People can be touchy…OUCH

Posted on November 9, 2006. Filed under: Teen life |

I’m stupid , pathetic , lazy , undeserving and a rat down to the core , but I’ve never been a back-stabber ! According to one of my friends I’ve become a back-stabber ! 😦

Let’s call him Mr. D , ok. WE were friends when we were 10 and 11 , then he went off to some fancy boarding school and returned 2 yrs later. After he returned , I wasn’t too much in touch with him , I knew he had changed …. but who doesn’t. So a couple of days ago he came over to my place to take a game from me ( Warcraft 3 ). He behaved like a complete goof , idiot and well like a freak ! So the other day I was with some common friends and I said that D is becoming wierd. He behaved like this and that . One of our common friends was Mr. A . D is always moving around with A . So when A started teasing me , I told them all that D seems to be spending more time with A than his girl-friend ! I joked that maybe his sex orientation was changing! We all laughed at this…

I chatted with D , the same night , on Yahoo Messenger! He flared up and told me that why do I keep on insultin’ him behind his back. I told him that it was just a harmless joke , but if he was hurt then I was sorry! Then he went on ranting about how the rest of his could never have a girl-friend like his , I told him he was talking rubbish! He said that he could buy us all by selling his wardrobe , I told him not to be so arrogant and that people aren’t sold . He went on ranting for half an hour , and only one word kept on comin’ from him… “gals”!

“Gals aren’t everything , D ” , I told him.

He shouted some more and then severed our connection…

Please judge me people , I’m so confused….

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11 Responses to “People can be touchy…OUCH”

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Well as far I can see, you apologised, and that’s all you can do after hurting someone in my books. So you did nothing wrong. Some people take some time to cool off, so I’d give him some time and then talk about it.

back biting is not nice, and you did not “back bit”-you joked, with friends, in front of friends. you apologised, even though it was hardly your fault to suspect someone of diabolical orientation in this diabolical world. If you are not very hurt at being accused of cracking a harmless joke(for which you should be hanged) hang this issue. Think about it not, let it not affect you. These things happen, and if that guy’s so ruddy darn arrogant to imagine he can buy a couple of guys(what did you say abt his orientation?), you really don’t want to try too hard to make up with him do you?

Yeah maybe you are right!

But I have to tell you that one thing you have done is talked behind his back and that also bad even if it was a joke. Words are like arrows which can not be taken back after they are shot. So, I would say rather not say such stuff behind their back, in front of them it may become a joke but saying it behind them is Back Biting. Just try to keep yourself in his shoes and think what he might have felt when his friend was saying such things behind his back. Anyways his reaction was also useless and waste of both of yours time but maybe that was his way to reply back.

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The first thing is you shouldn’t have spoken about him to your friends. But since you have apologised to D, he has to forgive you for hurting him. D has simply dragged the whole situation, which he could have easily ended on a good note by forgiving you.

A person, who says that he can buy all of you by simply selling his wardrobe, is really sick. That was definitely not a way to talk to you.. or any friend for that matter!

You did your part by saying sorry. So if he doesn’t care for your apology, forget him. He isn’t worth for friendship.

Yeah , I’m not bothering to keep in touch wid him!

don’t be too harsh. Just be normal and behave like nothing hapenned. It’s a problem with us humans, we just love to tell a guy how he should live his life:P

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