Vista + Ubuntu = Vubuntu

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In the last 1 month , that I have been associated with Ubuntu I have had many changes done to the look and feel of Ubuntu. First it was brown to blue , Ubuntu to Blubuntu ! Then for a short period of time I had Mac’s look and right now I have Vista’s look. I’m simply loving it. This is a short tutorial on how to make Ubuntu look like Vista.

I’ll focus on some important aspects of Vista like the single taskbar , unlike Gnome’s dual Taskbar system. Just a note , this tutorial is targeted at New Linux users like myself. So , first of all we will make Ubuntu’s dual panel into 1 panel.


Ubuntu has 2 Gnome panels. A top panel and a bottom panel. The top panel has the clock , notification area ( this is where your update notifier icon pops up ) a separator and the Volume Control Applet some other usual applets which you might have added. The bottom panel has the window list , the Show Desktop Applet and most importantly Trash and Workspace switcher. The shortcuts that are on the top panel can be easily re created so it’s best to delete them. Here’s my previous desktop with 2 panels…

Follow these steps to obtain a Windows like single taskbar with all that you might need…

1.Delete the top panel.

2. Right Click beside the Show Desktop button on the bottom panel. Click on ” Add to Panel “.

3.In the list that pops up select ” Main Menu” , which is found in the Utilities Section. Now it appears on the bottom panel.

4. Move it to the extreme left of the panel. There , that’s your ” Start ” Menu.

5.Now , to the extreme right add the following applets – Notification Area ( Utilities Section) , Clock (Accesories Section) , Volume Control (System and Hardware).

6.RIght Click on the clock applet and in the Preferences Menu disable the option titled ” Show date”

7.Right Click on the Workspace Switcher and in the Preferences Menu , Select the option titled “Show All Workspaces” and make the no. of rows 2. There that should save space.

Now your basic ” Base ” Panel is ready. You can customize it as you wish. Try adding a couple of separators and make your panel neater. Add some applets and all.

There is one more advantage to have just one panel. RAM gets freed and you apps work faster.

Now the next step…


It is very easy to Obtain the theme. I’ll give the link of Linsta , the currently popular Vista theme for Gnome. Just download the 2nd option ( GTK+Icon+Metacity ) and the icon set ( last option). That should be all that you need. Now just install the theme. If you don’t know how , then follow the steps…


1.Click on the Main Menu button. Go to System>Preferences>Themes.

2.Click on the Install theme button , open the bz2 or tar file.

3.In the Controls Tab select Lintsa_3 , in the Window border tab select Linsta_3 and in the Icons tab , select Dropline Neu.

4. Save the theme as Vista.

Great , now you desktop should be looking something like this…



Just download some of your favorite wallpapers , or something of you choice. Or you could try my latest creation…

Vector UbuntuVector Ubuntu

                                                                      Hosted on Zooomr

I would love some comments on this one…


Well everything is finally in place. That was really easy. Now just snap some screenshots and share with us.

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44 Responses to “Vista + Ubuntu = Vubuntu”

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I have tried this Vista theme but I dont seem to like dark based themes. Thats just me.

Now onto the post:
1. The wallpaper – This one deserves some fame atleast! Submit it to some place, am sure it will click!
2. I’d like to know what media player you are running with a tray control applet nearly similar to the WMP one, it looks small but great indeed.
3. The icons above your bottom panel, are they in a dock or just icon/applets ?
4. This guide is great again 🙂

Psst… Vista sucks >.>

Nah , I just manually arranged the icons.
That little media player would be gxmms applet. For that you would need XMMS.
Look for both of them in Synaptic !
I know Vista sucks , but it looks really cool.

Try XGL, you’ll regret liking Vista. I feel looks are all crap, who needs them ? 😕

If I run XGL then my chipset is gonna burn out in 2 hrs…

Lol then never think of Vista, its 3 times as heavy on the graphical part and yet 3 times as low on features! 😛

I know. That’s why I’m not gonna get Vista for my system. But what’s the problem in making Ubuntu look like Vista without the Aero effects !

Lol I wasnt talking about your theme at all, I was talking with refrence to MS, chill man! Your VS looks awesome indeed 😀

in fact, I just railesed…I’ve written this post in my XP virtual PC. oops. In full screen, you forget that it’s not a “real” PC and you’re actually in Linux.

I hope that these *buntu bits of names do not turn out like KDE with every software name starting with K(+name of software).

Just kidding, but I hope that it doesn’t go that far!

The screenies look great. But what’s with the orange dude? I’d bet that theme would look really slick with some greens and yellows, and perhaps a hint of red. Why does nobody ever use any red in themes, besides Debian themes?

Teen, you are definately talented in your artwork. Have you thought about, or are you already in any art school? You should consider it. You have a gift dude. Seriously. Most people cannot do that. I wish I could. I have tried and have failed miserably!

cheers 😎

Orange is my 2nd best color…
And I’m a 16 yr old in studying HSC level Science!

Yep teen, you can pursue a great career in media, ofcourse since you already have an ambition now, just make this a hobby 😀

lol! Everything can change…. We never know…

Things change, but even if just as a hobby, artistic ability is a wonderful gift to have and use.

And good luck with a science degree, if that is what you plan to pursue.

A friend of mine is a scientist, and he loves it.

You sound like a young adult of many talents, which will, undoubtedly lead to a bright and successful future. I sincerely hope that you get to go to a great college.

Cheers, and good for you, friend!


i got ubuntu in the mail a few weeks ago. i didnt touch it though as motivation to do some of my schoolwork, but now i’m free, so this weekend, i plan on digging into it, i cant wait. you are making it looking pretty good.

You should get the cgwd or compiz theme for vista too its pretty cool little addition to this vubuntu because you get the aero type buttons and with XGL running you get the transparency and all that other cool stuff aero doesnt have.

I see you’ve added a pass system, revealed your blog to the class? 😉

Thanks for the hint, I use Kubuntu because I love KDE’s looks.

lol Qwerty what’s a pass system..?

Password system*

Yes , my blog was revealed to the class becoz of da Dhoom 2 trailer thing…
I’m gettin’ more than 1000 hits daily..

your blog is amazing. I have to visit it again.

453241 cool

[…] Follow this guide to make youre ubuntu look like bluvuntu or this guide […]

Can you find a guide turning ubuntu into windows xp please

[…] Vubuntu – Este tutorial es para quienes quieran que su ubuntu se vea como Windows Vista […]

A much better name is….


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If ever there was ever a time in our nation’s history that called for a change, this is it!
The more people that the government puts in jails, the safer we are told to think we are. The real terrorists are wherever they are, but they aren’t living in a country with bars on the windows. We are.

Great Site and your comments on Vista are rite on the money!.

As for politics forget it nothings gonna change.

I mean big whoopy de about the election as all thats gonna happen is a black smiley faced guy is gonna be replaced by a white smiley faced guy so what!.

If all that ever get elected are just a bunch of red liberals does it really matter -what- party they are in?.

As reguardless of party the same rich white liberal guys from the big boardrooms and the ivy league colleges keep forking out the money to keep them there so they get to go on cheating everybody!.

Sorry about the comment but I guess the truth hurts Huh?.

Just a ‘conservative’ guy!.

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[…] Posted by montylee LOL, it was way too easy bro, just follow this guide: Vista + Ubuntu = Vubuntu Teenage tantrums. Here’s the Ubuntu 7.04 desktop i got after following the above guide: All the best to u too… […]

Wicked site mate. Really glad we can have all the looks of Vista without the need for running extreme hardware. It’ll even run XGL on my laptop with an Intel 915M Chipset and 64Mb of GFX Memory.

One more addition to this guide should be the enabling of Beryl, although users should bear in mind this is still quite buggy if you want lots of eye candy and things like blurring take lots of memory and cpu time.

All in all if someone can think of a way to get Ubuntu and nice themes out into the public markets then I actually believe that Linux is ready for the desktop. I admit it still has to mature more but overall I feel we’re already running a Linux desktop that rivals Windows 2000/XP. The features such as Beagle and XGL have transformed the desktop! Long live linux!


what is theese tabs? 3.In the Controls Tab select Lintsa_3 , in the Window border tab select Linsta_3 and in the Icons tab , select Dropline Neu. i dont get it

i just got ubuntu so i dont really know anything about it except the beryl stuff but not anything else. please help a little!

can you send me a mail how to do it if you would happen to care:

@theuglyduckthing: Did you even read “teen”‘s post??
It is quite easy to do..

Good work mate! Great theme 🙂

adult windows vista wallpaper

haha gotta love Windows…

Hey Mate, Kwl guide to makin Ubuntu look like Vista. I am new to Linux n jus wonderd wot icons hav u got on ur panel?

IM BACK And Xtrasimplicity i didn’t read it but i don’t care too much because i know how to do it now and i forgot about this until i searched for my mail on google 😛 but thanks anyway

great guide!!

Give PCLinuxOS 2007 a try when its rseaeeld. It’s at Test Release 3 and TR4 coming soon. This distro is getting many Ubuntu converts.

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