you call that..? I call it TWISTED.

2.I have a neighbour who is a big pervert. Infact the biggest you might have met. He is forty , but likes preteen girls and girls in their early teens. What would you call him…? A pervert… but I like to call him TWISTED !

3.I have a pal whose ex-girlfriend keeps on calling him. Apparently she wants to reform the bond that they shared. But that is going to be difficult as my pal is sensetive and this girl crushed his heart by f**king another guy. It will hurt more as this girl lost her virginity to this other boy. What would you call her…? Horny…nah ! I’m thinking along the lines of TWISTED !

Well we do live in a twisted world where twisted things keep on happening. But here’s some stuff to cheer you up…

No 1600 X 1200. All are 1024 X 768

Solipsus LightSolipsus Light Hosted on Zooomr

ShineShine Hosted on Zooomr


Solipsus Hosted on Zooomr

That’s all for today… I would cherish some comments.

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17 Responses to “Twisted”

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eww that first one is twisted. I believe that’s called paedophilia. >=[

That would be the 2nd one…
What about my pics..?

The first two pics are nice again, the 3rd got a bit too bright dont you think?

[Reverse my thoughts and use the same order for the 1st 3 points]

I know , it was an accident! That’s why added that warning.

zOMG no. 2 NO WAI! yeah, i meant that one. 😛

There are much more twisted things in this world, don’t you think ?

August 23, 2011 Yummy!! I like your drseset idea! I actually don’t have any interesting concoctions haha. I’m not good in the kitchen quite yet so I pretty much try to follow a recipe all the time! I need to try OIAJ…as soon as I have an empty pb jar that’s my plan

When i first read twisted, I could only think about twisty breads by dominos…lol..Pardon my hunger.
So true, worlds full of twisted people and even twisted situations.

Its a metter of perception, maybe we belong in some twisted category too, just that we dont care to notice!!
Think about that. 🙂

In fact we do… we belong to the twisted animal category…

I think the first two are really twisted.

Would Sweet be a good word to describe these? I like them. That doesn’t make me less twisted than I am does it?


How’s that? We are all twisted.

pervert, or maybe pedophile. sounds twisted to me. hope you stay away from your neighbor! haha.

Here in the States, the cops are really good at busting guys like your neighbor. They set up online profiles identifying themselves as 14-year-old girls or whatever. Pedophiles get themselves into serious trouble when they arrange a rendezvous with their online “girlfriend,” only to discover that the girl they were wooing is actually a 45-year-old man with a badge.

lol! I’m not a girl… and I fight like a house on fire… 😉
“It’s not the dog in the fight…it’s the fight in the dog” – Commander Cruger – Power Rangers SPD

@Emily: that’s a cool method…

I would love it if you made one for me. Purple and teals mixed with the lighter shades. I’ll post it with my poetry if you’ll allow it.

twisted is as twisted does…different twists
twist just because…Com’on baaaybee…just do the twist. Sorry. 🙂 Couldn’t resist the twist.

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