Rise of the slackers !

Posted on October 17, 2006. Filed under: Teen life |

That’s what classes are all about. Every time I enter my class , I choose a seat somewhere in the middle. The backbenchers are the well… backbenchers ! The kids up front are the overenthusiastic ones. The middle ones are usually the perfect ones. 😉

But some of the backbenchers are really good students , but they goof off in class! Very much inadvisable , but again they are incorrigible. But now-a-days I see the backbenchers rising to take their stand. They answer every question popped at them , they goof and study at the same time. As I watch them , I begin to feel nostalgic . Memories of std 9 and 10 flood through me as I remember that I was a part of that mysterious race called backbenchers….

I rise and join them!


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7 Responses to “Rise of the slackers !”

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Hehe, this post of yours reminds me of who I am in classes, I am in 10th and so classes is like a major part of my schedule, 5-6 hours daily and that is a lot for me, I always am seated at the last bench, no matter if someone else sits there, I make them leave the place and sit there. 😛
First even I used to slack and then I started answering because everybody was thinking that the people who don’t give answers are dumb and I am surely not but it is kinda fun, we get to pull teachers legs as to when you are dosed off to sleep and the teacher wakes you up and asks a question and you answer it correctly, everybody laughs at the teacher by seeing their faces after our answers.
Anyways, nice blog!

u back to blogging..?

Yes, I am back, but this time it would be better but I still need some time to find topics on which I will blog and create more content to put up on the new layout of my website.

i dont know who you are or what you do or anything at all about you


i think youre neato.
i would consider myself an avid slacker. but it benefits because i have become a good procrastinator. i have learned to think quick on the spot.

us slackers, our minds are like steel traps.

Ok, I’m not a part of the gang round here. I’m the over-enthusiastic front bencher category person. I’m am unashamedly, unabashedly a front-bencher:
1:the teacher never catches you eating your friends lunch cuz they don’t think you can dare..
2:you can be in the good-books, this makes sure you’re always in the wrong place at the wrong time and they always let you go…Yeah, baby, i’m sooo totally a front bencher.

I would sometimes sit at the back when there would be some really stupid teachers teaching us. OMGAWSH it’s so funny. They’d be like “who did that?” and it would obvious who it is, but the thing is, they didn’t know. 😆

Okay, enough already…I want to return to College…iis it feasable? Perhaps.

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