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Tomorrow is Physics !!!

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Tomorrow is the day I regard with mixed emotions ! Nervousness and the thrill of a challenge . I have my Physics exam tomorrow and I am as nervous as hell! When I’m typing this , I bet my peers are studying hard ! Right now it’s 8:30 pm and I seem to have a long night ahead of me !!! This night is the thing that will decide my fate!!! People please , wish me luck!!!

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Burning midnight oil !

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Exams , exams ,exams ! The reason why I haven’t blogged for such a long time !!! So I’m back to burning midnight oil , just like the good old days in March , when I had my board exams. By the way , the exam schedule is a bit more relaxed than I thought 🙂

So , I am positively looking forward to the exams. Maths and Chemistry are falling into place , English is just where it always has been (on my fingertips) and (laugh when u see this) I.T. isn’t going to be a problem at all! I’m just tensed about Physics. Circular motion keeps my head moving rounds and don’t let me get started on Kerchaff’s (or whatever the dude’s name was) Law! Grrr…

I’ve gotta get through this one with gud marks , cause’ it’s a question of my abilities in my own eyes ! Here’s the schedule though –

22nd (that is this wednesday) – I.T. 🙂

29th (I get 7 days_ – Physics

30th – Gen. English (I’m gonna top this one)

1st Dec – Alternative English (Same here)

2nd Dec – Maths 🙂


MUHAHAHAHAHAHA , I will make those examiners sweat all their fat !!! Coz , I’m gonna go back to 16hrs a day for the duration of this exam…..


Wish me luck fellas!


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People can be touchy…OUCH

Posted on November 9, 2006. Filed under: Teen life |

I’m stupid , pathetic , lazy , undeserving and a rat down to the core , but I’ve never been a back-stabber ! According to one of my friends I’ve become a back-stabber ! 😦

Let’s call him Mr. D , ok. WE were friends when we were 10 and 11 , then he went off to some fancy boarding school and returned 2 yrs later. After he returned , I wasn’t too much in touch with him , I knew he had changed …. but who doesn’t. So a couple of days ago he came over to my place to take a game from me ( Warcraft 3 ). He behaved like a complete goof , idiot and well like a freak ! So the other day I was with some common friends and I said that D is becoming wierd. He behaved like this and that . One of our common friends was Mr. A . D is always moving around with A . So when A started teasing me , I told them all that D seems to be spending more time with A than his girl-friend ! I joked that maybe his sex orientation was changing! We all laughed at this…

I chatted with D , the same night , on Yahoo Messenger! He flared up and told me that why do I keep on insultin’ him behind his back. I told him that it was just a harmless joke , but if he was hurt then I was sorry! Then he went on ranting about how the rest of his could never have a girl-friend like his , I told him he was talking rubbish! He said that he could buy us all by selling his wardrobe , I told him not to be so arrogant and that people aren’t sold . He went on ranting for half an hour , and only one word kept on comin’ from him… “gals”!

“Gals aren’t everything , D ” , I told him.

He shouted some more and then severed our connection…

Please judge me people , I’m so confused….

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The new colors of ….

Posted on November 4, 2006. Filed under: tech talk, Teen life |

Qwerty recently had a post about the newly revealed theme , Royale and Royale Noir for XP ! Royale is the default theme for Windows Media Center but finally we can get it on XP ! He’s deployed the Royale Noir theme on his desktop – it’s base is black and it’s an absolute killer ! So , I decided that I’d deploy the Royale theme on desktop , it’s base is a soothing shiny blue ! Here are some screenies…



DesktopDesktop Hosted on Zooomr

Windows Media Player 10 , blends perfectly with the Royale theme….



WMP 10 in the Royale ThemeWMP 10 in the Royale Theme Hosted on Zooomr


Check out Firefox 2 , with Royale ….



FirefoxFirefox Hosted on Zooomr

That status bar is friggin’ cool . 🙂

Now, the WMP 10 toolbar , please forgive the small pic…



It’s blends in perfectly too ! For the first time in my life , I like the way XP looks… 🙂

Download Royale here !

Harsh J’s blog , here !

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Yeah , yeah no need to shout !

Posted on November 1, 2006. Filed under: Teen life |

I’m back to square one and it religiously sucks. I haven’t blogged for almost an entire month I feel clogged , choked , jammed and downright explosive! What a whirlwind of a month…

Participated in my first gaming tourney and was knocked out in the quarter finals , by the way the game was Warcraft 3. Apparently, I used up the entire month in preparing for Warcraft and I must admit I’ve become pretty good , but not good enough! I haven’t made a single wallpaper this month 😦 Windows crashed again , I stupidly re-installed it on top of Ubuntu and now NTosloader has overwritten my MBR and I can’t access Ubuntu! ( Qwerty help! )

Finally I met a guy more lazy and put-off than myself ! I had met him earlier of course , we used to be the best of friends when we were 10 and 11 ! But now he’s become more lazy than I ever remember. And I still don’t have a girl-friend. To spit wine on a burning body , I have my exams on the 20th ! 7 subjects in 3 days! If I don’t do well , I’ll fall in my own eyes. Can’t have that can I ?

And I’ve lost all my readers , thanks to my being lazy!


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