Yeah , yeah no need to shout !

Posted on November 1, 2006. Filed under: Teen life |

I’m back to square one and it religiously sucks. I haven’t blogged for almost an entire month I feel clogged , choked , jammed and downright explosive! What a whirlwind of a month…

Participated in my first gaming tourney and was knocked out in the quarter finals , by the way the game was Warcraft 3. Apparently, I used up the entire month in preparing for Warcraft and I must admit I’ve become pretty good , but not good enough! I haven’t made a single wallpaper this month 😦 Windows crashed again , I stupidly re-installed it on top of Ubuntu and now NTosloader has overwritten my MBR and I can’t access Ubuntu! ( Qwerty help! )

Finally I met a guy more lazy and put-off than myself ! I had met him earlier of course , we used to be the best of friends when we were 10 and 11 ! But now he’s become more lazy than I ever remember. And I still don’t have a girl-friend. To spit wine on a burning body , I have my exams on the 20th ! 7 subjects in 3 days! If I don’t do well , I’ll fall in my own eyes. Can’t have that can I ?

And I’ve lost all my readers , thanks to my being lazy!


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51 Responses to “Yeah , yeah no need to shout !”

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Here are the steps

1. Boot your computer with Ubuntu CD.
2. Go through the install process until you reach “[!!!] Disk Partition.”
3. Select Manually Partition.
4. Mount the appropriate linux partitons:
5. Finish the manual partitioning.
6. Select “Yes” when it asks you to save the changes.
7. It will give you errors saying that “The system couldn’t install …..” after that; ignore them. Proceed with selecting “continue” until you get back to the Ubuntu installation menu.
8. Jump to “Install GRUB.”
9. Once it is finished, simply restart your computer.

Just have a look around this, It has loads of hacks for Ubuntu.

If you are on Edgy Eft AND have an intel/ati/nvidia graphics system, sure do try out AIGLX. πŸ™‚

And about girlfriends, are you sad because you are the only person not to have one? Or just like that for not having one? Heh…

What was the name of the gaming tourney? WCG/Skoar ones?

There is this friend of mine, he plays W3:TFT DOTA so well with the mouse alone that he reached the quarter finals in a local competition of 200 people. He never bothers touching the keyboard!

Nah , nothing of that scale. It was a local tourney at a cyber cafe!

Chin up, kiddo.

You’re well-blessed with smart friends who can tell you how to fix your computer.

Lazy friends are good to have — they remind you to step back and take a deep breath now and then. As long as you don’t pick up all their bad habits all the time, you’ll be fine.

Girlfriends are overrated. I got through college without a boyfriend and managed to graduate on time and out of trouble, which is more than I can say for some of my friends who let themselves be distracted by romance and all that nonsense. Bonus that being unpopular in high school and busier than a one-armed paper hanger in college meant that I didn’t waste a lot of time kissing the proverbial frogs … by the time I had time and confidence enough to date, I knew exactly what I wanted and found him on the first try. So there you go.

Do your best on your exams, but don’t let them spook you — you’ll do fine, and if you don’t … well, ask me about my math and science grades sometime. I came to the conclusion long ago that failing in one area just freed me up to shine in another. It’s hard to figure out what you want to be when you grow up when your’e good at everything. Sometime around 10th grade, I turned into the C-minus poster girl in math and science, which narrowed my options to English and art. Now I get paid to hang out with funny people, lay out newspaper pages, and play with words for a living. I wouldn’t swap that for the most lucrative engineering job in the country. I’m not wealthy, but I’m comfortable and happy. There’s more to life than kicking everybody else’s butt at everything you do.

And finally … the readers will come back over time, as they peek in and see that there are new posts to be read. The ones who were really interested are either subscribing to the feed or checking in often enough to figure out when you’re posting again.



Emily , you really make my day !
And now when I think about the girl-friend thing , I don’t think I really need one !

Ouch, seven subjects in three days… Well I guess you could say it’s like going back to school. πŸ˜›

It’s worse Wengi , and I was thinking Junior College would be fun ?

College is a scream, but it will wear your butt out if you let it. I was outrageously overcommitted all four years … but I do have fond memories of those rare moments when my best friend and I had time to get together and do crazy stuff. I don’t recall having that much time on my hands, but somehow my clearest memories are of the funny stuff we did….

Oh, to be a teenager again…not! The relationship thing as a teenager is just a hormonal testing ground for fools. And you don’t seem like a fool…so don’t sweat it friend. When you know is when you’ll know. Enjoy mnaking mistakes…that’s one of the best featiures we humans have…is deriving pleasure from seeing problems turn into solutions. Lubba’s, A Mom of a Teen! And three grown and flown!

Hey, I’m playing WC 3 as well.. the campagins are damn easy… maybe I will challenge you after I get a better broadband.

If its a Hamachi challenge count me in too πŸ˜›

GG Client is way much better.

That would be seriously cool ! Chrono on me and there’s Qwerty too !

DOTA would be cooler with many more πŸ™‚

Point me to GG *gg* πŸ˜†

Never mind, found it. I like Hamachi more, its got networking as well, and I mostly use it for that alone πŸ˜•

Anyways, if its what you play on, I can join. So tell me when there are more than 2 to the game.

You seriously like DOTA ?

I love DotA, its the best my TFT gives me πŸ˜›

how will you use ubuntu? I have the same problem too

hello, i was looking for my friends blog but can’t find it and i arrived here. by the way my friend has a similar problem she is looking boyfriend. good luck finding one because she is convinced that they don’t grow on trees. Anyway u seem like quite a nice guy so i doubt you will have to wait long.

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